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Category: Travel Talk

Pub Guide: Shibuya

If you’re visiting Tokyo, Shibuya is surely going to be one of those places you want to visit! But where do you go once you have taken that obligatory selfie of you with Shibuya crossing? Shibuya is actually home to some of the best pub’s in Tokyo, and this is my list of some of …

Let Tokyo Nighttime Passport be Your Guide!

Tokyo Nighttime Passport is a new option for tourists visiting the Shibuya and Shinjuku areas! The passport eliminates the hassle from tourists who are trying to find a safe and affordable place to eat. This makes it simple to plan out your food, giving you more time to explore and enjoy the streets of Tokyo! …

Pub Guide: Roppongi

Roppongi has a reputation for being the party district in Tokyo! You will hear very mixed reviews about this district, however this is the case for party districts all over the globe. As long as you have your whits about you, you will have a safe and fun night in Roppongi! If you are looking …

Pub Guide: Shinjuku

It can be overwhelming when exploring Tokyo for the first time. It is famously renowned for being a concrete jungle, and anyone who has visited will vouch by this name. Shinjuku is a popular tourist spot in Tokyo, and thus it can be even more overwhelming. After your long days of exploring all your going …

Osaka Nightclub Pass is Your Guide to Osaka’s Nightlife!

The Osaka Nightclub Pass is an exciting new way for tourists to enjoy the night life Osaka has to offer! It can be tough as a tourist in a foreign country, not knowing where to go at night! You never want to be that tourist that accidentally wonders into the ‘wrong’ bar. This nightclub pass …

Why Japan 2 GO is a Must Have App When Visiting Japan!

Japan 2 Go is an application targeted at making your life in Japan easier as a tourist! I am personally a tourist from Australia, and in my experience the initial few days of navigating your way through Japan can be tough! There are so many options as to where you can eat, sight see and …

Karaoke: Japan’s #1 Must-Do Activity

If you’re visiting Japan, you can’t leave without going to karaoke. Rumour has it they will even check at customs. They aren’t kidding when they say karaoke is an other-worldly experience unlike any other here… so what exactly makes it so great? Let me break it down for you. First, you get a private room. …

Why Mt Takao is Better Than Mt Fuji

Signpost at the bottom of Trail 1Signpost at the bottom of Trail 1

If your time in Tokyo is getting to you, the tall buildings, the sounds, the pace… visit the country. Forget a day trip to Mt Fuji 3776 metres tall and 2 hours away, it’s much cooler, closer younger sibling Mt Takao is welcoming you with open arms. We’ve got you covered on how to get …

One Hour in a Tokyo Cat Café

If you’re a cat person like me, I bet you’ll struggle to adjust to the fact the stray cats on the streets of Japan are not safe to pet. Well, the good news is that the Japanese are a very considerate bunch and have got a whole lot of clean, healthy ones available for visits… in …

5 Reasons to Spend an Afternoon in Local Yoyogi Uehara

If you came to Tokyo to walk the walk and talk the talk of urban Japanese life, not just see the sights, the answer you’re searching for (and that I can’t recommend highly enough) is a local walking tour. Thanks to our friends at Ellista Tours, we were able to do just this in the quaint …


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