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If you’ve purchased or rented a Satellite Phone from us, we would love to hear from you.

What did you enjoy about having a Satellite Phone? What disadvantages did you experience?

All your Satellite Phone feedback is essential, no matter how big or small. Please leave your feedback in the comments box below.


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10 thoughts on “Satellite Phone Feedback

  1. Carolyn Breedlove

    I have had a Mobal phone for five years. It works well enough within cities, or even calling from country to country, but in small towns or the countryside between cities, on two separate occasions (2012 after an auto accident! 2013 after a train mixup and delay traveling from Prague to Sopron, Hungary) when I most desperately needed a phone connection–nothing. Over a period of hours, two hours in the first case, FIVE hours in the second, I was totally unable to make a connection even while trying frantically over and over and over. So I no longer trust Mobal at all–it will leave you in the lurch in a crisis–and I’m looking at other carriers and services.

  2. Brenda M Fanger

    We love our phone it is great! Thanks Mobal!

  3. Brenda M Fanger

    We just rec’d our mobal phone everything looks great anxious to use on our trip to the Netherlands.

  4. Naomi Moyer

    I used the mobal phone in Israel and would recommend it to anyone.Naomi

  5. Naomi Moyer

    I used the mobal phone in Israel and was very pleased.I would recommend it to any one Naomi

  6. Janet Culton

    How great is it to have this phone?? I just love it. thank you Mobal.

  7. brian traynor

    Hi, I am a little slow when it comes to gadgets,but with your support center it was no problem setting up etc. Thank You

  8. Jerry Burson

    Easy set up with my Mobal phone. Works great. order #56227

  9. Merrill Carter

    Received and assembled my Modal order # 56209 phone number+447738809738. Please apply $10.00 credit as per your packing slip instructions. Many Thanks. Merrill Carter

  10. David G Young

    Cannot say enough good things about my Mobal phone, it is great. Am I still eligble for $10 credit?

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