3 thoughts on “Travel Tips – What’s Your Essential Travel Gadget

  1. Traveljunkie

    iPad! It’s amazing! Takes photos, allows me to get online, read books in downtime, watch videos on long journeys, just awesome!! Oh and if I really want to annoy my friends back home I can Skype with them!!

  2. Tanja

    I won`t go without my Kindle – and a (don`t laugh) zip-locked freezer bag to keep it safe from water and sand while sitting and reading at the beach. The protective coverings that are specially made for the Kindle are just too expensive, in my opinion. A few weeks ago I`ve been told that therefor zip-locked freezer bags work as well so now I`m also using them to keep my Kindle inside while reading outside. Works really well!

  3. ChrIs

    A fully loaded iPone & iPad.
    Specific apps I wouldn’t be without –

    Boingo Wireless Finder
    Jump remote desktop/home pc working
    Google docs & suite of apps

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