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Category: World SIM

Using an International SIM Card in the Andean Highlands of Ecuador

Mobal SIM Used in Ecuador

After using Mobal’s International SIM Card in Germany and England, I was hooked! The convenience of calling hotels, getting directions and sharing photos, regardless of where I was while in Germany and England was more than enough to convince me to bring another International SIM Card on my next trip, that is to the Andean …

5 reasons you should consider getting a International SIM Card

I haven’t subscribed to a phone plan or had a prepaid phone card for over four years now. The way I communicate with my family and friends is through WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook, and Skype, whenever I have access to Wi-Fi . So why would I need an international SIM card during my 18-day trip to …

Top 12 reasons why you need a Mobal International SIM Card for your next vacation

International SIM Card

1. The Mobal International SIM Card works in over 190 countries! The great thing about our World SIM is is that you can use it time and time again as the same SIM will work in multiple countries –  in over 190 if you want to be more precise! The SIM Card will also never …


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Europe Plus SIM

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Europe SIM Card

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Talk & Text SIM

The Mobal International SIM Card is convenient, reliable and offers great coverage in over 190 countries – all for just $15

International SIM Card

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