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Studying Abroad – Advice From Students

Students Studying AbroadStudying abroad can bring many benefits, in terms of personal and educational development, as well as leading to better career prospects. However, with so much to consider, many drop out for one reason or another.

Here at Mobal we want to capture the very essence of studying abroad. That is why we are asking International Students, both past and present, to share their studying abroad experiences with us.

If you’re an International Student, and want to share your experiences with other students, please get in touch via email to:

Over the years the Mobal World Phone has helped International Students stay in touch with friends and family back home.

Staying in touch is one of the most important aspects of studying abroad, and whilst it may not appear to be the most important priority on students lists, it should certainly be considered. It’s vital as your own cell phone may not work and you won’t have access to another ‘domestic’ cell phone product in the country you are staying.


There are already many benefits to studying abroad, check out the below article:

Study Abroad: Help for International Students

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