mobal's charity work is changing the world

Every Single Mobal Customer Helped To Change The World In 2019


When you use Mobal, you help to change the world for the better. We guarantee that the majority of our profits go to our network of charity partners, who are helping the people that need it most all over the world. Whether you’re a long-term user of our Japan Unlimited SIM, or a one-off purchaser of a World Phone, you’ve already made a big difference.


One of the key projects that the funds generated by your Mobal product goes towards is Seibo. As a School Feeding charity, they support education and development by providing food and support to kids who wouldn’t otherwise get it.

mobal's charity work is changing the world


Seibo supports families in lower income areas in Tokyo such as Akabane, where many of the kids are part of a single-parent family who often work night shifts or have irregular working hours. As a result, many children are lacking the support they need from adults to watch over their learning progress. Hunger means that they often have difficulties focusing on their studies. In 2019, Seibo supported after-school feeding for children deemed to be in need of assistance in Tokyo. The after-school provided not only a meal shared with volunteers & staff but also help with homework and a safe space.


Another organization we’re proud to support is Cycle of Good. Their UK-based workshop creates and sells a range of sustainable and recycled products produced in partnership with skilled craftspeople in Malawi. Their growth, supported by Mobal, is helping to create more and more fairly waged employment and training opportunities in Malawi, transforming the local economy and allowing communities to lift themselves out of poverty in a manner that will be long-lasting and self-sustaining.


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