Exclusive Japan Discount Codes & Coupons


Mobal have been serving the needs of visitors to Japan for almost two decades. As a Mobal customer you can benefit from the following discounts & special offers made available exclusively to Mobal through our trade partners!


Plus, you can now apply for MobalPay, our payment card that’s designed for expats in Japan. Read on to discover how you can get a super-simple payment solution, and get money off goods and services all over Japan!

MobalPay – the Simpler Way to Pay in Japan


MobalPay MasterCard

MobalPay is a Prepaid Japanese Payment Card that’s designed by expats, for expats in Japan. You can use it in-store or online, you can top-up your balance online or at ATMs all over Japan, and you don’t even need a Japanese bank account. Mobal customers can use to to pay for their Mobal service, and all the offers below!



Learn Japanese Online with Go! Go! Nihon

How to use this Discount Code

Use the code Mobal when purchasing any online Japanese course at Go! Go! Nihon to get 5% off! Whatever your proficiency level, there’s a course for you.



Discounts on Tech, Groceries, Drinks & More

How to use this Discount Coupon


Mobal customers can simply show this coupon in Bic Camera to get all sorts of discounts!




Get 5% Off Clothing Rental Service


How to use this Discount Code

Get 5% off clothing rental services from Any Wear, Anywhere by simply using the coupon code RGK3N0H4TF2X at checkout or use the below link:


¥4,000 Off Japanese Language Lessons

How to use this Discount Code

Use the code Usagi2324 at the link below to activate your exclusive Mobal Discount at AOJ language school. AOJ’s Live and Video Lecture learning gives you access to high quality Japanese learning from anywhere in the world.



3 Japanese Language Online Lessons for the Price of 2

How to get this Discount

Sign up at the link below to get Japanese language lessons from the expat-run Japanese Online Institute.




5% off Family/Private Course at Akita Inaka School

How to get this Discount

Learn practical Japanese & have unique immersive experiences learning about the culture in the beautiful Japanese countryside, together with your friends or family. To receive a 5% discount, just mention Mobal in your application, when signing up for the Family/Private course.





Discounted Currency Exchange Coupon



How to use this Discount Coupon


Simply show this Travelex discount coupon at any Travelex currency exchange booth in Japan and receive a discount. Discount applied is based on currency rates that day.


There are situations where you need cash to enjoy Japan! You may not be able to find an ATM instantly. Travelex accept 31 currencies which can be viewed here.



Get Accommodation & Save ¥10,000

How to use this Discount


Rent an apartment, shared house or social residence and get ¥10,000 off – short stays of 1 month or longer – fully furnished inclusive of utilities!



Free Bento Box with your Cartoon Lunch Box Lesson

How to use this Discount


Book a lesson to learn to make a Japanese Cartoon Character Lunch Box & Get a free “Bento” Box as a souvenir! Read our Blog Post for more details – click here!


To claim your free bento box please show your sim order e-mail as proof!



Get ¥1,500 of the Tokyo Toilet Tour

How to use this Discount

Use the offer code tttst202402 at checkout to get your discount – offer expires at the end of April!


Get 7% off your Magical-Trip Tour


How to use this Discount


Use the Coupon Code MDL640 and get 7% off any of the below tours:



Get 5% Off at Tower Records

How to use this Discount


Show the coupon at the link below at the cash register together with your passport and get 5% off purchases at Japan’s top record store!




Get an Additional 7% Off at Edion

How to use this Discount


Moabl users can get an additional 7% off at Edion, on top of the 10% that tourists save on consumption tax! (More info on that here) Just show the coupon below!



Get 20% Off at Nippon Gift

How to use this Discount


Mobal users can get 20% off at Nippon Gift, using the code on the coupon below!



Get 5% OFF Food Experiences at ByFood.com

Get 5% off over 400 online food experiences including a Zen Mindfulness eating experience, Craft Beer pairing, Wagashi making, and more! Use the offer code byFoodMobal5 at checkout on any spend over ¥1,000.



Get 5% OFF Handyman services in the Tokyo and Kanagawa area

Get 5% off handyman services and air conditioner cleaning from toykohandyman.com – all you have to do is mention that you’re a Mobal customer when you enquire!



The Mobal Charity Promise


We hope you have fun in Japan with the help of the special offers & discounts we’ve negotiated on your behalf. Finally we’d like to remind you that Mobal guarantees the majority of our profits go to charity so we want to remind you that you don’t just travel the world, you make it a better place. Enjoy Japan with Mobal!


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