IsatPhone Pro Prepaid Airtime Is About To Change

For any prepaid customers using Inmarsat, there is about to be a big change to your service from the 1st September. The price you pay isn’t going to change but they way Inmarsat charges your minutes will (This is called the burn rate).

The big issue with these change is that Inmarsat isn’t grandfathering in any existing prepaid minutes or vouchers. It doesn’t matter if you bought your airtime back when airtime was even less expensive than it is now: your airtime is going up.

Up until the 1st September the burn rate for IsatPhone Pros was 1 unit = 1 minute of talk time.

Buying a 100 unit prepaid airtime card meant that you get 100 minutes of talk time.

Starting September 1st, the burn rate is going to increase from 1 unit = 1 minute to 1.3 units = 1 minute.

The same 100 unit prepaid airtime card is going to get you 77 minutes of talk time, instead of the 100 minutes you got previously.

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this change as it is being done by Inmarsat directly.

So here’s how this effects the current prepaid vouchers that we offer here at Mobal.

100 Unit Voucher – 77 minutes
250 Unit Voucher – 192 minutes
500 Unit voucher – 385 minutes
1000 Unit Voucher – 770 minutes

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