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Travel Tips – Which Museum is the Best in the World?

Most of us have been to them, but we’d like to know which Museum you feel is the best in the World.

With so many, it may be hard to decide so try and think about the following things:

– Location: How easy was the Museum to travel to?

– Facilities: Did they have a store? Wheelchair access?

– The X-Factor: Did you leave wanting to visit it again?

So, where have you been? What Museums would you recommend to the Mobal community?

All recommendations are welcome… Just leave your comments in the box below…

Author: Emma

Emma is a Online Marketing Specialist at Mobal. She is responsible for our outbound marketing efforts including planning and executing email campaigns, social media and blog posts. She also works with the Web Designers at Mobal to update the website and to help to create a better experience for the user.

18 thoughts on "Travel Tips – Which Museum is the Best in the World?"

  • Oscar Sandoval says:

    Best museum? Well, if we talk about the quantity and quality of their collections, definitely the Louvre would have my vote; but if BEST could also mean the museum with a very nice permanent collection and the most visitor-friendly personnel and atmosphere (it even has individual lockers and a nice lunch area where you can have your lunch, if you were wise enough to bring it with you), them the Glyptothek in Copenhagen will definitely beat all others.

  • Carl Peters says:

    My favorite, and that of most folks who are fascinated by airplanes, is the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum in northern Virginia. It’s one part of the Smithsonian Museum. It houses: one of the space shuttles; space capsules; a super-sonic transport; the Enola Gay (which dropped an A-bomb); and dozens of other airplanes (military, civilian, experimental).It also features IMax theaters and a museum store. There is a $15 parking fee but no individual admission charges.

  • Reta Oram says:

    The Louvre, definitely. But check out the new Museum of Natural History in Salt Lake City if you’re in the ‘hood. It is really spectacular. The architecture is inspired by our awesome canyonlands throughout Utah, and the building is so eco-friendly, it runs on barely 10 cents a day (I may be a bit off on the exact figure).

  • Ed Gaven says:

    I also agree with the Kremlin nomination, only spent 2 hours there, but hope to return for more.

  • Ed Gaven says:

    For autos, Mercedes Benz, Stutgart. For WWII(aircraft) the Royal Air Museum and the American Air Museum, Duxford UK. For ART, Le Louvre,Paris

  • Elizabeth Weiser says:

    I study museums around the world. I especially love the Anthropology Museum in Mexico City, Te Papa in Wellington New Zealand, the Museum of London, and the Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg. More quirky, the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, and the Evita Museum, Buenos Aires.

  • Stuart Paterson says:

    A far better question would be what is the best museum in the world you think others would not know about?


    • Tren says:

      Stu, a good question. You can still write about your experience here. I may also ask this question later on in the year too.



  • Lee Carty says:

    While I love the Louvre, the Shanghai Museum is a spectacular success in all ways: the quality of the (millennia of) Chinese art displayed, the ways it is shown to best advantage of each piece, the good descriptions, the accessibility (yes, wheelchairs), the availability of cafes and restrooms at each level, and the overall beauty and elegance of the structure.

  • Robert Hofmann says:

    The Henry Ford in Dearborn Michigan. The meuseum and Greenfield Village make up America’s greatest history attraction. Together they are called The Henry Ford

  • Patrick Milligan says:

    My choice is somewhere between the Hermitage in Russia and the Louvre in Paris. The museum in the Kremlin was also very interesting, but they assured us that their Icon collection was a must-see and we were icon’d out by then.

  • Edwin Grosso says:

    The Ufutzi in Florence is my favorite. II has a treasure of Renaissance art that is not comparable anywhere that I know of.

  • Marvin Kaufman says:

    Munich has a museum, the exact name of which I can’t recall, that is an absolute must. It features only inventions, every one that man has come up with, starting with the stone that was first used as a tool. One floor, alone, is devoted to aviation and contains actual aircraft, not models. I must try to get back there again, some day.

  • Janet Dewart says:

    The Kroeller-Mueller Museum in Otterlo near Arnhem in the Netherlands is a wonderful museum if you like Immpressionist and 20th Century art. The museum has an outdoor sculpture garden, the backdrop for which is a lovely national park. Because it is located in the park, the museum is a little out of the way, but so worth the trip.
    The lighting in the museum is perfect for viewing the art, and the building layout is arranged well for moving from one space to another.
    The numerous van Gogh’s are tremendous and there are many other well-known Impressionist artists represented also.
    This is my favorite museum and I’ve been to a number of the big name museums of NYC and Europe.

  • martha jo morehouse says:

    i would select the louvre for its diversity. you can concentrate on an area that just interests you and spend a long time there. you can reach the museum easily by metro. they have several restaurants in different price ranges. their store is larger than any other that i know. plus it’s located in my favorite city, paris.

  • paul bond says:

    We have found that 2-gallon zip lock bags are good for packing clothing. You can press out excess air as you seal them and they help protect against access by bed bugs or other pests.

  • stefanie kohn says:

    The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is the best museum in the world. It is conveniently located near the interstate, Iowa is in the middle of the United States and Cedar Rapids has an airport.
    The museum features international exhibits. In July 2012, it will host the largest Alphonse Mucha exhibition in the USA since 1999.
    The Museum store has unique items imported from the Cezch and Slovak Republics. The entire site is ADA compliant and ofers access to all abilities.
    It is located in the Czech Village in Cedar Rapids, where visitors may sample Czech and American food from several restaurants and there is a Czech bakery.

  • Dan Lee says:

    The National Egyptian Museum in Cairo, soon to be relocated in new, updated quarters in nearby Giza. Absolutely stunning exhibits and artifacts dating to “the cradle of civilization” — insights found no where else on earth relating to culture and anthropology, civil governance, wealth, religion and even immortality. Worth the investment… an experience that is singular in scope and scale.

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