A Weekend in Copenhagen


There are several cities in Europe that have it all; culture, food, history, and community. Copenhagen is definitely one of those cities. With rich Danish culture & history, beautiful food, stunning architecture and its very own Freetown, Copenhagen has put itself at the top of premiere European destinations. Often missed in itineraries for Europe trips, this cosmopolitan has something on offer any time of the year. From beautiful museums to beautiful waterside dining, Copenhagen is Western Europe’s sweetheart. Check out the list below for a weekend in Copenhagen.


A popular, touristy spot in the canal district of Copenhagen, Nyhvn’s waterside cafes sprawl onto the street overlooking the scattered boats sitting quietly for their owners. Even though it’s one of the most expensive areas due to its popularity, Nyhvn is a must. Even if the weather turns, the rustic cafes turn into lovely pubs with candle light and crackling fires. Picture-perfect and brightly colored, the old buildings stand in a row, making it a prime location for souvenirs, photos, artists, and restaurants.

National Museum of Denmark

History buffs will drool over the National Museum of Denmark. Housed in the incredible Prince’s Mansion, the museum is the largest collection of history in the country. Check out permanent and temporary exhibitions ranging from Danish music history, Vikings, and Egyptian mummies. The museum also has one of the best cafes in town as well as a shop to grab any prints or replicas of your favorite exhibits. Their prized possession is the Sun Chariot, the only one in the world and should not be missed. Guided tours, special events and activities for children are also available.

The Little Mermaid

There are tourist attractions that you visit just because you feel obligated to. The Little Mermaid statue is one of those attractions. A lot smaller in person, this statue brings millions of people to Copenhagen’s Langelinie promenade every year. The bronze statue was built in 1913 in resemblance of a popular ballerina at that time. She was moved farther out in the water due to vandalism but has been moved back to her original spot for all to see. Go on, get your photo of her!

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is pure entertainment. The second oldest amusement park in the world, the gardens were open in 1843. Millions visit this iconic park every year, both for nostalgic and entertaining reasons. Authentic wooden rollercoasters, theatre shows, games, arcades and plenty of other entertainment, Tivoli Gardens is a fantastic spot for any age. There are several festivals and events held at the gardens, so if you plan your trip right, you could be celebrating some crazy holiday with the Danish! If you’re not into rides, there’s plenty of theatres to catch a show or relax in the gardens and people watch.


Shopaholics will rejoice with the Stroget district. Established in the early 60’s this central shopping district was created to attract locals and tourists to use public transport, their own bikes, or just have a walk around the city centre. Now the Stroget is over a half-mile long made up of many streets and filled with hundreds of local and international favourites. This pedestrian-only shopping area is packed with stores of all kinds and sizes. From high-end chocolatiers to the popular staples like H&M, Stroget is busy-busy every day.

Freetown Christiania

For the free-spirited, Freetown Christiania is absolutely worth a visit. This area of Copenhagen is known for it’s community, hippie-like environment and care-free lifestyle. It’s a popular destination for tourists and equally as popular for locals to show their visiting friends. This Freetown is the only one of its nature, making it a must-see destination in Copenhagen.  Big in to arts, music, yoga and meditation, Christiania is a rare visual of a real free society that started from scratch in the 70’s. The self governing neighbourhood is self-sustainable and filled with houses built by the residents themselves. It’s a quirky, interesting place to visit. Do not forget your camera for this one.

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