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RWC 2019- Starts September 2019

10 Countries, 1 Champion. You’re probably thinking there’s 20 teams not 10.  However, I’m referring to the University version of the Rugby World Cup- which also takes place in Japan this September. In fact, it will be the 1st Rugby World Cup to take place on Japanese soil this year 😉

World University Rugby Invitation 2019

Potted History: 

2015: To coincide with the Rugby World Cup being held in England, Oxford University held the 1st ever World University Rugby Invitation Tournament (WURIT).

2019: the torch will be passed to Tokyo’s prestigious Waseda University.  From September 16th to the 25th representatives of worldwide rugby universities will compete to decide who will be champion.

The 2019 line-up includes:

  • Waseda University (Japan)
  • Oxford University(England)
  • University of Cape Town(South Africa-Previous Champions)
  • University of British Columbia(Canada)
  • New Zealand Universities (Collective team)
  • Siberian Federal University(Russia)
  • University of Bordeaux(France)
  • University of Sydney(Australia)
  • China Agricultural University(China)

Support a Student movement

Do you remember what being a student was like? Money was always tight but somehow you managed to have enough for a beer. Things haven’t changed. To run the tournament the organisers have started a crowdfunding campaign – see here for details. At the time of writing they were half-way there- and as half-way there is half-way to nowhere they need your support.

If you’re planning to be here in September why not turn up and support! Check out the website & FB page!

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