May’s 5 Must Know Travel Tips

1. How To Ensure You Get Coffee How You Like It Around The World

I really do not like my coffee black, but for years while traveling in countries where dairy products are not safe to drink, I drank my coffee black. Now coffee creamers are available in individual packets by the box in your grocery store. Put some of the packets in a ziplock bag and tuck in your luggage. Now you can have your coffee the way you like it, anywhere in the world!

Kristin Moyer, Oakton, Virginia

P.S. My Mobal phone was a big help last fall when I was traveling alone in a rental car in Sweden; it is going with me on my next trip to SE Asia.

2. A Simple Reminder On How To Pack Properly

ALWAYS use a packing checklist before you go. Pack your stuff, THEN look at the list. That way you never forget anything.

Paul Voorhees
Seabeck, WA

3. How To Halve The Price Of Your Car Rental

When booking a rental car, look for in-town locations of the rental agency instead of at-the-airport locations. When I booked a trip to Seattle, it was HALF the cost to rent in town as it was at the airport, and that was through the same company and with the same size car! Even with a taxi trip in town, I saved about $100 (and I was upgraded twice for free)! Best of all, I was able to return the car at the airport location without any extra charge. Extra bonus: my rental agency was walking distance from downtown, so I was able to get my car, lock my luggage in it, and then walk down for some sightseeing without having to find public parking!

4. How To Get Cheaper Spa Treatments On Cruise Ships

If you want a spa treatment on a cruise ship, you can get them deeply discounted if you book them during a shore excursion. While the ship is more or less empty, spa treatments are cut in cost to lure any remaining passengers.

Laura Poole

5. That Little Thing To Help You Keep Things Together

I very much enjoy the monthly newsletters and find the suggestions very useful. Here’s a tip from me: Pack one or two plastic clips in your cosmetic bag–keep skimpy towels together after a shower–or drapes that don’t quite close.

Sheila Martin-Stone

2 thoughts on “May’s 5 Must Know Travel Tips

  1. Virginia Turner

    This should be on every checklist, no doubt covered previously, but always worth reminding people. Always pack duct tape. It held together the latch covering my camera battery on my most recent trip to Paris, and thankfully held together the front end of a rental car for a 7-hour drive to Sydney, Australia after I had a little mishap when touring some oh so worth seeing sandstone caves!

  2. Jerry

    Two Comments:

    RE: Credit and Debit Cards. The credit card issuer Capital One does not charge any foreign currency conversion fee on overseas transactions. We keep on of their cards for exclusive use on our frequent overses trips.

    RE: Packing light. Ex Officio sells a line of ultra light underwear for both men and women which is 94% nylon and 6% spandex. Briefs and T-shirts are available in black, gray, and white. They are so light that they can be easily washed while showering and are always dry in the morning. Use the 2 method of one set on and one set drying. Works great and they take up almost no space in a case because they are so light. They may have other more feminine pleasing colors for women, not sure.

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