Traveler using her cell phone at an airport

New Airport Security Measures: What you need to know

While traveling across the world today may be easy and fairly quick, getting into certain countries can be a little more stressful for the avid traveller than it used to be.

Many countries have now stepped up their security measures at airports and any other points of entry into the country; to safe guard its citizens and visiting tourists. Some of these measures may be considered to be quite extreme and certainly it’s been termed a nuisance, numerous times. However, in the end, most people are happy to comply because of the ultimate goal it ensures, which is to keep people safe.

How will the new airport security measures affect you?

The latest security measure, which Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Jonson has directed to be carried out for all direct flights coming into the US, involves powering up accompanying electronic devices upon request. This effectively means that anyone traveling with any type of electronic device will be asked to power up these devices during routine check in and boarding procedures. Under this new security requirement, any device that does not power up upon request will not be allowed on board. It is also probable that the owner of the said device will have to undergo further security checks, such as additional
screening before being allowed to board, minus the electronic device.

Traveler using her cell phone at an airport
Under the new security measures, travelers will be required to power up any electronic devices they are traveling with.

All these new measures being taken, is not based on paranoia, but is being enforced because new information has surfaced on how these devices are being used for negative reasons where human lives are put at risk. A look at some of the terrible tragedies that have occurred over the last decade alone is enough justification for such stringent measures to be formulated and incorporated into any security check routine. Starting with the most devastating tragedy, which was the September 11 bombing, there have been many other tragedies following this, which could have been prevented if more stringent security measures were in place.

How to ensure your electronics get through airport security

In order not to be subjected to any unnecessary inconvenience when your particular electronic device does not power up upon request at an airport security check point, it might be a good idea to take some elective measure beforehand. The following are some tips on how to prolong your battery life:

  • Limit unnecessary applications, or even better locate applications and features that you never use and uninstall the applications. It is also possible to turn off the feature all together.
  • Most devices today come with a variety of hardware. These usually include GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth NFC and LTE. However it is not always necessary to have all these in activated mode all the time. Doing so will sap the battery life at a faster rate. Keep the ones not in current use turned off, until needed.
  • Use Ultra Power Saving and Extreme Power Saving modes whenever possible.
  • Turning down the brightness will also help improve battery life.
  • Carry your charger with you and charge your devices whenever possible – not just when necessary. Most airport lounges and coffee shops have charging points.

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