How to Send Text Messages Via Email Using Your Mobal World Phone

Text messages are also known as SMS messages. These messages are sent from one cell phone to another cell phone and contain text only, no pictures, images, or sounds. These messages are typically sent from a cell phone, and can be sent via our World Phones, but many providers also allow users to send one using their email account. The email account can be one setup to their cell phone, or a personal email account depending on the sender.

The downside to text messages are that they can sometimes get costly. Most providers offer unlimited texting for an additional fee, but not everyone can afford to pay the fee. If they have only a certain amount of texts allowed each month, they might go over that amount. The end result is a costly and expensive phone bill. Sending text messages through email accounts helps prevent that problem from occurring. There are outside companies that offer another option for those who want to send text messages and many of the major providers also allow users to send texts through the internet.

There are many companies that offer free text messaging services on their website. The only thing an individual needs is an email account. They can type their message directly onto a box on the site, input the recipient’s cell phone number and send the message off. Once such company is Txt2day, which even allows users to send a text without adding their email address.

Another similar website is Online Text Message. This site requires an email address to use their free text messages, but users can list the email address associated with their phone or their personal email address. Any return texts sent will arrive in their email account instead of going to their cell phone.

There are many other companies offering the same services including SMS Everywhere, Gizmo SMS, Text, and Cell Phone Message Sender.

Verizon Wireless is one of the largest cell phone companies in the world, especially with their acquiring of competitor Alltel. They have their own text messaging program on their website for customers to use. At Send a Text Message, users type in their message, the recipient’s address, and information relating to the return path. Until the merge with Alltel becomes complete, Alltel customers can still use their website to send and receive text messages.

T-Mobile has a similar plan, but it only works for those who have a T-Mobile cell phone. They can attach their return email address, cell phone number, or use only their name.

Sprint customers have the same option open to them. Their email text server allows texts to be sent to anyone with a Sprint cell phone, including those who had Nextel phones. Sprint purchased Nextel and took over all of their former customers.

Customers with Cricket have this type of service available to them as do Cincinnati Bell customers. For an in depth list of websites that allow users to send text messages through their email, visit 10 Services to Send Text Messages from the Web.

2 thoughts on “How to Send Text Messages Via Email Using Your Mobal World Phone

  1. David Chaika

    If someone wants to send a SMS message to my Mobal world phone via their email or a free text messaging service like one of those mentioned in this article, how do they do it? I don’t see Mobal listed as a provider in the dropdown box on those messaging sites. Thank you.

    1. Jared

      Hi David,

      You can select O2 from the providers list and this should work for you.



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