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What's Included in Your Satellite Rental Kit

Call Rates & Coverage

Rental Rates
Phone Rental: $15 per day (minimum of 10 days)
Call Charges
Incoming Calls: FREE (excludes 2-stage dialing calls)
Incoming Text Messages: FREE
Incoming 2-Stage Dialing $1.99 per minute
Outgoing Calls: $1.99 per minute
Outgoing Text Messages: $1.50 per message
Voicemail Retrieval: $1.50 per minute
Calls to Other Iridium Phones: $1.50 per minute
Calls to other Satellite Phone Networks: $10.00 per minute

Iridium’s 66 satellites mean you always have coverage anywhere on Earth.

Mobal Satellite Iridium Coverage
Latest Satellite Phone Rental Testimonial

Clarke Green, a volunteer Scout leader and operator of

Clarke Green, a volunteer Scout leader and operator of, gives a detailed and informative Iridium satellite rental review.

" has the clearest, least expensive rental agreements I have found (and I have tried a number of companies over the past 9 years of trips). A satellite phone retails for about $1,000, so the insurance is a good idea."

Watch the video to learn more.

Shipping Options

Shipping Rates
Standard Shipping (2-3 business days) FREE
Standard Overnight by 3:00 p.m. (FedEx - next business day by 3:00 p.m.) $39
Priority Overnight by 10:30 a.m. (FedEx - next business day by 10:30 a.m.) $49
Saturday Shipping (FedEx – by noon) $59
Special Deliveries
For standard shipping to Hawaii and Alaska, add $30
Return Shipping
Return via drop-off at FedEx FREE

Learn more about our shipping options.

For our domestic shipping we always use Fedex

Why rent from Mobal

We use the world's only truly global satellite phone network

We realize how important it is that you can make calls on your satellite phone anywhere in the world. That’s why we rent only Iridium satellite phones.

We include FREE Fed-Ex return standard shipping

Many of our competitors charge in excess of $50 for standard return shipping. At Mobal, it's all included in the price of your rental. Always check the return shipping rate when comparing rental companies.


Many companies take large deposits that are held until the equipment is returned.


With access to our MyAccount capability, you can check your full, itemized usage.

All your satellite phone accessories are FREE

Many of our competitors will charge you for extra batteries, carry cases, chargers and other accessories. They entice you with low satellite phone rental costs, making it seem as if you're getting a great deal, but this cost usually excludes necessary accessories. We even set up voicemail for you so it is ready to use. Many companies charge a fee to set up voicemail.


At Mobal, we have 24-hour English-speaking customer support to help you wherever you are in the world. It gives you peace of mind while renting from us.


With your Mobal Satellite Phone, incoming calls are free; however, people calling an Iridium Satellite Phone may have to pay charges as high as $9 per minute. Two-stage dialing will lower the cost for people calling your Iridium phone; they only have to pay the cost of making a call to Arizona.

We offer you an All Risk Protection Plan

Mobal covers you if your phone is lost, stolen or damaged. It also offers up to $500 worth of airtime and gives you a free replacement phone in the USA. See our full terms for all the details.

Why you need a satellite phone

Check out this video from the guys at the “Gone Huntin'” cable show. They explain why they always carry a satellite phone when they go filming in the wilderness (and why they choose a satellite phone from Mobal).

And let us finish with this light-hearted video on the importance of traveling with a satellite phone.

Just click the video screen to start watching... Satellite Savior

*Use of satellite communications equipment may be subject to local licensing conditions. It is your responsibility to satisfy yourself that you are complying with the applicable licensing conditions for the countries you are visiting. Contact the Consulate or Airport Customs for further information.

Shipping Options Explained

Standard Shipping
Standard Overnight by 3:00pm
Priority Overnight by 10:30am
Saturday Shipping

Rent a Mobal Satellite Phone today and we'll pay for your return shipping.

Many of our competitors charge in excess of $50 for standard return shipping. At Mobal, it's all included in the price of your rental. Always check the return shipping rate when comparing rental companies.

*Standard 2-3 Business Day Continental U.S. Shipping (excludes Alaska and Hawaii)


Complete Rental Kit – No Extra Charges!

All Mobal Rental Kits are supplied with everything you need for your trip – for no extra charge. You always get a spare battery so that you can use your phone even when you’re far away from a power source. You get a mains charger and a vehicle charger too so you can top up your charge when you need to.

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