How To Keep Drinks Cold While Traveling..

how to keep drinks cold whilst traveling

The secret on how to keep drinks cold while traveling is well, and truly, out!

Not great advice if you like your drinks hot, but if you do like a cold bottle of beer, glass of wine, or even your favourite soft drink chilled then you need to learn how to keep drinks cold while traveling. Read on…

If you are a traveller on a budget the best advice would be to stay out of bars, opting for buying your drinks from grocery stores instead. This can really help conserving your funds. But if it’s the social aspect you enjoy of being in bars, why not join a group on the beach, in the mountains… even your hotel.

So, how do you keep drinks cold whilst travelling? Surely all the transport, movement and/or hiking will raise the temperature of your drinks?

Well there is a way! And it can be explained using Science!

If you ever see other travellers pulling a beer out of their back-pack and it’s covered in wet toilet paper, there is a reason why… and that reason is to keep it nice and cool. Unbelievable? Is it? Well here is ‘Science’ to explain how it works:

When a human sweats it is not the excreted water — in and of itself — that cools you. It is this liquid evaporating on the surface of your skin that lowers your body’s temperature. The water — in this case, sweat — requires energy to evaporate, and it takes this energy from your skin, essentially stealing its heat and lowering its temperature in the process.

Apparently, this same principal also works for beer and other beverages. Just wrap up the bottles in a blanket of wet toilet paper (or another material that retains water but also allows for it to dry) and wait for the water to evaporate a little. The drier the paper gets (the more the water evaporates) the cooler your beer should get.

I’ll leave you now, in the knowledge that you too can keep your drinks nice and cold. Cheers!

If you’re heading somewhere remote, knowing this is essential. Also you may want to consider taking a Mobal Satellite Phone with you, just in-case.

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  1. Happy Hotelier

    A slightly wetted wash cloth, T shirt or towel would do the same!

    1. Tren

      Thanks for the extra info 🙂

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