Thank You, From Malawi

A Thank You From Malawi


In September, you helped 11 children in Malawi graduate from nursery.




Don’t be! As you may already know, Mobal donates the majority of our profits to charity. That means that, simply by using our services, you contribute to a global network of local charities that really do make a difference. One such partner is Seibo Japan – providing free school meals to nursery and primary school children in Malawi.


Thank You, From Malawi


In order to provide a strong foundation of their education, Seibo Japan promotes early learning and stimulation in pre-primary and primary education. Sadly, many children in Malawi face difficulties in school because their families are struggling financially, hence not receiving enough nutrition and energy needed for their education. Through Seibo’s school feeding programme, we are able to reduce short-term hunger which in turn improves the attention spans of the children while they are studying. In fact, the World Food Programme released a study that suggests that each dollar spent on school feeding will be returned 6 times in better health and productivity when these children reach adulthood.


These kids not only received the gift of a school meals, but also the gift of education, and will now continue further in primary school and beyond.


Mobal exists to provide funds to make sure that stories like this continue to be written and told, and you, our customers, make that possible. So, on behalf of Seibo Japan and those 11 kids in Malawi, thank you.


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