The Olympics 2012: London

In the summer of 2012, hundreds of thousands of people will come to London and the UK for the Olympic and Paralympic Games – whether they are ticket holders or are simply looking to soak up the atmosphere.

If you will be visiting, now is the time to think about where you want to stay.

Visitors to London

With more than 100,000 hotel rooms to choose from, every visitor to London will be able to find a warm welcome during the Games. Halls of residence and other student accommodation will provide a further 30,000 beds, offering a comfortable and affordable alternative for visitors on a budget.

Visitors to the rest of the UK

From castles to campsites, the UK offers a wide variety of accommodation for ticket holders to Games events at the UK-wide venues in Cardiff, Coventry, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, and in Weymouth and Portland.

Booking your journey

If you have booked tickets for the 2012 Olympics you will receive a one-day Games Travelcard with your event ticket for competitions in or around London.

Top tips for traveling during the Games

Venues will be very busy and you will need to allow time for airport-style security and ticket checks.

Plan and book your transport early.

Allow plenty of time for your journey.

Do not drive to venues.

Don’t forget to plan your return journey

Follow instructions from staff on the day of your event.

Things to do in London and the UK

The Olympic Stadium, in London, will be hosting the main Olympic and Paralympic Games and if you have time to explore the city of London there is lots to see. Take a look at this video that details some of the amazing sights that London has to offer.

You can also check out some other great videos on our very own You Tube channel. From World Phones to Satellite Phones, we want to make Moabl the place you can come to for everything you need to know. If you want to have a look at what videos we have added so far, just >click here<

If you want to know more about the UK, take a look at our Blog post on The United Kingdom – Facts & Places to Visit

Keeping in touch

If you have Olympic tickets for 2012 in London, remember you don’t have to worry about staying in touch with friends and family back home. With a Mobal World Phone you can call, text, email and update your Facebook, Twitter or any other social network you are on, on the great time you’ll be having. The Mobal World Phone works in over 190 countries, so you can use it again and again no matter where you are in the world.

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  1. Richard Barker

    How can your video possibly confuse London Bridge, which the commentator talks about, with Tower Bridge of which photos are shown at the same time???

    1. Tren

      Richard, Good point about the confusion. The video just shows what people can do in London. The video is from a third party, of course here at Mobal we wouldn’t make such a mistake 🙂

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