The Best Free Activities in All of Europe

Traveling in Europe can be quite expensive, especially if you’re only staying on the tourist trail. It seems like everything adds up, and before you know it, your bank balance is looking pretty slim. But there’s good news for those going on holiday to the most popular and expensive cities in Europe; They all have free activities available! Whether it’s getting outside and enjoying the city by foot or checking out a world-famous museums. Read on to see what you can do for free around the best and biggest places in Europe.


Museums hold rare art, sculptures, and pieces of history that you can’t see any where else in the world. They are also visited by millions of people each year, waiting in the long lines to view these masterpieces. But what a lot of them don’t know is that many museums offer free days.

Famous museums like the Louvre in Paris offer a free day on every last Sunday of the month from October to March each year. Citizens from the EU get in free everyday! London is also a great city to visit free museums. The uber famous British Museum is always free, as well as the National History Museum. To make it easier on yourself, research before you go and see which days of the month are the best times to visit.


Parks around Europe are always free and a great spot to people watch and take in the scenery. Pack a picnic and a book and watch the world go by. Many parks have plenty to do, from renting bikes, to their own Japanese Gardens to museums. Parks by popular landmarks like the Eiffel Tower offer more to the eye than you could imagine, and are completely free. Watch the tower light up at night with a bottle of wine and you have yourself a perfect date.


Beaches are one of the best holiday amenities Europe has to offer, and they cost nothing to visit. They are a great way to spend the day relaxing and working on your tan! They are also an option to get some exercise in or catch the sunset on a walk along the shore.


Both hiking trails and city walking tours are fantastic activities that are usually free. Many city walking tours include a guide who’s doing it out of their own good will, and a gratuity is a nice gesture to offer at the end. Taking a city tour is a great way to learn about the destination from a local’s perspective. Hikes can showcase the beautiful landscape from afar and can be a wonderful photo opportunity to share with family and friends back home.


Markets are a great and cheap activity that can be found in almost every town, city or village around the world. They have food, jewellery, clothing, and tacky souvenirs all displayed for you to browse. Of course it’s hard not to spend any money, especially when you get a whiff of the incredible local street food, but markets in general are free. It’s a nice way to introduce yourself to the locals and see what’s popular in their culture.

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