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Category: Tips & Tricks

TGI Fridays in Japan: A Handy Guide

american food japan TGIF

TGI Fridays is an American classic serving up everything from burgers & sandwiches to steaks & seafood. This chain with origins in New York once even lobbied for bartending to be recognised as an Olympic sport! Pretty sure bartending didn’t make the cut in time for the Tokyo Olympics. But I can tell you that …

The Tuna King Experience!

tuna bar tokyo

Japan is the world’s biggest consumer of tuna. Japan is also the home of the self-professed “Tuna King”. He paid a king’s ransom (over 3 million dollars!) for a tuna at the 2019 New Year fish auction. We can’t all be Tuna Kings. We can all however eat tuna royally for a princely sum- if …

Make a Japanese Character Bento Box!

Have you seen Japanese kids’s lunch (bento) boxes? So cute- almost too cute to eat! Japanese lunch boxes are so cool they’re more like art than food. They also tend to draw inspiration from Japanese anime & manga characters making them super cute. Now you can learn to make your own cartoon character lunch box …

Finding Housing in Japan

japan accommodation cheap

Finding suitable accommodation in Japan can be a challenge. However it is possible to walk into a fully-furnished apartment for a stay as short as 1 month or much longer without having to pay upfront fees. Most people considering staying a while in Japan will by now have read horror stories of exorbitant key/gift/agency money. …

Tokyo Day Trip: Experience Old Edo

Only 30 minutes train ride from Tokyo & you travel back in time to the Edo Period (1603-1868). Old clay merchant houses line the streets and not a neon sign in sight. Kawagoe is known as “Koedo” or little-Edo and retains all the charm of its past. Kawagoe is the Japan you imagined existed- the …

Jazz in Japan at the HUB Asakusa

jazz japan hub asakusa night life

“Jazz washes away the dust of everyday life”- Art Blakey. Visiting Tokyo? Want to wash down the dust of life with a cool beer? We’ve just the place for you! And it’s located smack bing in the middle of Asakusa’s side streets. It might surprise you that we’re talking of the HUB Asakusa. Wait a …

How To Activate the Japan Unlimited SIM 2019

Follow the simple steps below to activate your Japan Unlimited Voice+Data SIM card. Delivery & Collection customers now log-in using their online account making things much easier! Thanks again for supporting Mobal and thereby supporting school feeding for needy kids in Malawi & Japan! Editor’s Note: For customers who purchase in-country through the use of …

Travel Hands-Free in Japan

luggage free japan sim mobal easy airport narita

Why Use Luggage-Free Travel? Japan ranks as the world’s 63rd largest country sandwiched in-between Norway (62) & Germany (64). Slightly smaller than the state of California what really makes Japan stand out is how long it is. Stretching over 3,000 kms from the Sea of  Okhotsk to the Philippine Sea it’s long. While your travel …

How To Check For Voicemail On Your Mobal World Phone

After a recent survey we have found that our customers turn to our blog for help and support when they have a question about their Mobal Service. Most answers can either be found on our Support pages or our FAQ pages. But now, for our most common questions we will be including them right here …

[INFOGRAPHIC] The true cost of international travel with your smartphone

“Bill Shock” is a popular term in the media right now and returning from international trips after using your phone can be one of the biggest causes. 1 in 6 Americans has experienced some form of bill shock with the largest complaint being for $68,505. Check out our infographic to learn more about using your …


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