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Tsukishima Tokyo: A Japanese Pizza Experience!

A Visit to Tsukishima (Moon-Island)

Less well-known than its nearby neighbour  of Tsukiji (home to Tokyo’s bustling fish market) is the island of Tsukishima in the centre of Tokyo Bay. Now accessible by underground the area was reclaimed from the sea in the 1890’s and can now claim to be the home to one of Tokyo’s most playful dishes- Monja-Yaki- or soft Japanese pizza-  a reverse of standard Japanese fare being a dish best eaten than viewed. Not that we’re knocking the experience- it’s a lot of fun and conducive to team work!

Monjayaki in Action!

*unless you ask for help you get to cook for yourself!

How to Get to Tsukishima

Located close to Ginza and Tokyo Tower- both visits in themselves- Tsukishima offers free roadside parking at the weekends but much easier to take either the Yurakucho or Oedo subway lines. Monja Street is well signposted though it’s official name goes by Nishinaka-dori.

So what is Monja?

Monja or Monjayaki is Japanese comfort food that happens to go well with alcohol in copious amounts. The pizza batter and toppings with a heavy smattering of chopped cabbage are served in a container and can you can literally choose whatever you wish- bacon, shrimps and there are any amount of flavourings including Beni-Shoga (Sushi Ginger for the uninitiated!), Mayo, BBQ-sauce or dried seaweed.

Pop the heavy stuff onto to the hot plate and create a perimeter to pour the liquidy batter and chase your meal until such a time as you choose to give up slaving over the hot plate and want to eat the stuff. It doesn’t get hard so you’ll just have to check it’s cooked for yourself.

Do Mobal really recommend Monja?

We do. But just like the Teddy Bear’s Picnic we suggest if you go down to Tsukishima you better not go alone. Take a Mobal SIM with Unlimited Data so you can take videos just like our intrepid blogger or even try to pick up some soul (food?) mates along the way. Here’s how our man in Japan got on with his visit…

Editor’s Note: Our Man in Japan never leaves home without his SIM as you can see…

Author: Declan Somers

Thanks to the people of Japan and the efforts of a UK-based telecoms company Mobell/Mobal am happy to assist in providing a hot school meal daily for kids in Malawi, Africa through a Japanese registered NGO- Seibo.

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