JETs, Expats, Students & Tourists- Your SIM Card Connects Our World

Most people seeking a sim card for Japan are looking for an easy solution to a difficult problem. You want to get online- and fast! You’ve probably heard all the scare stories of Japanese mobile phone contracts.

I am you in that sense. I am a Mobal sim user in Japan. And while I am truly thankful to Mobal for giving me a hassle-free solution I am just as thankful to you.

My World is small- our World is connected

In the last week I asked a friend to give me over 80,000 dollars. It’s not that I need 80,000 dollars but I work for some people who can put it to good use. This is not the first time I’ve asked either- I repeated this ask 4 x times last year and there’s no immediate end in sight.

Every time I ask I make the excuse – my bosses made me do it. Which is not technically true as I work remote and don’t get to see them very often. After all they live in Malawi, Africa and I work from a small office in Tokyo. The good news is I got the money once I explained myself a bit.

A Gift from You via Mobal’s SIM Cards

It can seem strange to contact Mobal to let them know that this quarter we are obliged to feed 14,469 kids a hot meal every day – an increase of 373 kids from last quarter. I am sure they glaze over looking at the figures we ask. They must be slightly shocked at the constant need for us to add more & more rocket stoves at schools & nurseries to ensure a school meal is in place for these kids. I am sure they just gulp and check their bank account. But so far so good.

That’s because you guys keep buying sims!

Some of you even buy a sim in the knowledge that Mobal are committed to giving the majority of their profits to charity.

That sounds like madness, right? We’ve all heard of the 1% club but who gives away the majority of their profits?


Best SIM Card for Japan

It sounds twee but I’ve got to say it. There is no other product in Japan for sale that not only gives you exactly what you need (a voice & data sim) but also literally improves our world. The Japan Unlimited Mobal SIM is literally the best sim card for Japan. Here’s why?

  • for the last 3 years Mobal have underwritten our fundraising activities enabling us to feed 14,469 kids in Malawi a hot school meal every day from sales of Japan Unlimited SIMs.
  • they just gave us 80,000 dollars for this quarter to meet our shortfall and to install new rocket stoves at expanding schools
  • surprisingly we’re not the only beneficiary of Mobal’s charity- Mobal’s story has got to be read to be believed- click here if you need more convincing. Of course the alternative is to click below and listen to me tell you (in a previous life) why I was so thankful when I lived in Malawi.

Thankful for YOU

There is a wonderful saying in Malawi. “It takes a village to make a man”. We’re not in this world alone. There’s a reason we all need a sim when living in Japan- we all want to connect. We all need to connect.

Thanks to you I get to connect, albeit from a distance, with 14,469 thankful kids and hundreds of local volunteers. They have no idea where the money comes from- but it comes from you. You’re just giving to Mobal and they’re giving it to me and I’m sending it to my 14,469 bosses. But it comes from you. For that I and my bosses are truly thankful.

And as I make the bank transfer to Malawi with the latest funding installment from you I will repeat it again & again- thank you!

What Are You Thankful For?

Everyone is thankful for something.

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

Most of you have already given it- you may not have known but you have. It would be wonderful to know that some of you have read this blog post. And even more wonderful if you would share below what YOU are thankful for this fine day and let us continue to send a positive message to those we are connected to in this world.



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