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Category: Tips & Tricks

How To Check For Voicemail On Your Mobal World Phone

After a recent survey we have found that our customers turn to our blog for help and support when they have a question about their Mobal Service. Most answers can either be found on our Support pages or our FAQ pages. But now, for our most common questions we will be including them right here …

[INFOGRAPHIC] The true cost of international travel with your smartphone

“Bill Shock” is a popular term in the media right now and returning from international trips after using your phone can be one of the biggest causes. 1 in 6 Americans has experienced some form of bill shock with the largest complaint being for $68,505. Check out our infographic to learn more about using your …

How to try and reduce data roaming charges on your Android phone when traveling

We get with Mobal Android smart phone customers that one of the biggest fears they have when traveling internationally is unintentionally running up massive data bills without having any control over it. With Bill Shock on the rise, Mobal wanted to create some helpful hints and tips to try and reduce data roaming charges on …

How to try and reduce iPhone data roaming charges!

iPhone 4 - Data Roaming

At Mobal although we don’t sell iPhones we know that with our smart phone customers that one of their biggest fears when traveling internationally is running up big data bills without having any control over it. We get lots of SIM only customers asking how to try and reduce iPhone data roaming charges when they are …

Your Trip Checklist: Travel Preparation

Travel checklist for travel preperation

Off on vacation soon? Well this trip checklist will help. Your travel preparations are essential to start your vacation on the right step.   Pack with care: First on the trip checklist is to pack with care. Whether you’re packing for a weekend away, or something a little longer, it’s important you pack your belongings …

Business Travel Tips: Saving Time

Here’s a collection of our top business travel tips, even though some can be applied if you are just planning to go on a vacation. We hope you find this useful. 1. Keep a Packed Bag Even if you don’t know when your next business trip will be, get in the habit of re-packing your …

How To Keep Drinks Cold While Traveling..

The secret on how to keep drinks cold while traveling is well, and truly, out! Not great advice if you like your drinks hot, but if you do like a cold bottle of beer, glass of wine, or even your favourite soft drink chilled then you need to learn how to keep drinks cold while …

Wet phone? You may be able to save it

For many people, summer means cooling off at a pool, lake or the beach. But what should you do if your cell phone accidentally gets dunked? U.S. Cellular’s wireless experts offer tips to improve the chances that your phone will survive a dive. * Power down: If your phone doesn’t turn itself off when it …

How to Send Text Messages Via Email Using Your Mobal World Phone

Text messages are also known as SMS messages. These messages are sent from one cell phone to another cell phone and contain text only, no pictures, images, or sounds. These messages are typically sent from a cell phone, and can be sent via our World Phones, but many providers also allow users to send one …


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