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Advice for Student Studying Abroad in the UK

Mobal World PhoneStudying abroad can be a very daunting idea. Going to a foreign land for a short vacation isn’t the same as studying in another country. There are lots of things you need to know. How much money should I bring? Should I use an international cell phone? Do I need Unlimited UK Data? Can my children attend school? Below is a list of vital information for people who are planning to study abroad in the UK.


What is the cost of living in the UK?

The cost of living in the UK varies by the location of your school. A one-bedroom flat in West London costs around £700 while a one-bedroom flat in Liverpool costs around £400.

  • Cost Of Living In The UK: Offers detailed information about the costs of living in the UK including weekly grocery bills, etc.


How much cash should I bring?

It’s never wise to travel with large amounts of cash on you. However, it may be a bit difficult to sort out money affairs from the onset so you should bring about £300 in cash to cover your initial expenses until you’re set up.


How do I open a bank account in the UK?

First of all, you should only open a bank account if you plan on staying for more than six months. To open an account, you need some documents to prove your identity (such as your passport) as well as a UK address, a home country address, a credit record, your student status, and sources of income.

  • Opening a UK Bank Account: Shows how to open a bank account in the UK.

It will take longer than usual for your UK banking account to become active. You will also have to remember that most bank cards only allow you to remove £250 per day from the bank so you have to plan accordingly.

Will I pay the ‘home’ or ‘overseas’ fee?

In regards to school fees, you will have to pay ‘overseas’ fee since you are considered an international student.


How can I get details of scholarships that are available?

There are scholarships available for international students in the UK. The best way to get information about scholarships is to read some information which explains about scholarships and grants in the UK.


Can I claim welfare benefits?

In most cases, you cannot. One of the requirements in the application of the student visa in the UK is that applicants must show that they are able to support themselves through the course of study. Applying for welfare endangers the status of a student visa.


Do I need to get a visa (entry clearance) before I travel to the UK?

Yes, all students must obtain a visa before entering the UK.


What conditions must I meet to be a student in the UK?

Students applying for a visa must apply under the UK’s Tier 4 point system.


Can I bring my family with me to the UK?

Yes. You may bring a spouse, unmarried same-sex partner, and children who are under 18 years of age.


I have not yet finalized my arrangements; can I come to the UK to attend interviews for a place on a course?

Yes and no. Applications are accepted on a case-by-case basis if a prospective student can prove that they meet all requirements and intend to enroll in a school. Entry is then granted for six months where interviews with schools can be conducted.


Can I work while I study in the UK?

Yes, students are permitted to work while they attend school as long as they have the right clearance. However, restrictions do apply.


Can my husband/wife/son/daughter work while I study in the UK?

As long as you have clearance to work, they can work.


Can I stay in the UK to work after I have finished studying?

Yes, you may stay in the UK as long as you obtain a work permit. However, you have to prove that the job is job training.


Do I have to pay tax if I work while I study in the UK?

Yes, you have to pay the normal United Kingdom taxes that all other UK workers pay.


How can I find out about different courses of study in the UK?The best way to get information about courses is to use some of the databases available on the internet that allow prospective students to search them.


What information should I check about the institution I want to study at?

It’s extremely important that you know which schools are accredited with the Register of Education and Training Providers. As a rule, permission is only granted for students to attend one of these schools.


How do I know which institutions offer UK degrees?

The United Kingdom government has a list of institutions that offer UK degrees to international students.


How do I apply for a place on a course at an institution in the UK?

Prospective students must apply directly to the institution of their choice. Application forms may be picked up at the institution or the institution’s website. Most universities have international offices that deal with these applications.


How do I find somewhere to live in the UK?

Most universities have Residential Services departments that can aid students in finding a place to live while they are studying.


Can my children go to school in the UK while I study in the UK?

Yes, your children can attend school in the UK while you are studying there. To qualify, your child must take the usual assessment tests.


Can I get free health care for myself and my family while I study in the UK?

Some free health care services are available for international students and their families.


Can I use my driving license from home to drive in England, Scotland or Wales?

While you may use your license for a short time, you must obtain a United Kingdom driver’s license after 12 months of being in the country.


Will my current cell phone work in the UK?

As the technology is different in the UK compared to the US, and other places in the world it’s difficult to say. The best thing to do is use a Mobal World Phone until you are settled in the UK.

  • Cell Phones: A list of all the handsets available to you.
  • SIM Card: If you’re cell phone is already compatible.

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