Layover at Haneda Airport? Here’s 5 Things To Do

Are you worried that you will be bored out of your senses during your several hours of layover at Haneda Airport?

Haneda Airport is Japan’s busiest airport, handling more than 60 million domestic and international passengers every year. It is situated less than 30 minutes away from central Tokyo, so you will have plenty of tourist spots to choose from where you can keep yourself busy and entertained during a layover.

The following are places near Haneda Airport that should be at the top of your must-see list to make the most out of your transit in Tokyo:

  1. Asakusa

If you want to experience old Edo atmosphere in the middle of the modern and bustling Tokyo metropolis, you should visit Asakusa. This district has a plethora of ancient buildings and structures that serve as a reminder of Japan’s storied past, including the:

  • Sensoji Temple – a Buddhist temple constructed in the 7th century
  • Nakamise-dori – a long shopping street lined by small shops and stalls that offer a wide selection of locally made arts and handicrafts, snacks, and other souvenirs, leading to Sensoji’s main entrance
  • Asakusa Shrine – an Edo Period shrine best known for its annual festival called Sanja Matsuri, which is one of the most colorful and vibrant festivals in Tokyo held every May
  • Kappabashi Shopping Street – this is a kilometer-long shopping street that is lined by shops that sell knives, kitchen appliances, kitchen utensils, tableware, and other products
  • Sumida Park – this is a beautiful park that stretches several hundred meters along the Sumida River banks, and is one of the most popular cherry blossom or sakura viewing spots in Tokyo
How to get there

At Haneda Airport International Terminal Station, get on the Keikyu-Kuko Line to Asakusa Station. The one-way trip takes about 30 to 40 minutes, and costs 620 yen. The temple and other sites should only be a few minutes’ walk away.

  1. Ginza

If you are into upscale shopping, you should not miss Tokyo’s Ginza district. It is home to many high-end boutiques, shops, department stores, and stores, as well as top-rated restaurants, cafes, and night clubs.

Some notable places to check out are:

  • Ginza Six – this is the largest shopping complex in Ginza, made up of multiple floors of shops and stalls that sell high-end fashion products and cosmetics, as well as floors dedicated to a rich selection of Japanese and international restaurants, furniture and interior design, arts and literature, a Noh theater, and a rooftop garden
  • Ginza Wako – this is a 90-year-old building known for its clock tower and wide selection of jewelry and luxury products
  • Kabukiza – this is where you go if you want to watch kabuki or traditional Japanese theater

How to get there

Ginza can be conveniently accessed via Ginza Station and Yurakucho Station.

At Haneda Airport International Terminal Station, you can take the Keikyu/Airport Line/Toei Subway Asakusa Line to Shimbashi Station, and then transfer to the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line to get to Ginza Station. The one-way journey takes 32 minutes, and costs 690 yen.

Alternatively, you can catch the Keikyu Main/Airport Line at Haneda Airport International Terminal Station to get to Shinagawa Station, and then transfer to the JR Yamanote Line to reach Yurakucho Station. This route takes only 28 minutes, and costs 570 yen.

  1. Shibuya

One of Tokyo’s most famous entertainment and shopping districts, Shibuya is a vibrant and lively place that offers tons of activities to do and places to see, such as the:

  • Shibuya Crossing – this is the large intersection right in front of Shibuya’s Hachiko Station, popular for its hypnotic flow of pedestrians and the surrounding tall buildings with bright and colorful electronic video screens and advertisements
  • Hachiko’s Statue – if you are a dog lover, drop by Hachiko’s Statue and take a quick picture with Japan’s most beloved and loyal furry friend
  • Love Hotel Hill – one unique experience to try in Japan is checking in at a love hotel, which offers themed private couples room for short stays (around 5,000 yen for 2 to 3 hours) and overnight stays (around 10,000 yen per night)
  • Shibuya 109 – this is a 10-story shopping complex consisting of over a hundred boutiques and shops that sell the latest trends in fashion
  • Center Gai – this is a popular night spot because of its many restaurants, bars, and clubs
How to get there

The best way to get to Shibuya from Haneda Airport is by getting on the Keikyu Main/Airport Line train at the Haneda Airport International Terminal Station and getting off at Shinagawa Station, and then transferring to the JR Yamanote Line to Shibuya Station.

  1. Roppongi

A popular nightlife spot in Tokyo, Roppongi is home to several foreigner-friendly restaurants, bars, clubs, and other entertainment spots. Among its most notable attractions are the:

  • Mori Art Museum – this place boasts of a diverse collection of contemporary and international art pieces
  • Mori Tower – this is a 54-story building that houses restaurants, shops, offices, and an observation deck that affords fantastic views of the metro
  • Tokyo Midtown – this is an area where you can find the Suntory Museum of Art, the high-end Ritz-Carlton Tokyo hotel, and various commercial, entertainment, and residential facilities
How to get there

At Haneda Airport International Terminal Station, take the Keikyu-Kuko/Airport-Kaitoku Line train to Daimon Station, and then transfer to the Toei Subway Oeda Line to get to Roppongi Station. The one-way trip takes about 30 minutes, and costs 570 yen.

  1. Akihabara

Dubbed as the center of otaku culture of Japan, Akihabara is a vibrant district in Tokyo known for its electronic shops, video game shops, anime and manga stores, manga internet cafes, as well as maid cafes that are usually patronized by locals and foreigners who are into anime.

The following are some major spots to visit in Akihabara:

  • Sofmap – this is an electronics store with multiple locations in Akihabara, specializing in cameras, software, computers, games, and other gadgets
  • Yodabashi Camera – this is an electronic store where you can shop for tax-free games, cameras, computes, and other products
  • @Home Café – this is an English-friendly maid café that caters to both men and women
  • Super Potato – this is a video game specialty store that specializes in retro video games and systems
How to get there

At Haneda Airport International Terminal Station, get on the Keikyu-Kuko/Airport-Kaitoku Line train to Shinagawa Station, and then transfer to the JR Yamanote Line or JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line to Akihabara Station. The one-way trip takes about 30 to 35 minutes, and costs 580 yen.

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