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The Best Gift for the Traveler in Your Family

There’s always one person in the family that would rather be staring at a map than talk to the rest of the family during the holidays. Wanderlust is a real thing, and those who are diagnosed with this issue understand that nothing will cure their sense of adventure like a freshly-bought plane ticket. The good news is that there’s plenty of affordable gifts for those travel-obsessed family members. Check out the list below for the best gift for the traveler in your family:


Let’s face it; traveling the world has become a lot more accessible now that smartphones are around. Although traveling may be easier to book, capture and share, there’s one thing that is still the same- the actual physical travel part. And travel can be hard on technology, especially if you do not have the proper protection. The Otterbox Resurgence phone case is a complete game changer for every traveler who likes to spend time away from the charger and out in the wild. Features include: 2x the amount of battery, military-rated protection, no breakage, and sleek design.


Just like our travels, the Duffler bag is all about telling a story. And what a story a piece of luggage could tell. With a long list of features and made with top-of-the-line fabrics, the Duffler bag aims to keep travel easy without losing style.

Additional accessories like ‘The Beacon’ can be purchased with your bag to keep track of your bag’s travels. Sync the Beacon with the company’s app and the Beacon will send your phone an alarm if you’re bag is being taken without your permission. The app also keeps track of your adventures you’ve accomplished. You have the chance to collect hand-made Duffler badges that can be put on the outside of your bag, showing the world where you’ve been.

This company doesn’t stop there; they even give back. Duffler has teamed up with the NGO ‘THISWORLDEXISTS’ to help give education to those in need. €30 from their THIS- WORLDEXISTS bags go towards this incredible organization. Features include: Ample pockets inside to keep things organized, brass zippers/padded long strap, and outside zipped pocket/ Durable material and a beautiful design.


Rifle Paper Co. is always coming out with the greatest lines of stationary, prints, cards and notebooks for all interests. Their recent ‘Travel’ inspired line is one of my favorites. Record all of your adventures, notes, numbers, and best memories in this Bon Voyage Journal. It’s soft cover and fun graphics makes this travel journal a great gift for any traveler. Pair it with the Pass- port Pocket Notebooks for a great stocking stuffer! Bon Voyage Travel Journal features include:
Travel-themed Linen cover, interior pages accented with metallic-gold lines and graphics, 208 pages, 5 x 7”

Passport Pocket Notebooks features include:2 x unruled notebooks, 64 pages in each gold foil graphics, and an uncoated cover.


A great gift for anyone, these REI Quick-Dry Towels are versatile and great for all types of travel. If you have a camper, backpacker, hiker, or leisure traveler you need to find a gift for, give them one of these! They will love you for it.

They have many features and benefits, including its quick-drying abilities. Each towel comes with its own compact bag making them easy to pack in a carry-on or purse. Features include:
XL- 54 x 25, soft, highly absorbent material, quick-drying, lightweight and compact, comes with its own bag, and absorbs 8 x it’s own weight in water


Traveler or not, Pacifica’s Travel Ready Facial Wipes are wonderful. This pack comes with five varieties of wipes all individually packaged for easy use. Each wipe pack has a different job; one purifies, one detoxes, one moisturizes, one energizes and one wakes up the skin. They all smell in- credible and keep your skin hydrated.

Many use them on long flights as your skin tends to dry up quickly on air- planes. Throwing one of the mini-packs in your purse or carry-on really helps with keeping your skin glowing and moisturized. Plus, the packaging is beautiful! Now who wouldn’t want that! Features include:
100% vegan, cruelty-free, 5 x individually packaged wipes, and nourishes skin to keep a nice glow


FSA approved travel bottles are the easiest and budget-friendly gift option you can give for this holiday season. The one thing about travelers I find is that they will always find a way to use travel bottles. Hair gel, shampoo, body wash, lotion, Q-tips, etc. There’s a million and one ways to use these little guys and they cost pennies!

Buy a few packs and pair them with a travel document holder or travel journal and you have one thought out travel-inspired gift! Features include: FSA approved size bottles, comes in 4 different colors, can be recycled, and the top cap closes to ensure no leakage


For the traveler who likes to keep in touch, a Mobal SIM / Phone is the perfect gift.  Choose between the World Talk & Text service for calling and texting –- or the Europe Plus service for data too.  You can buy a Phone+SIM Package, or just a SIM if the traveler in your life already has an unlocked phone.

Want to buy a Mobal phone as a gift but don’t want to be responsible for the usage charges?  No problem!  Simply add your product to the cart and click the “I want to buy this as a gift” option.  Mobal will send special activation instructions in the package for the recipient to activate the service in his/her name with his/her billing details – easy!

Mobal SIMs/Phones work in over 190 countries, so you can be sure that your traveler can keep in touch wherever they are going – and you have the peace of mind that you can always contact them – wherever they are in the world!

Click here to browse Mobal products and find the perfect gift for the traveler in your family.

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