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14 Must Have Japanese Souvenirs For Tourists

Many travelers like to collect memorabilia from the different places they visit. These items serve as a remembrance of the great memories and fun experiences they had. On your trip to Japan, you can choose from a wide selection of uniquely Japanese products that you think best embodies your adventures in the country. The following are some highly recommended Japanese items to purchase on your visit:

Matcha-flavored food

At supermarkets and food stores all throughout Japan, you can find an assortment of pastries, breads, cakes sweets, and other snacks that are matcha-flavored. You can come across matcha-flavored ice cream, tea, coffee, milkshake, and beer too! Make sure to take a couple of packs with you home to let your friends and family get a taste of such delicious, authentically Japan food.

Green tea

The most widely consumed drink in Japan, green tea is easily available around the country. You can enjoy a cup or two at family restaurants, diners, and cafes, alongside Japanese confectioneries. You can also buy green tea bags at supermarkets to be able to prepare your own drink at home. There are many different brands to choose from, and they generally cost only a few hundred yen.


If you think those backpacks that elementary school kids in Japan wear are cute, why not get one for yourself? These bags are called randoseru, and they are sold at department stores across the country. They are made of strong and sturdy material, and come in different colors, styles, and designs.


Back in the day, the people of Japan wore a traditional clothing piece known as the yukata in the summertime. It looks like a kimono, but is much simpler and has fewer accessories. It is typically worn in casual settings, unlike the kimono, which is usually reserved for formal occasions. If you want to buy one, visit a Uniqlo store or any department store, where it is sold for about 10,000 yen. If you do not mind second-hands, you can go to flea markets, and get one for as cheap as 1,000 yen.

Bento boxes

Bento boxes are lunch boxes that have colorful and stylish designs. They usually have dividers that let you separate your rice from your meat, veggies, and other side dishes. Their prices vary from 100 yen to 1,000 yen, depending on brand, material, and design, and can be purchased at supermarkets and department stores.


The Japanese art of paper folding is known as origami. In Japan, you can buy good quality origami paper, which is called washi, to be able to try out different techniques to fold paper to make beautiful forms and patterns. You can find a large collection at Tokyu Hands, LOFT, and other stationery stores for about a couple hundred yen or more.

Skincare products

Japan has some good skincare products that are great for different skin types. Whether you have dry, oily, or delicate skin, you can find something that can help make your skin soft, smooth, and blemish-free. At any department store or drugstore, you should be able to find a section dedicated to facial wash, creams, moisturizers, toners, and other products.


Produced through the fermentation of rice, sake is a Japanese alcoholic drink that is best enjoyed with friends. Because different regions of the country offer their own special sake, why not get a bottle or two from each city or town that you visit? This introduces your palate to a variety of flavors that you might not get the opportunity to experience in other places.

Sakura-flavored snacks

If visiting Japan in the spring season, expect to see a lot of products related to the sakura or cherry blossom, most particularly sakura-flavored snacks. They can be pastries, ice cream, bread, sake, cakes, tea, and even coffee. Around March to April, it is impossible to not find a shop or stall with a small section dedicated to their sakura products.


Throughout your stay in Japan, you may have to use chopsticks every time you eat. If you are having trouble using them, you should really practice to not break any etiquette or appear rude to the locals. For souvenirs, you can shop for a pair or two at department stores, supermarkets, and souvenir shops. They are sold in different colors, designs, and styles. Some are made of metal, others of wood. Their prices vary from a couple hundred yen to more than 10,000 yen.


Neko is the Japanese word for cat. All over the country, you can find a wide array of cat-themed products — from stuffed toys and clothing to good luck charms and cafes and restaurants. If you are a cat lover, you will surely feel like you are in some kind of a cat paradise. There is even a Cat Street in the Harajuku district of Tokyo, where shops and boutiques that sell the latest fashion trends, including cat-themed ones, line the narrow alleyways.


Sensu are traditional Japanese hand fans. At specialty shops and department stores across Japan, you can choose from a varied selection of designs, prints, patterns, and colors. They are very popular in the summer season when most of the country experiences very hot and humid days.

Kit Kat

Did you know that there are more than 300 flavors of Kit Kat? At convenience stores, supermarkets, and airport souvenir shops in Japan, you can find several interesting flavors, like green tea, cheesecake, strawberry, apple, maple, and chestnut. There are even stranger ones, like soy sauce, wasabi, sake, ginger ale, and miso soup.


In terms of quality, knives made in Japan are high up there. They are often sought out by culinary enthusiasts worldwide due to how durable and sharp they are. While the best ones tend to be on the very expensive side, there are cheaper ones that would be amazing additions to your home kitchen. To find what you are looking for, head to Kappabashi-dori Street in Tokyo.

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