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Category: Japan

What To Do in Tokyo!

Tokyo is like a giant jelly made of concrete, tradition & soy sauce- with a sprinkling of nose-burning wasabi. Ever-changing it’s almost impossible to answer the never-ending question of what to do in Tokyo. An ideal response would of course be a never-ending response. Unfortunately we’ve got day jobs so we’ll keep it short. Before …

RWC 2019- A Brand New Challenge

On October 27th 2018 the Bledisloe Rugby Cup Final will be held in Japan. The famous Trans-Tasman rivalry which has been simmering since the 1930’s will take place in Japan as a precursor to the main events of RWC 2019. Unsurprisingly the Bledisloe Cup is not a household name in Japan but fear not. Just …

How To Activate the Japan Unlimited SIM

Follow the simple steps below to activate your Japan Voice+Data SIM card. You can download this handy quick start guide here – Quick SIM Activation Guide If you have any questions, please visit our support pages or contact our support team. Mobal Support here. Contact Mobal here.

RWC 2019- What to Expect & What to Plan

For rugby fans worldwide the Rugby World Cup 2019 pre-tournament excitement is building. There’s a veritable online scrum for tickets & hotel information as fans get to grip with the enormity of what they’ve signed up for. In Japan too the excitement is building- albeit at a simmering pace. Fans of rugby represent a minority …

RWC 2019- A Truly Scary Experience

Japan- the land of enigma. Where baseball pips Sumo as the national sport. Where there are more practicing rugby players than in New Zealand. Where people who follow Sumo and come from the land of head-chopping Samurai warriors genuinely view rugby as a scary sport. Is rugby really scary? Guess so if you’ve no idea …

Japan from Lost to Found in 2020

The In-between Years For the last two decades I have mostly experienced Japan as a frequent visitor- a tourist, an in-betweener. Not ascribing to a clear identity when in Japan has had its benefits. As a visitor you are treated as such. As a visitor you can fluff your lines now & then- ignore some …

15 FREE Attractions to Check Out in Tokyo

Did you know that you can have a fun and enjoyable time in Tokyo without breaking the bank? Even though Tokyo has a reputation for being one of the most expensive cities in the world, it actually has several historical, cultural, and modern points of interest that tourists can get access to free of charge. …

Visiting Japan During Typhoon Season

Summertime is one of the best times to go to Japan because of all the events that you can attend and the activities that you can do this time of the year. From June to September, various festivals are held across the country that can make your trip a lot more interesting and memorable. However, …

Now Introducing Japan SIM Pick-up in Singapore!

Traveling from Singapore to Japan?  Now you can collect your SIM in Singapore before you travel – completely free of charge! Visit the exciting new Japan Rail Café in the Tanjong Pagar Centre for expert tips on traveling around Japan and delicious Japan-inspired food and drink!  You can collect your Japan SIM card, your Japan …

Announcing New Pick-up Points at Kansai and Sendai Airport!

We’re delighted to announce that you can now collect your Mobal Japan SIM from Kansai and Sendai Airport! Kansai Airport is the third busiest airport in Japan and serves as the gateway to Osaka. It’s a super-busy hub for Asian and Australasian flights as well as serving a large number of visitors from Europe, the …

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At Last! A Japan SIM Card that's Available to Everyone

The Japan Unlimited SIM is the only SIM of it's kind that's available to non-residents of Japan.

It comes with a Japanese phone number and unlimited data. Available as a monthly ongoing service or for short term use.

Japan Unlimited SIM Card

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