The Best Travel Gadgets 2012

Another year and another wave of gadgets. We’ve tried to mix in some essentials, with some more luxurious items, and it’s not just electronics but an array of different products that have been built to enhance your travel experience.

So enjoy the best travel gadgets of 2012.

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Mobal World Phone

50″ Travel Towel by Rick Steves

This microfibre travel towel, by renowned traveler Rick Steves, is so handy if you’re packing light. It dries in no time and takes up hardly any room in your bag.



Mobal World Phone
7-in-1 Retractable Cable Travel Pack by Belkin

Tangled cables are a nightmare at home, so imagine the frustration when trying to detangle cables whilst sifting through your bag on your travels. This saves on time, and unnecessary stress.



Mobal World PhoneTravel Smart Adapter/Converter Combo with Surge Protection by Conair

An easy to use all in one adapter and converter combo unit, which fits electrical outlets in most commonly visited countries. It has a built in surge protector which keeps your electrical appliances safe from spikes in foreign electricity.



Mobal World PhonePocket HiFi C4 Pro Media Player by Colorfly

If you’re looking for something that encompasses the golden era of music, then try this media player. With a retro 70’s aesthetic and clean-cut sound, you won’t be left disappointed.



Mobal World PhoneSentryman Explorer II Pen by Alfred Dunhill

The ultimate writing implement for dedicated journaling jet-setters. With an 18-karat gold casing, and interchangeable fountain, ballpoint and pencil options, it sets this apart from other ‘luxury’ pens. It also has a concealed flashlight, compass and artificial flint – ideal for adventures in to the unknown.



Mobal World PhonePersonal HDTV (with 3D) by Sony

Let’s face it, traveling can sometimes get a little mundane. So, why not engross yourself in a little TV. Once mounted on your head, the unit provides you with the equivalent of having a 150-inch TV screen 12 feet in front of you. Not enough? You have 3D and surround sound options to take advantage of too.



Mobal World PhonePortable Projector by Tumi

This portable projector is a must-have item for those who make presentations while traveling, a great addition for any business traveler. It offers the most advanced features and technology in a convenient and compact size. It also comes with a  remote, tri-pod and video cable.



Mobal World PhonePowerStation Pebble by Phillips

If you’re taking a few electronic items with you on your travels, you’ll need to keep them powered. The PowerStation Pebble is slim and lightweight, and holds additional reserve power (enough for two hours of additional talk time) and is compatible with iPhones, iPads, pretty much anything that requires a charge through a USB connection.



Mobal World PhoneSilverline Ultravid Binoculars by Leica

This year Binoculars, over a flashy HD camera, makes the best travel gadgets 2012 list. Leather-covered, with the Leica’s patented AquaDura coating that repels water and dirt, it screams class. It’s a real must-have for any nature-watching situation.



Mobal World PhoneBluetooth Car Kit by GrooveShark

Make safe hands-free calls using your Android phone, whilst benefiting from streaming any of 15 million GrooveShark Radio songs through to your car’s radio. In addition, whilst driving, you can charge your phone as it plays.



Mobal World PhoneMOD Live by Recon Instruments

These alpine goggles are fitted with a HD display that shows real-time data and images. You can now navigate the mountain via the built-in GPS, track your very own stats and manage your music playlists. All done without the need to remove your goggles.



Mobal World PhonePowerTrekk by myFC

This water-powered portable fuel cell charger is ideal for hikers, bikers, climbers, campers, anyone who loves spending time in the outdoors. You get instant power to charge cell phone and other electrical devices, just by adding a tiny bit of fresh or salt water.



Personally, we consider the ‘must have’ gadgets for 2012; the Mobal World Phone or, if you’re seeking adventure in more remote areas, try a Satellite Phone. If you’ve discovered any ‘must haves’ for the 2012 traveler please do share with us. Are you considering buying anything from this list? Or do you think that you get by just fine without them?

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