January’s 5 Must Know Travel Tips From Mobal Members

1. Best Way To Organize Your Prescriptions And Supplements

Tried of try to fit your prescriptions and supplements into those “too small” boxes that come open in transient?

I buy a box of craft bags (approximately 2″x3″) with zip locks at the local craft store. Look for them in the jewellery sections. I label each with with a marker pen for the day and date of use, and package them all in a larger zip lock bag.

No weight, no open containers and spilled pills, and you are disposing as you travel arriving home with space in your suitcase for one more souvenir.

Submitted by: Karlene Morris

2. Why You Need To Tell Your Bank You’ll Be Traveling

This suggestion is usually “out there” but I pass it along as a reminder.

Be sure to call your credit card company and give them a list of countries you will be visiting when traveling outside the US before leaving.

This can save a flag being placed on a card and then a charge being denied.

Submitted by Maitland Zentgraf
Big Canoe GA

3. How To Stop Luggage Inspectors Handling Your Smalls

I use a large Ziploc bag (2.5 gallon) for packing clothes — makes packing easier because you can “vacuum pack” outfits together and keep luggage inspectors from handling your unmentionables out of your suitcase.

4. How To Stay Comfortable When You’re Plane Is Delayed

I had to spend the night at Heathrow airport last week (I actually planned it that way). I was using my jacket as a pillow to get some sleep on a bench (after cinching my bags to the armrest with a carabineer), but I got cold and needed the jacket as a blanket instead.

So I puffed the Ziploc bag full of air and used that as an inflatable pillow. I wasn’t sure if it would hold the air once the weight of my head rested on it, but it did great.

Submitted by Nancy Cook

5. How To Pack Breakable Souvenirs Using Things From Your Hotel Room

To bring home small breakable souvenirs – cut a plastic water bottle slightly longer than the item; wrap securely with the best, free packing paper (i.e. toilet paper) and slide into the open bottle.

Seal the top with duct or scotch tape.

The plastic protects the item from getting smushed.

Submitted by Lynne S. Crow, CLU, ChFC

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