From Strawberry Picking to Fried Chicken – What’s Christmas in Japan Really Like? 


Christmas in Japan is a fascinating blend of unique traditions and modern celebrations, distinct from the typical Western Christmas customs. It’s a season that showcases Japan’s remarkable ability to adapt and blend foreign customs with its own cultural practices. Here’s a glimpse into the intriguing and delightful ways Christmas is celebrated in Japan. 


Extravagant Illuminations and Decorations 

One of the most striking aspects of Christmas in Japan is the extravagant illuminations and decorations that adorn cities. From the dazzling light displays of Tokyo to the vibrant decorations of Osaka, these illuminations transform urban landscapes into mesmerizing winter wonderlands, reflecting the Japanese appreciation of beauty and light during the darker winter months. 


The Christmas Cake Tradition 

The Japanese Christmas cake, a delightful sponge cake topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries, is a quintessential symbol of the holiday season in Japan. Originating in the post-World War II era, this tradition has become a staple of Japanese Christmas celebrations. The cake’s light, airy texture, combined with the sweetness of the whipped cream and tart strawberries, captures the festive spirit in a distinctly Japanese way. 


Festive Strawberry Picking 

Where would Christmas cake be without strawberries to top them?! While not a traditional Christmas activity, strawberry picking in Japan holds a special place during the festive season. This practice sees the public choosing their own fruit alongside strawberry farmers, busily harvesting fruit in time for the end-of-year break. These high-quality, handpicked strawberries are carefully arranged into dedicated baskets, celebrating a unique aspect of Japanese agriculture intertwined with festive celebration. 


Kentucky Fried Chicken – A Unique Twist 

In a surprising twist, fried chicken, particularly from KFC, has become a traditional Christmas dinner meal in Japan. This tradition, born from a successful marketing campaign in the 1970s, showcases Japan’s ability to adapt and adopt global influences into its own culture, creating a unique culinary Christmas tradition. 


Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and Christmas Television 

 A unique Japanese Christmas tradition is the performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony around the holiday season, symbolizing peace and joy. Additionally, Japanese television during Christmas features special programming, including music shows and dramas with popular J-Pop artists and celebrities, adding a modern entertainment twist to the holiday season. 


Christmas in Japanese Pop Culture   

In Japanese pop culture, Christmas is often portrayed as a vibrant and emotionally rich event, particularly in anime and manga. These mediums often depict Christmas as a time of heightened emotions, focusing on themes of romance, friendship, and personal growth. Japanese brands and licenses also seize this festive period to release special Christmas-themed versions of merchandise, further embedding the holiday’s spirit into the fabric of pop culture. 


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