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The Best Road Trip Locations in Scotland

Scotland is a traveler’s dream; that is, if you can manage to get some decent weather! But even in the blowing winds and rain, this country is pure beauty. Rolling green hills, misty mountains and bagpipes keep visitors coming back time and time again. There are so many hidden treasures in Scotland it’s hard to choose which ones to explore. There’s one thing that remains the same whether you see one region or the whole country; go by car. Road-tripping Scotland is the best way to experience the beauty and mystery of this green island. Check out the locations below for the ultimate road trip in Scotland.

St. Andrews

Golf anyone? St. Andrews is known worldwide as the birthplace of golf. With it’s pristine courses and landscape, St. Andrews has held many golf opens for hundreds of years with the town’s golf courses ranked among the very finest of the world. The city is also home to the University of St. Andrews which is the third oldest school on earth. It’s also was Prince William’s home for four years while he studied. Visitors flock to St. Andrews to see the university, catch a golf game or enjoy the beautiful coastline. Rich in history and castles, St. Andrews is not to be missed.


Only 50 kilometres from St. Andrews is the buzzing city of Edinburgh. Possibly the coolest city in the world, Edinburgh is like no other. Literally split in half with Old Town up on the hill and New Town down below, there’s a nice mix of past and present in one city. Edinburgh is one of the oldest cities in Europe with rich history of war, plague and rebirth. It’s also home to hundreds of festivals throughout the year, especially in the arts & culture industries. The Edinburgh Castle sits atop the hill overlooking the rest of the city and is the original location of the Military Tattoo, the most famous bagpipe marching band in the world. If you’re looking to see a different side of the city, try one of their midnight ghost tours to scare yourself silly. Whatever you do, don’t forget your camera. This city is spectacular.


Inverness is a lovely city in the Northeast of Scotland. Known as one of the happiest places in the UK, Inverness provides plenty for its residents and visitors. History buffs will enjoy the city’s background with a visit to the Inverness Castle where you can learn about the city’s origins. The River Ness provides a great aesthetic to the city while the university provides a great learning atmosphere for students. This city is so well liked; it’s become the fastest-growing city in Scotland! Inverness is a gateway to the famous Loch Ness and to the North. Inverness is a popular place to visit for bagpipe concerts and the famous Highland Games.

Loch Ness

If this sounds familiar it’s because it is. Loch Ness is internationally known as the home of the “Loch Ness Monster” or ‘Nessie’ to the locals. The monster gained fame in the 30’s when locals started sighting the animal’s existence in the water. From then on, thousands travel to the loch to try and find Nessie themselves. No one knows whether or not she’s real, but it’s still part of the fun. The Urquhart Castle is also located on the shores of Loch Ness, making a pretty photo op. The loch itself is the deepest in the area, and has more water than any lake and stream in England and Wales combined. On a sunny day, picnic on the shores and keep an eye out for Nessie in the deep waters.

Ben Nevis

Located in the incredible Scottish Highlands, Ben Nevis is the highest point in the UK. It’s often hiked, photographed, and adored by thousands each year. It’s also famous for being a part of the international phenomenon Braveheart. Ben Nevis and its surrounding landscape is worth roaming around for a day or two, soaking in the sights and gawking at how many different types of green are humanly possible to exist next to one another. Another great attraction is the Ben Nevis Distillery which has been located at the base of the mountain since 1825.

Isle of Skye

Be prepared to be knocked over by the winds on the Isle of Skye. Gale force winds are a common occurrence there, and they are mighty. But they shouldn’t hold you back! The Isle of Skye is regarded as Scotland’s gem and one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Great for fishing, drinking single malt whisky and enjoying the outdoors, the Isle of Skye is an explorer’s paradise. One of the biggest attractions on the isle is the hike to the Old Man of Storr. This popular hike provides incredible 360 degree views on a clear day. This hike also connects with other trails for a longer trip around the area. Either way, it’s a big highlight on the Isle of Skye!

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