How to Pack for Holiday in a Carry-On

There’s one thing that is universal about traveling; airline fees.  They charge you for everything besides breathing these days.  No longer do you get free snacks and drinks on short flights, a free piece of luggage to check, and some airlines even charge you to pick your own seat! Going on holiday should be a fun and easy situation, from picking your destination all the way to getting there and back. One of the biggest troubles individuals have is packing for a trip.  Since the majority of airlines charge a heinous amount to check a bag, you can easily pack a carry-on for a two week trip, regardless if you’re going somewhere sunny or snowy. Check out these tips below the next time you’re trying to pack too much for holiday.  This will help you pack less, prepare better, and save money in the long run.

1.    Set everything out and cut it in half

I’m not joking with this one. Set out what you’d like to bring with you on your trip and take away half of it. You do not want to be lugging around a giant suitcase full of clothes in hot weather.  Majority of the time, you don’t even wear half the stuff you bring. Just think; more clothes, more costs.  And that money you spend on luggage fees can go towards having a good time on your trip.

2.    The rule of 2

The rule of 2 is simple; bring 2 pairs of shoes, trousers, shirts, and dresses. Pack accordingly to your trip and if you’re going somewhere that you won’t be needing trousers, stock up on shorts or skirts. The rule is there to help you simplify and only bring items that you can mix and match well. Bring one pair of comfortable shoes during the day and shoes to go out in.  I don’t count flip-flops because I can chuck those in my purse or on a side pocket in my carry-on.

3.    Roll your clothes

Yes! Roll them and roll them neatly.  Doing this saves you so much room in your bag, you can pack more if you want. But the point of rolling your clothes isn’t to add more clothing, it’s to make room for other essentials like toiletries, makeup and other supplies.

4.    Travel size everything

If I’m going on a trip for two weeks or less, I only pack travel size toiletries. I also keep my makeup to a minimum and only carry enough liquids that qualify to be carried on the plane. If you’re staying at a hotel, they usually provide toiletries in the room so you have an extra supply if you run out.  You can always purchase products once you’re there, and can leave them just as well once you leave.

5.    Layer

Pack your bag according to your wardrobe items that can be layered.  It’s always better to have options that can work well together than bringing a bag full of clothes that have to be worn separately.  And the best thing about layers is they can be added to or taken off.

6.    Wear the heaviest

Always wear the heaviest clothing at the airport. This frees up some weight in your bag, especially if you’re making it a close call to having to check it.  It might be a little uncomfortable at first, but saving $30 is worth it. Wearing your biggest clothes also makes for more room to buy souvenirs and other items while on holiday.

7.    Buy/use a smaller bag

If you’re having trouble packing lighter for your trip, do a little reverse psychology on your brain and use a smaller bag.  Having a smaller bag automatically tricks your brain in to thinking you have less room.  If you try and pack a larger bag, you’re brain automatically thinks you have a lot of room so you won’t simplify your packing list.  Having a smaller bag forces you to simplify.

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