Top Destination for Honeymoons

Top Honeymoon Destinations

Take a look at some of the best Honeymoon vacation destinations available. Whether you’re looking at Europe, Africa, Asia, or somewhere closer to home. You’ll find the top Honeymoon destinations here.


Top Destination for HoneymoonsEdinburgh, Scotland.

Our first top Honeymoon destination is Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh. It’s skyline is dominated by its castle, which overlooks the city, giving you access to some incredible views. From here, you’ll be able to gaze upon Edinburgh’s historic buildings, including St. Margaret’s Chapel and the surrounding old and narrow medieval streets. You can also wander around the nearby Palace of Holyroodhouse, which is a private residence of the British Monarchy and it also houses a museum.

Even though historical Edinburgh is beautiful, it is perfectly balanced with an array of modern activities – all of which you can get involved in. Be social and take part in one of many local pub-crawls, or have an intimate evening being told ghost stories while walking through haunted cemeteries. If you are planning to honeymoon during August you can take in the World’s largest performing arts festival, the Edinburgh Fringe.



It may not spring to mind in your top Honeymoon destinations, but for some Kenya will offer them something magical.

Famous for its safari (the Swahili for ‘journey’) parks, containing romantic and authentic lodges, all bundled with some rather luxurious amenities. These lodges are just perfect for viewing both the big-game and smaller creatures within the parks.

What Kenya isn’t known for is its great beaches. Europeans have been coming to Kenya for many years, yet most of the country is by far a haven for tourists. Instead people come to take in its rich heritage and history, off the beaten track.


Top Destination for HoneymoonsAruba, Caribbean.

A former Dutch colony, Aruba makes a perfect Honeymoon destination if you prefer the finer things in life. The capital, Oranjestad, is a beautiful waterfront town full of color and life. It has a wonderful collection of shops, art galleries and upmarket boutiques. The likes of Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton have stores here, and you’ll find an array of different craft shops.

But what does make this one of the top Honeymoon destinations is that is has a rather more adventurous side. If shopping isn’t for you, feel free to try a number of different sporting activities. Give one of the many water sports a go, such as sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Alternatively, get beneath the waves and try scuba diving or snorkelling.


Maui, Hawaii.

You may have given Maui a little thought, it’s quite a popular Honeymoon destination. For good reason…

If you choose to take the Hana Highway you’ll have a blast. There are a lot of things to see and do here. A word of advice; try and pick up a guide, you won’t want to miss anything. You’ll be rewarded with sights of amazing hidden waterfalls, which are perfect for a little swim and numerous hiking trails where you can really take in the surrounding views.

Like Aruba, Maui has plenty of water sports available for you to choose from. But being a volcanic island, it also offers something a little different. Try diving or snorkelling the Molokini crater to explore the crystal clears waters that are teeming with marine life. A must if you’re staying on Maui is surfing; it’s almost traditional on every island in Hawaii.


Top Destination for HoneymoonsVermont, USA.

Home to beautiful and historic hotels, that have ‘romantic’ written all over them, four poster beds come as standard. No wonder Vermont is one of the top Honeymoon destinations.

Vermont does so well because it caters for nearly everyone. Shopping has been described by many as paradise, it has everything – from outlet malls and modern builds to boutiques and the more traditional shops. It all adds to the charm.

Hit the water for some fishing, or the hills for some hiking and come back to lobster and pot roast. Vermont has a certain rustic charm.

Vermont is particular beautiful in the winter months as the peaks are covered with snow which allows for skiing and ice skating. You can also access condos in the area, so once you’ve been on the slopes you can retire back to a nice warm fire.


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