The 11 Rudest Countries and 16 Friendliest Countries to Visit

Last month I asked you in which countries you’d encountered the friendliest and rudest locals.

But before you read the results, I think everything is best summed up by these 2 answers I received:

“People all over the world will be rude to you if you do not respect them, their culture or their language.”


“We’ve found everywhere in the world that If you’re friendly to people, they’ll generally be friendly to you.”

And the fact that France tops both the friendliest and rudest lists, shows it’s all down to personal experience.

And here’s the results of what you sent me (and, don’t forget to leave your thoughts on the rudest and friendliest countries to visit in the comments below) …


1. France

“My husband and I have been to France several times and have NEVER experienced rudeness, nor animosity toward Americans, nor any of those negatives for which France is allegedly famous.
We attempt to speak a little French, for which people are most appreciative, though they usually fall into English to prevent any more fracturing of their language on our part!”

2. Japan

“Japan is by far the most friendliest country in the world to visit. The people are so polite and respectful”

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3. Australia

“We just got back from a month in Australia and New Zealand traveling on our own and i must say those Aussies and Kiwis are by far the nicest and friendliest we have met anywhere in the world.”

4. Italy

“Italians are always enjoying life as much as possible and care about everyone around them (except when they are driving!).”

5. Ireland

“But I would now have to say Ireland. We had an accident driving on the Ring of Kerry and ruined a tire and the rim. Our car was un-driveable and we were in the countryside.

We were traveling with another couple and he went walking down the road to see if he could find some help, as there was nothing where we had stopped.

He encountered a gentleman walking his dog, who promptly went home, got his cell phone, called a garage he knew (which we would not have found in a million years).”

6. UK

“If you are an American the English are about as friendly as they come. They always treat you as a long lost relative and really seem to like Americans.”

7. New Zealand

“The friendliest and nicest people in the world live in New Zealand!”

8. Spain

“My offering is Spain. I have traveled quite a bit throughout Europe as well as in South America and Asia – and not just as a tourist. I generally travel alone and whether on business or just wandering, try to interact as much as possible with local people. Without a doubt, in my opinion, Spain ranks as the number 1 country for friendliness.”

9. Mexico

“The friendliest have been in Mexico (Mexico City the friendliest big city I have been to). The people are courteous, have good conversations, want to help and know how to have fun!”

10. Germany

“I have to give the award for friendliest country to Germany. I was driving along the Rhine, taking a detour on my way to Frankfurt, and I stopped frequently along the way. The residents of these small towns were some of the friendliest I’ve met.

They were always anxious to show off their local food and drink, and tell you about the history of their town. Of course, this extended the time of my trip, but the time was well spent.”

11. Slovenia

“But let me not forget Slovenia! Sophisticated, humble, generous and open.”

12. Dominican Republic

“I lived and worked with campesinos in the Dominican Republic for several years, and I found them to be astonishingly generous and friendly to strangers; never rude.

The response, typically, to a ‘gracias’ wasn’t the usual ‘de nada’, but rather ‘a sus ordenes’ (at your service), and that’s how they lived. Even in the cities, people were gracious and cheerful wherever I went.”

13. US

“USA (California coast, Hawaii and small towns). The Pacific coast makes Americans mellow and more helpful.”

14. Canada

“My experience of travel in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and England, dog owners are the friendliest people, regardless of their country of residence.

If a person is walking a dog and you try to strike up a conversation about their dog, dog-lovers can’t resist it. Ooing or ahhhing over someone’s dog is a great way to put even the crankiest person in a better mood.”

15. Thailand

“Michael, as an American living overseas 14 years now and have traveled countries around the globe. I would have to say Thailand is about the friendliest country my wife and I have traveled and Indonesia would be second.”

16. Slovak Republic

“My first pick would be the Slovak Republic, formerly part of Czechoslovakia. I have visited there 7 or 8 times since my first visit in 1970.”

17. Brazil

“However, the friendliest people that I have met around the world are the Brazilians. One evening I was taking a stroll on Copacabana beach with my wife when two lovely young ladies approached us, offering some “personal” services for a slight fee.

When I told then no thanks, I am with my wife, one of them replied, “No problem, we can get someone for her, too.”

But seriously, Brazilians were friendly in every circumstance.”


1. France

“I went to a restaurant in Orleon, France and had a very difficult time communicating my menu order. The waiter apparently did not know a word of English so, I stumbled thru the menu and ended up pointing to the entre I desired.

The whole time I was ordering, the waiter was mumbling in French. Finally, the meal came and it was very good.

When I paid the check, the waiter responded, in perfect English, “Thank you very much for dining in our restaurant. I hope you visit us on your next trip to France”.

2. UK

“Very rude people!!!! I’m dual UK/USA nationality….”

3. Germany

“Germany: not rude, just cool.”

4. US

“Rudest are New Yorkers”

5. Eygpt

No reason given

6. Switzerland

“Swiss can be downright nasty if they suspect the size of your bank account is puny.”

7. Austria

“We meet so many rude people in Austria.”

8. Puerto Rico

“Puerto Rico gets my vote as the most indifferent, not necessarily rude. Prices are high, tips added on to the check and, lacking incentive, the service is uniformly bad.

So bad that when treated with mediocre service, it sparkles by comparison.”

9. Greece

“We found the rudest people in Greece, beginning with the tour director to Rhodes, Delphi and Meteora. She screamed at us as if she were a drill sergeant.”

10. Sweden

“Least helpful have been the Swedes.”

11. Argentina

“Haughtiest are the Argentines.”

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Did you agree or disagree? Leave a comment on your experiences…

293 thoughts on “The 11 Rudest Countries and 16 Friendliest Countries to Visit

  1. me

    I guess this is the worst cheapest article so far. so stupid to be published. i advise you never to travel or write your personal opinion again publicly .

  2. Lucy Pender

    I think that the most friendliest people are Irish ! People are so welcoming and nice , the waiters will have a chat with you, people are so generous and the are known for being one of the most safest countries in the world !! I have a great experience there and I loved it !
    On the other side I know French people can be very rude and grumpy, I can tell you that because I live there for now 5 years ! And USA are also not that welcoming

  3. Hugh Hill

    it’s not where you are from or the colour of your skin but the deeds you do from the heart within!

    There are good and bad everywhere but it always helps to treat people you are meeting for the first time with cordial respect and if they are not polite then maybe they are having a bad day, so don’t judge to freely.
    And just because they are nasty you shouldn’t be otherwise you are travelling through life as an actor working for ego strokes, so be who you are and let nothing change or spoil you.


  4. Marsh

    i Think new Zealand should be on the top i been there most friendly and people

  5. Arko

    No one has a clue here Arabic people is the most Rude people i have come across not all of them most of them

  6. Nonono

    No! This clearly depends on individual experience. France, I have been to Paris four times and most service workers like train staff or police were curt or unhelpful, definitely not friendly. Japan… Try living there a few years and you will know that unfriendliness is far more common than told. The UK? I find people more polite than most places. Italy?! Lol they don’t care for anyone but themselves. This report is so untrue

  7. Lizzy

    I can’t speak for other Americans but myself, my family and people I know personally are very kind to all people. I have traveled to New York and met some nice people however also met some very rude arrogant ones as well. Other states everyone was kind.

    I do know a lot of Americans are hateful towards new and different people and I believe it’s pretty sad. Anyone no matter where they are from can be kind or cruel, bad or good. I don’t believe you can say as a whole one whole country is full of bad or good people.

    1. Clare

      Which country are you

  8. Doug

    Rudest at home: France, India, China, Portugal, Spain, Sweden
    Rudest on the road: France, German, Russia, China, Canadian, Australian
    Friendliest: Greece, Southern US (not north or west), Scotland, Swaziland, Italy, Norway

  9. Regina

    So, France people are BOTH nice and rude? Seems like there are 2 sides to everything!

  10. madeline

    Australians are the nicest people ever!!!!!!!!

    1. Teda Melero

      Wow. I’ve lived in several different countries. Spain is the rudest. They literally do not have in their culture to use please and thank you often. Mexicans, Colombians, and Costa Rican’s are some of the friendliest, most well mannered people you will ever meet. Brazilians are quite friendly. Argentines can be a hit or miss. But people in Madrid…horrible.

  11. Anon

    While I agree there are good and bad people in every country, Austria takes the cake for rudest in my opinion. I found some of the people to be downright vicious. Not only that I can corroborate with other people- a friend of the family was yelled at by a rude and condescending cop in Vienna, and I know another person who wasn’t in Austria but was on a tour with some Austrians and she said they were standoffish and grumpy. I have an extremely bad taste in my mouth for Austrians, I’ll be honest.

    Czechs I found to be generally on the friendly side– a lot of them were jokesters, while others weren’t particularly gregarious but weren’t rude either.

    Italy can go either way as well. A lot I encountered were super nice and also jokesters, but some of the men could be real dbags.

    My time in London was WONDERFUL. Nicest people I’ve ever encountered abroad. I was a woman traveling solo and I can’t tell you how many people stopped to offer their help, carry my suitcase up the tube stairs, etc. absolutely delightful people.

  12. Rick

    I’m from the UK the polish are nice people but I notice they only wana know you when there working for you or drinking alcohol but I’ve never had a problem with them never rude or aggressive

  13. Ty

    Personally, Spain and Mexico I found, quite frankly, they are one of the most disgusting groups of people I have ever met, and although some can be exceedingly nice, majority were rude and well what people did in both these places is horrendous, I’m not really going to go into there specifics over what people there did.

  14. Someone

    Actually England are so kind their like the kindest people on earth
    Well try them so kind
    They will be your best friend the first day you meet them
    Love England

  15. bonnie

    Norwegians are totally, unbelievable rude and petty. the absolute worst.

    1. Pierreb

      Bonnie, I am absolutely agree with you

  16. Jhon

    The most friendly and polite people i have ever met is pakistanis. I have been travel to alot of countries and met many types of peoples. But pakistanis i found the best.

    1. Hifsa rehman

      As.. u’ve said… Yes i admit that we are peac loving so we hospitably welcome foriegners also. …..!!! But in a true sense our ISLAM teaches us that we should b ehical to all.. Love from Pakistan!!!!!!!…….
      Keep loving us!!:):)

    2. Ella

      Omg I know right they are so nice

  17. Cassidy Dawn

    Who the heck made this??? TRY AGAIN. Wow this couldn’t be more out of order, americans ahead of Canadian?! I can go on

    1. Dee

      I am Canadian and have traveled many times on long-distance travel around North America (big cities and rural areas) and the Americans are far more apt to strike up a conversation than Canadians. Sorry to burst your bubble. Canadians
      are good at saying hello and a 1/2 smile but not so good at really being interested.

      1. Ella

        I think Canadians are wayyyy more nicer that Americans, Americans are just really rude obviously not everyone in America is rude but most are racist

        1. Rennie

          Really? Come on – America is so big how can you generalize? I think Canadians have far more “uptight” than Americans but oh well. I have been around the world and lived in 3 countries. I think I like Americans the best for being friendly.
          NZ people are NOT friendly on any level. Europe can be really nice all the way around.

        2. Rosemary

          Actually, I find that Americans can be much nicer. I know that you ca’t say an entire country is rude or nice, but many Canadians I have met were very rude to me and would brag. And although I live i the Midwest of the US, people are very kind and ALWAYS say hello. But that’s just me.

  18. Mohammed

    Turkey! Tbh some Turks were among the friendliest people I’ve ever met but nevertheless some were very rude and will try to rob you in every unimaginable way. Don’t get me wrong Turkey is gorgeous! Nature is breathtaking and food is exceptionally good but it’s just some people will ruin your trip but then again each country has its good and bad people

  19. Harlan

    I find China to be the rudest. I was in China for 2 months last summer and whenever your trying to get in a shuttle bus the driver started screaming at us and he had no patience whatsoever. Some people in China were extremley nice.

    Vietnam: we also went to vietnam for a week and i found it amazing. HOWEVER, When we went back to where we live (kentucky) we had bills due to a hotel we’ve never been to. We only stayed in 1 hotel while we were there and the people were amazingly nice. But we had a bill for 2 thousand dollars to a hotel we’ve never been to. My dad called them and stayed on hold with them for 3 hours.

    France: While we were in Hong Kong we saw many people from United States, France, UK, and European countries. At a restaurant there were people from France there taking advantage of the waiter and being very very very rude to him

    1. Joshua Goldberg

      Israelis are the rudest people in the universe . Shalom

    2. Clare

      I am french but im not rude i found lots of friendliest friends to me vut i thonk france are not rude

  20. Dr.Frank

    the Rome & Milan people is Very rude.

    1. Patricia Gottmann.

      I have travelled far and near in my life. Rudest. French 1–England-Wales-Norway-. They seem to have a hang-up about all.

  21. Frandose Boaz

    There is no country in the world that has friendly people.It is an individual call weather you want to be a friendly person.I already see rude people on the list above discussing the matter self heartedly.

  22. Kate

    I’ve found friendly people everywhere! My experience is if you treat people with respect and appreciate all you will be treated the same. My mother, NYC born and raised taught me to hold a door for anyone coming behind you. Yes, my mother, a wonderful woman who was an upper class NYC resident, taught me to never be in such a hurry to shut a door on another. Treat each person the way you would want to be treated.

    I have traveled & met people in every state East of the Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas & Louisiana and lived in many Eastern states from Boston to Florida. I have traveled and met people in Ontario & Quebec, Bahamas, Barbados, Grand Cayman (stayed in locals homes 3x), the Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, and Ghana (stayed with locals). Interacted with many from those countries, and in addition, have interacted and or had friendships with people who were British Colombian, Hawaiian, Jamaican, Dominican Republican, Antiguan, St. Lucian, St. Martian, Trinidadian, Guyanese, Argentinian, Peruvian, Honduran, Mexican, Lebanese, Kuwaiti, Indian, Nigerian, Kenyan, Namibian, Philippine, Chinese, and Japanese.

    When I travel I interact with the locals and living in the US I make friends with people from other countries. I was highly impressed with the French & never had any interest in visiting due to hearing of others rude experiences. My daughter & I did not have a rude experience in France. We did not have a rude experience in Ireland but the bus driver shut off the bus for 45 minutes in Dublin, to re-stack luggage, causing us to be late to the airport. The customer agent almost didn’t give us boarding passes due to this but I was able to persuade her otherwise. Initially she wasn’t budging. A Frenchman on the bus in Ireland gave me directions. When entering Ireland we witnessed an Irish & British woman arguing over second hand smoke while standing in line outside in public. The woman smoking was rude and could have cared less about those around her.

    Hospitality is exceptional among Caymanians, Ghanaians, Jamaicans, Barbadians, and Hawaiians.

    1. Billy

      Egypt is #1 rudest by a billion miles. Everyone you meet is either a con artist, a crooked cab driver or a general scumbag. If you even ask someone directions they demand money. If you look a statue someone will come up and tell you who the subject is and then demand money. Taxi drivers take you to mystery locations to extort more money. Just a hellhole of a country!

      1. Captain Jack

        The reason there’s hucksters and con artists on the street in Egypt is because they’re poor. There are beggars, prostitutes, and murderers as well. Hire a reliable guide next time through your four star or better, hotel. Learn how to say in Arabic “ go away or I’ll call the police .”

    2. john ik

      I am a Nigerian,I don’t think any of you has been here before.If by chance you are making preparation to come here,drop it.NIGERIANS are majority rogues they show you politeness because they expect money in return,if they don’t get money from you they will hate you and try to put you in trouble.I don’t know why God created me among these people.The few Ghanian that I met are sincere and trustworthy

  23. Tom

    What about Japan, from my experience, Japanese are most polite in the world, hands down.

    1. Jessica

      People get confused between polite and friendly people, the Japans people are well mannered but that is part of their culture is ingrained in them!!! Japan is a very unique culture and has survived due to its reluctancy to mixed or welcome another cultures this does not mean that they have to be rude, they polite period.

    2. Sarah

      Shame about their barbaric treatment of endangered species.

    3. Anonymous

      Yes! I agree! I did a student exchange program in Japan and they are the nicest and politest people in the world!

    4. Captain Jack

      You’re absolutely right. Nipponese people will show visitors how to behave the moment they arrive. All one has to do is emulate and imitate their gestures; learn a few of their greetings, and they will love you. . . I “live” in Japan, I exist in other places.


      Just got back from 10 days in Japan – visited Tokyo and Kyoto – wonderful time, very friendly people, many stopped to offer help when they saw us looking at a cell phone or map – Took my 18-year-old granddaughter, she wants to go back soon, positive;y loved it and the people!

  24. Chloe

    Everybody has different opinions of people you say there bad and others say good I think nicest people/country are Filipinos/Philippines so don’t judge me if you think other countries are better it’s my opinion

    1. ray

      A stupid list, everyone’s experiences are different, everyday is different, everything is relevant to the moment,
      I’ve always found people are much the same the world over, friendly, rude, arrogant, depends on which side of the bed you get out of on that day

      1. william

        good english but bad views

        1. DingDongDoorknobs

          What a stupid response to the most logical comment on the site.

      2. G

        I agree with you 100%

    2. cj

      I agree. PI has unbelievably polite and friendly people. I’ve been to 50+ countries.

  25. steve

    How goofy! they list France as the number one in friendliest and rude? kooky, besides, everyone knows Japan is the most polite nation

    1. Lamar

      Rudest = PARIS
      Nicest = France

      1. Clare

        I am french but im not rude i found lots of friendliest friends to me vut i thonk france are not rude might paris are rude because i just to live in france but i didnt live at paris

  26. steve

    How goofy! they list France as the number one in friendliest and rude? kooky

  27. steve

    this is the stupidest list, France should be number one on the rude list! French people are famous for their arrogance, they make rudeness into an art form.

    1. Nick

      I do not know what happened to you in France but I have been there 4 times, mostly outside of Paris and even though I encoutered a mean cop there, most people were nicer than New Yorkers. When people from small towms found out I was from the US ( Minnesota ), they were even nicer to me and were funny ! I always try to speak a little french first so that they see that I am at least trying. I have travelled all over the world and in the end, I find us Americans the most arrogant people in the world who always expect the world to be like America. The truth is, there are rude and nice people everywhere.

  28. Tom

    Why wasn’t Canada on the list. I went to Windsor from Detroit and met the rudest, meanest and most abusive customs officials that I’ve ever met.

    1. Sabrina

      Well duh you went to shithole mayo filled Windsor Of course they’re rude cuz their miserable.. should’ve came to Toronto

  29. Dias

    I’ve travelled to Argentina and found out that they are very friendly, it was a very pleasant trip…. and I’m a Brazilian 😉

  30. Alina

    Well I travel a lot a visit so many countries and let me tell you :French people,people from Tennessee and Florida and Greece are the rudest people!
    And i really like iranian(so kind and friendly)
    People from Texas and Portuguese people they are so helpful and polite

  31. LM

    I disagree with the idea of if you’re friendly to people, they will be friendly to you and if you’re rude to them, they will be rude to you. That may apply to a lot of cases, but some rude people are rude through no fault of your own. You could be nice to someone and they’re still rude.

    There are so many factors there.

  32. Amanda

    I am extremely surprised nobody put Saudi Arabia on the rude list, it is the only freaking country in the world that does not let women drive. When the Saudis come to any place in the world, we dont make them follow our traditions, they make the women where a long black robe for decency, and when they speak, they yell and it is very scary!

    1. Frank

      Saudi people are very friendly. I know it doesn’t let women have enough rights. I am Belgian. I couldn’t find a hotel, everywhere was full. A man came to me, and said, “Do you want to have dinner at my house?” I politely accepted. We went to his house. Not the best house, but man, the food was amazing. He told me that i could stay there for a night or two. I accepted. I hired a car, and we traveled many places. More than i would on my own. You are wrong, Saudi people are the best.

      1. Nor

        Consider yourself lucky as you are westerner… For us, arabs are shallow and double standard & those in Saudi & dubai are the worst…

  33. mark

    Lebanese are by far the rudest tribe in the middle east

    1. DavidK

      Yes…. and if we are particularly rude to you specifically, you would know the reason

    2. joan

      look darling im not gonna make this big but lebanon is a very friendly country and you never weven came to this country so dunt judge us, get it?

    3. Derrick

      Then apparently you have never been to Israel. 105 countries under my belt, and Israel, UK and United States are my top three rudest countries. Mexico, New Zealand and the, Netherlands are my top 3 friendliest.

  34. Ben hamilton

    There is good and bad in everyone. Let’s not over generalize. American once said to me .hay you there suck a fart out of my ass man .I was truly mortified .but am undecided as to witch category to put usa under .was the best offer I had that day .

    1. Brendan Doran.

      Germany and small town midwest usa.

    2. Susan Sanders

      I am sorry for that rude American. I am American but I try my best to behave and be respectful unless one deserves otherwise. To be honest, I can’t stand most Americans.

      1. Sarah

        Americans are wonderful. I find the English unbelievably self centred and rude. I was in Italy recently and heard an Englishman say ‘they don’t make the spaghetti the way my wife does’. Everywhere I’ve been I find them loud self centred and obnoxious.

  35. Alice

    Greece is the friendliest country by far!!! Remember this!

  36. Naomi????

    Canadians are by far the nicest people you’ll ever meet. I’m from Canada myself. We will apologize about anything, even if we didn’t do it. Canada is also a free country, everyone is welcome and no one gets judged for who they are. There are never really and crimes in Canada either. You can stay here knowing that your safe. Sometimes the police will play basketball in the street with you!!
    Canada is such a beautiful and wonderful country, full of nice, bright, and happy people! Come check it out one day, you’ll LOVE IT!!❤

    1. Laurie

      That is so untrue, Canadians can be so rude and boastful. I have known more than a few people who brag so much u wonder when life started for this person. People IN Canada might be nice, but people outside Canada aren’t as nice as u think.

    2. william

      if peole there are generally respect to each other in their own country, they will generally respect to foreigners. This is what we’re talking about, not for any special case.

    3. william

      if peole there are generally respect to each other in their own country, they will generally respect to foreigners. This is what we’re talking about, not for any special case, isn’t it?

    4. Billy

      Canadians are ok. There are nicer people in the world and there are worse people. In general Canadians are just like Americans but without that overwhelming desire to call attention to themselves that makes Americans so insufferable!

    5. Mike

      Totally agree with Naomi. Canadians are awesome.

    6. PARTHA

      Being “nice” and being “friendly” are two different things. You can be nice without being friendly. Canadians are definitely “nice” , but not as friendly. Being friendly means someone you can confide with . A friend is someone more personal whom you can rely on and won’t stab you behind your back. Yes , Canadians are nice and polite but generally very difficult to be friends with.

  37. Alkka

    Philippines are really rude people..I am an Indian and that attitude they showed me was really unappreciated..
    I was going to fill in the petrol, when I gave 100 AED and he asked ” no change? No? ” Then he said rudely back ” THEN WAIT! ” then I lost my temper and shouted back.????????????

    Philippines are don’t like Indians because I think because of our color. RACIAL DISCRIMINATION.


    1. S L

      PhilipPinos are the rudest people I have ever met. I am of English & Portuguese descent, and I had a couple of really nasty encounters with them. Even out of their turf, like in Lisbon and London they are so fake and rude. All they want is Money, like they have no soul.

      1. Shut Up

        Thank God you’re talking about PhilipPinos not Filipinos because as far as I am concerned, Filipinos are one of the most kind and friendly people in the world, I really appreciate their hospitality. They would treat you like you’re part of their family and the attractions there are also mesmerizing although most of them are not popular and underappreciated. Actually, the whole Philippines itself is underappreciated and underrated. Anyone who claims that filipinos are rude are just plainly ignorant and just didn’t appreciate what we have.

        1. Anthony Grimm

          I have lived in the Philippines on a continuous bases for 18 years. I find Filipinos especially outside of metro areas as the most friendly. As many Filipinos live a very simple life especially if you compare it to the West. I find these Filipinos very friendly to others from around the world. When they meet you they will share food and drink with visitors even if they do not have much they will share what they have with guests. This is a cultural part of the Philippines. That is one the biggest reason I choose to live in the Philippines for the last 18 years.

        2. Susan Sanders

          My brother married one. She has ruined his life. I am not ignorant I am only stating a fact. I know not all
          Philippines are bad but they are not all good either. No group of people are all bad or all good. You have to base it on an individual basis.

      2. Reena

        Excuse me? Filipino’s (Yes, Filipino’s no PhilipPinos) are not rude, kind sir. They are actually listed as one of the most hospitable and respectful people in the world. Please do NOT spread fake news about me and my other countrymen. Thank you.

      3. Jude

        Just stay your ass out in our country. There are some “FILIPINOS” who are like that but not all. Watch your language mister.

    2. Danielle Vaughnn

      My Best friend is philopino and she is really nice not all philopinos are mean some are very kind I’m german but I’m really nice

      1. Doyle Hall

        About the folks who are Pinay/Pinoy… What I see in them are that there are really nice ones and there are also bad seed. Just like anywhere else. My best friend is Filipina. I find them to be loving and warm. And they expect you to do as you say you will and not otherwise. As long as you keep your relationship respectable with them they will be respectful toward you. And if you disrespect them they will certainly let you know it. Their culture is a bit different than here in the United States. And no small wonder. They live half a world away. Overall I find them to be warm and friendly and smiling. And they will go out of their way to be polite to you.

    3. Jude

      Don’t generalized, not all Filipinos are like that. Then why don’t you just stay in China instead? Filipinos are not racist or whatnot, there’s a lot of Indians who are living here, well actually not just Indians, Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Americans, Singaporean, Canadian, name it. So, don’t say that Philippines don’t like Indian, because we are a free country.

    4. Nor

      The country they work has made them shallow as hell. I’m not surprised when u mentioned AED. Even a nigerian guy who only take care a door at Apple store can be double standard ba#ta£d in Dubai Mall.

  38. Algerian

    France the friendliest ? XD u must be kidding me they’re the ruddest people on this galaxy if someone was nice to an american doesn’t mean he’s nice to others its all about money

    1. Michael Corda

      Americans are very rude, few manners and talk about money and religion all the time. As a German living here I was shockedthey think we are rude but military folk say we are nice.

      1. Tim

        My wife and I have visited many countries. Very seldom did we encounter rudenes. Forty years ago in Quebec Canada while refueling, a French man sounded angry that we asked for directions. Maybe his wish was that we spoke 50 languages including French, Lol. When we as Americans were in Germany we overheard several German couples discussing how rude the French treated them a few days before on their vacation. Well, I told them that as an American I thought that French people only treat Americans mean. Their reply was that the French treat everyone like that. So my wife and I decided that we’re going to erase any negative thoughts of all the hearsay and the Quebec experience and go to Paris as freindly Americans with no negative attitudes. Well, we were treated like royalty everywhere we went. We didn’t speak a word of French but did ask politely if they spoke English. Everywhere we went all people were most friendly. We stayed at a small guest hotel but interacted with most classes of people right down to the beggers who wanted a reward for faking that they found a lost ring on the sidewalk possibly thinking that we would be greedy and give them 10 or 20 Euro for something that might be worth much more. We thanked them for thinking about us and kept moving on. How perfect are we to think that every moment of every day of the year (8,760 hours) that we too are at our best…. how can we judge a person or a nation by one millionth percent of their population on any given day. Can we read their life, their reasons for responding in that way for a split second in a 24 hour period.
        For thousands of years human personality does not change very much. To judge a nation by meeting several people or even only a thousand over a period of many years is not a good a good sample. People in general only remember the poor interactions with those they meet. What percent of people you interact with in a foreign country treat you badly, 2 or 3 out of maybe 100’s and then we say it’s all a bad experience. If you expect to be treated like royalty by everyone you will probably be treated much less respectfully, if you treat the disrespectful nicely then you will be the person that was nice regardless of which country you are from.

        1. william

          How if there is a place you find cars , motorcycles, electrobikes, and even bikes, rushing directly towards you applying loud sound of their klaxon in order to drive you away, and even happening on pedestrians, when you are facing these every where every moment every day, will you believe peole there are respectful to each other? If people there generally respects each other in their own country, they will generally respect to foreigners. This is what we’re talking about, not for any special case, isn’t it?

          1. victorian

            this is China ? haha

        2. Ur mom gay

          Why is this so long

      2. Lawrence

        I don’t think ALL Americans are rude; GREAT big generalization there — it appears to be regional. Some states are ultra conservative and others not to much. I find them to be really friendly and warm.

    2. sally

      you are right

    3. Maxime

      Algerians will always be the same. Allegedly hating France but are millions to live there with their families. Should be difficult to spend living your life being in a place you dislike so much. Just a question for you, do you really, genuinely think that Algerians are the friendliest people living in France?

  39. Paul

    The French can be ever so unfriendly, the main problem with them is their lack of English, when will the blighters wake up and learn to speak our language more fluently?

    1. Michael Corda

      Oh they speak English, just refuse to citing English language invasion into French. They are especially rude to us Germans. Americans generally perceived to be like Trump.

    2. Phillippe Mazas

      You’re exactly WHY the French are rude! How dare you expect another country to speak YOUR language. Lets turn the table for a minute. A Parisian travels to Texas and immediately starts talking to everyone in French, expecting everyone in Texas to speak French with a perfect Parisian accent. After maybe 30 minutes he has a horde of angry Texas chasing after him. Upon returning to France he gets on his computer and logs onto and writes “The Americans can be ever so unfriendly, the main problem with them is their lack of French, when will these blighters wake up and learn to speak OUR language more fluently? THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU WROTE MISTER! Do you now see how effing ridiculous you sound. No wonder French people hate you.

      1. cj

        The post you are responding to was obviously written in jest. Get a grip.

    3. S L

      The French people in Paris are stuck up and adhere to a very severe class system.
      The French people in the villages are generally warmer and more friendly.

  40. Rich

    Japanese are simply the most polite people on earth, there is no doubt that. Omotenashi is the Answer as to why Japan Win the Gold Medal in Politeness hope you enjoy.

    1. S L

      I LOVE THE JAPANESE. They are sooo nice and friendly!!!

  41. Natti

    I really don’t to sound rude but the UK isn’t a country as it holds countries inside, it is like saying Africa is just one country. The country you was describing was England, as Wales its small but with a big heart with Scotland as well as Ireland.

    1. Paul

      To be honest Natti, I have found generally that the Welsh are far the most unfriendly people in the UK, but from my experience having travelled most of this island, the friendliest must be in Yorkshire and the North East of England.


        Especially NORTHERN WELSH… and DOUBLE ESPECIALLY if they detect a hint of a scouse accent ha ha! Lots of occasions I’ve gone into a shop and heard them speaking English only for them to switch to “Welsh”. Rude, racist ill – mannered unwelcoming. Southern Welsh are sound… Loonies, but sound. (these are of course generalisations, but on the whole it has been my experience)

      2. S L

        Welsh people are the most small minded rascist people in the UK. They are horrible even to the English.
        Small villages and even smaller minds…

  42. Amrit


    1. John

      Are Nepalese friendly or unfriendly?

  43. Andrew Toth

    i’m not Jewish, but the friendliest people I ever met where in Izrael.

    1. John Diil

      I was very pleasantly surprise when I travelled to Israel, 2 years ago. I found the people there, most helpful, courteous and obliging. Nothing is any problem to them. I’ve had some business dealings with Israeli companies and businesses and found them all very honest and straight in doing business deals. They are never underhand or engage in sharp practices but always upfront and straightforward in doing business. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about my fellow Irish men and women. Ireland since the era of the so called “Celtic Tiger” has become a very corrupt place to do business. There has always been an element of what is called “cute whorism” among the Irish., they will try and take advantage of you if you let them but it has now reached epidemic proportions. People in the main Irish cities, Dublin, Belfast, Cork , Limerick, Galway and Waterford I find are generally rude, discourteous, unhelpful, and can be downright nasty. On the other hand the old “Cead Míle Fáilte can still be experienced in the Irish Countryside although even there the traditional friendliness of the natives is becoming less evident as they become more affluent, materialistic and downright unhelpful and nasty. I think I should know best because I live among those people everyday. It’s sad in a way as the Irish were once known throughout the world for their friendliness and helpfulness. Not anymore I’m afraid!!!!!

    2. harlanrose

      oh my god! For sure. I’m Jewish and Isreali and we have an apartment in Israel and they are the most welcoming, most sweetest, most kindest people ever. (Other then Denmark) But Israelis will always be the number one kindest people ever

  44. Bruno Nesrine

    Nah… The above article denotes extremely poor traveling experience, as though French, Italians or Australians were mysterious subjects requiring deep wisdom to get dealt with. Come on, they’re European, or from direct British ascent.. Never been a couple o miles further? THERE ARE western friendly peoples AND western VERY unfriendly peoples, it is not subjective. Take North Africa : basically all Moroccans are VERY western friendly ; Algerian Arabs are EXTREMELY western unfriendly, but Algerian Berbers (Kabyles) are anti-arabic, though Muslims, and definitely western friendly. Take Mesopotamia.. Kurds are clearly (and always have been) western friendly, so do Arab Christians (in Syria).. Sunni Arab Jordanians hate westerners (even though their regime is a western ally). It is not subjective. Of course if you only speak about French and Italians it has as much meaning as asking : are neighbors friendly – it is quite incredible how Americans are internationally unaware and politically unawakened. .. If you look at Australians and Italians as though staring into an abyss of wonders it is quite worrying how you’ll deal with the rest of the world. (I like Americans, no worries)



  45. Lea

    Yes, I agree with you Nexvort. I am an Aussie in Paris for several months and I am astounded of the number of people that don’t even try to speak a word of French, I find this is extremely rude, to expect them just to automatically speak English. If people even just try a little, I find the waiters give them far better service and they attempt also to try.
    You are right – how many English speakers would think it reasonable to speak French as a waiter in their own country. They would find this absurd.

    1. Hadi Hassan

      Guys u can’t judge people like this!! It’s rude but it’s fine everyone makes mistakes and i know u Guys are just trying to share your experiences but however, u can’t say that the French or whatever nationality is rude there are rude and friendly people everywhere no matter where u go.

  46. Kevin

    How is France the friendliest and rudest country in the world?

    1. Evan

      I honestly found Swedish people the nicest. They can speak fluent English and are very helpful. But French people are definitely the rudest if you don’t speak their language right they will just walk away and ignore you.

    2. Emmie

      Yeah Kevin I agree. I got pretty confused when I saw France as #1 on friendliest and rudest,

  47. 4skinhunter

    You have made a mistake.
    In England we absolutely HATE American and we give you incorrect directions when you ask us for help

    1. Nexvort

      Lol that’s what I was thinking. Brits hate Yanks lol and I am Canadian

    2. Dick

      The Brits are always a joy. Ive never been treated in a mean way by a Brit, ever. And I am American to the max, right down to the ball cap and Hawaiian shirt. I love the British with all my heart. This love comes from the courtesey and friendship offered by most every English person Ive ever encountered. I say “God bless the UK, our finest friend.

      1. Stacey

        I agree. The English are very friendly and love giving tourists directions! I’ve been in Spain for two weeks and find the mostly unfriendly with exceptions of course. I love the country but the Spanish people I’m not so sure about.

        1. Lulu

          I totally agree re the rudeness of Spanish people! I am very well travelled and have lived in many countries but Spain (Andulucia) by a long mile wins the ‘most rude’ award in my experience. I have lived here for 1.5 years, always speak and write in Spanish and am polite and friendly. This doesn’t make any difference. The Andulusian people are apparently renowned for this awful attitude and complete lack of professionalism (think hotel stays etc!) Plus everything is way overpriced here in terms of what you get in way of quality etc. Not to mention how utterly cruel they are towards animals. I cannot wait to get away from here now

      2. Ellen

        I completely agree with you.

    3. Tiffany

      Im sure some Brits are unpleasant to us “Yanks”
      Not everyone can have integrity. Id like to think of you as basically good people with only some bad apples in the mix

    4. Sarah

      Really doesn’t surprise me considering the English think they ARE the UK.

    5. Ellen

      I must disagree with you about the Brits. The first time I arrived in London, a nice young man carried my luggage from the tube system up about what seemed like a thousand stairs. Everywhere we went in the UK , everyone was so nice and helpful, as were the Canadians. I also found the Scots and Welsh to be very nice.I also have to say, I enjoyed the Iranians and Israelis. I am very offended being compared to trump.

  48. Angus Yates

    South Korea is without a doubt the rudest, most racist country towards both foreigner tourists and expats. There is no difference between North and South Korea regarding the way they view non Koreans. They have a unique culture and 5000 years of history and believe that they’re superior to all other humans. Sadly all Koreans are indoctrinated to cherish their pure bloodlines. Westerners are treated slightly better than dark skinned peoples but if you’re not Korean you’re a ‘barbarian’. Many shops and businesses refuse to admit or serve non Koreans and taxis and buses won’t stop for you if you aren’t Korean.
    A Westerner with a Korean women is really putting his life at risk as they cherish their ethnic purity above all else and don’t expect any help from the police or authorities.
    They should rename it Nazi Korea. Awful people.

    1. Sarah

      Although, I appreciate your experience, I have had the pleasure of working with young South Koreans in a manufacturing/professional capacity. They were very brilliant, and lovely people. My interaction was mostly via email and I made friends with many of them and we would write to each other outside of work and send each other gifts regularly. I’m American and I didn’t see any rude behavior.

      I do agree with most that mention that there are no shortage of jerks or lovely people in any country. I’ve started traveling a lot lately and have been to Mexico and the UK (majority of time spent in Bath), and I stumbled upon the sweetest people in both countries. Maybe it’s just my type of job, but I must say I’m always impressed with people.

      I also find German people very easy to talk to and get along with as well. I look forward to finally visiting Germany. I have heard the best things.

    2. Nor

      Yup, met korean tourists in europe but man they are selfish with no soul. I think they are just inhuman to non-koreans. Wonder why they travel to foreign countries with that bad behaviour.

  49. ryan

    NY’er’s can be frustratingly rude to other New Yorkers and kind to those visiting. Italian bus driver shut the door in my face as I was about to get off and then drove me several blocks away and laughed about it. And I’m old enough to be his father. I didn’t move fast enough for him. Some of the nicest people working in Rome are foreign born people. I enjoy Italy because of its beauty but I have mixed feelings about the people I’ve encountered. Italians who have been to the USA and love Americans are fun to meet. Yes we can be loved. even New Yorkers. Israelis very happy to have visitors to their country and very kind. France, I’ve never had a problem. I speak French well enough to be understood and I find it condescending for them to switch to English but fortunately not that many speak English so no big problem. Most Dutch, not all, are aloof and condescending. And again back to the USA, my short stay in Tennessee….very, very friendly in spite of my being an outsider. Maybe they are rude to each other.

    1. Dick

      Na, Tennesee people are just plane old nice all the time. And they love one another too,???? New Yorkers are kinda rude on the streets, but sit down at one of their bars. They really are warm and friendly in that ienviornment, very welcoming and love to hear about other places. The rudeness is not real.

    2. Tiffany

      Ive been treated like crap in New York

    3. Phillippe Mazas

      New Yorkers are very nice compared to the folks from New Jersey, there are other places in the northeast besides New York by the way.

    4. Spiiiiiiiike

      Well I’m not rlly the traveling type but Nevadans can be pretty kewl

  50. kate

    dudeeee egyptian are the nicest people ever they seriously treat u like a family

    1. Willy

      I have been in several middle eastern countries where IRAN tops the rank of most hospitable country ever. It’s also one of the most hospitable countries in the whole world, let alone the middle east.

      Can you imagine people there ask you over to their house free of charge?! They are amazing!

  51. Sil

    The world in general is a lot friendlier place if you’re a white traveler. For the rest of us, it can be a lot less so depending on where you are.

    1. Sow098


    2. Paul

      That’s so very sad Sil.

    3. Nor

      So true. Especially in a double standard and no-soul city like dubai.

  52. Al

    I am surprised no one mentioned Bangladesh. usually its a relief for tourists when they come to Bangladesh from India. Much more friendly and helpful people. Makes you feel like a celebrity.

  53. Gabriel

    From Goa in India. Be nice to the french and they are nice to you. I will visit paris again and again .wonderful City and wonerful people.The french that i learnt in school did help. Only bad experience was i almost got mugged in the Metro.Maybe the Americans who are rude and nasty try to give them a bad name

  54. John Pierre

    ALL GOOOD!!!!!!

  55. World_traveler

    India has the highest level of services in hospitality, no one is rude in India especially to foreign tourists, there are some isolated incidents of black people being racially discriminated but its very rare and most black people are welcomed in India. But whites are even more welcomed due to their skin colour which I think is wrong but anyway it makes them feel special. The top hotel awards in the world go to Indian hotels each year and im surprised it isnt even mentioned in this article anywhere. Most western countries are rude in my opiniin, there are high levels of racism and its only getting worse, lets just say that whites are nice to other whites only, but in western europe there are also major problems with eastern europeans and roma people, so no – white western countries are neither friendly nor welcoming in my opinion, they all just want your money but not you. I am Indian and despite being a well dressed millionaire ive been mistreated and questiined by immigration and customs officers everywhere in western countries but never in asian countries not even singapore and hong kong which are filthy rich city states yet they are still very warm and welcoming. White countries aare going crazy dealing with immigration and they are mostly intolerant or rather insular people who cant differentiate between a brown refugee and a brown millionaire…they lump everyone into one category and those categories are getting worse now with all the problems happening. I stick mostly to asia now as i feel sick about spending thousands and thousands just to be abused in western countries, they will learn their lesson on their own when people stop going there and stop spending in their cash strapped economies. In India everyone as money now, and there is a positivr vibe and energy in the country, yes there is lots of poverty too but even the poor are happy in India compared to poor in usa and europe…because india has a strong social network and set of values. Im not saying India is perfect but its getting better, and its a much more welcoming country than most western countries are now. Some white people have terrible experiences in India of being cheated and looted but these are the people going on very cheap budget holidays and taking a lot of shortcuts to save money, india is not a cheap country if u want to experience it properly, it can be more expensive than anywhere in europe, go on a luxury holiday to India and then compare the experience and level or royal service hospitality you receive in India….its truly a class apart.

    1. HAMMAD

      still toiletless :p

  56. krystyna kaminska

    I am Polish since 2004 had been living and non stop working in Dublin. And I found Irish the nicest people I’ve ever met. They are helpful, friendly enough and apologising you for everything they think you do not like.
    But some sort of low culture and primitive loudly people you can find very rude. The worst YOU CAN EXPECT from addicted to drugs or alcohol.
    What I do not like is their overrated value for: money, vintage things, holidays outside their country only!

  57. Kiara

    Can anyone tell me how is French people.?? Are they friendly or not.?
    I am moving there for my higher studies..o should i choose any other country.??

    1. Alex

      You do realize that these are opinions, and as such they are extremely subjected? Human beings, all over the world, have good days and bad days. There are good people and there are bad people. That’s the “phenomenon” of every country. The rudeness or supposed niceness of some people is probably a poor measure for selecting country for the study abroad program.

    2. Elizabeth ????????

      I’m thinking about moving there for college as well, and I personally find the French very kind if you try to speak their language. Some people think they are rude because they don’t talk in english, but if you try to speak to them in French they can be really nice people. ????

  58. Alan Akbar

    It depends where you live i guess. My childhood experience in North America, Adolescent period in Asia and adulthood in Europe gives me many knowledge about the worlds vast culture.

    For example, eastern people value colletiveness, modesty, shame and act more indirectly, while western counterparts are more individualistic, more open to certain topic, more less bureaucratic and express verbally.

    This is not racist but take it as reference:

    Chinese people: Living in Indonesia, chinese people may differ due to the numerous subculture here. There are chinese in North sumatra province that group exclusively with other chinese, and always talk chinese (not indonesian or local). There is BangBel province in which most chinese people are farmers, fishers or even work in public institutions! Entering java, there are chinese that take themselves exclusively, some who really assimilate with the indigenous people and talk their local languages and even some who hate and prefer going out with non chinese!

    As a matter of fact I prefer javanese and borneo chinese descendants as friendly in Indonesia. I even have some chinese aunts who spent there more time with the natives than their chinese counterpart.

    I could tell tons and other types of examples but my points are:
    1. Respect yourself so others will respect you back!
    2. Tak kenal maka tak sayang ( how can one love when he/she does not know one)
    3. Dont judge people from the cover
    4. Take bad give bad is even, take good give good is equal, but take ba give good is awesome!
    5. Experience is the best teacher
    6. Nobody is perfect, just relax and do it!

    Be the bigger person, and live your life happily 😉

    1. Dick


  59. Roberto

    No mention of the people of Iran in this list! Must likley because people don’t dare go there, but hands down the most friendliest people I have ever met and for me tops the list.

    1. Kate

      True ! I just came back from a trip in Iran, they are the kindest people I’ve ever met, plus usually they are honest, smiley and beautiful ! I’m so glad I didn’t listen to my friends and family who tried to convince me not to go there and actually I’ll probably go back 😀

  60. Peter deMatteo

    the rudest are French Canadians. we spoke in Spanish throughout our meals and they looked at us like they were petrified. provincial xenophobes who are obsessed with trying to appear cosmopolitan and latinized. the friendliest folks are those in Haiti.

    1. Naty

      Not true. Quebecers are quite nice, warm, and approachable. Even if you don’t speak much French, they will still be nice to you.

      1. Dick

        Quebec is wonderful and full of very happy people. ????????. I want to take my parents there. In fact, all of Canada is amazing.

        1. Dick

          The rudest people in the shole world are in Florida. Its very, very bad! Everybody should stay away from Florida. It is terrible here. .????????????????

          1. Richard

            Agreed. Of all the places I have travelled in this world, Florida has the rudest, most miserable people. Particularly Orlando and Miami. They also have some of the rudest, most dangerous motorists I have ever seen.

          2. Emmie

            I disagree. I have a friend from Florida she’s super nice I’m like an always getting along sister to her.

        2. Emmie

          I used to live in Québec. My life was pretty good there, people are nice and I made a lot of friends.

      2. Lily

        The Quebecers are the rudest people, right up there with the Parisians. Been to Quebec many times and no one speaks English although everything in Canada is written in French and English. I have traveled around the world and most people genuinely try to help you whether they understand you or not. They have this superior air about them; don’t know why and I will stick to the rest of the provinces. Puerto Rico is a very friendly place and if you buy a hot dog on the street and don’t speak Spanish, you will always get the correct change. They just want to sing, dance and enjoy life.

    2. Richard

      Oh I disagree completely. In my travel experience I have found French Canadians to be very warm, friendly people.

  61. yuda

    I would put India at the first place. The reasons: Most of the indihe are so arrogant and very selfish. Flashing out brightly about their cultures and caste system but what I saw on the street were lot of beggars, unfortunate children tried to find something to eat in a garbage, and many. Damn, they talk sweet bout themselves but what happens outside is tons of poverty. Not to mention they pretty much rude and act like no manner. Maybe not all, but when I had my business trip there, there was nothing I could ask to God than sending me back home. #litteraly

    The second is the US. (Well I don’t travel to a lot of countries). Maybe not all agree but I had experienced pain in the butt moments at the airport. Especially if you come from the third world country. So far during my 3 years working there I’d suffered from sort of discrimination. Not much and no physical abuse (thankfully). Maybe because I’m a tanned looking asian. Not middle eastern but south east Asia. It was okay but I expected a good welcome and that was something beyond the par. I bet this would happen in many countries.

    The nicest will be in Kyrgyzstan. Especially the Uighur people. They treated me more like a family rather than a guest. Seriously I would love to spend my life there. People are warm and tender. Just try to avoid religious conversation and you’ll be find. Some folks experienced bad things with the serbs there but my trip was excellent.

    Other than those country, Vietnam, Thai and Aussie were so so. Not too impress, not bad either.

  62. Adane

    Realy I Agree with France Peoples b/c I have got a chance to work with France citizens. They are very RUDE & do not respect others. Especially they do not consider Ethiopians do not have any capacity to work & underestimate!. and also they always fault finders, do not share their skill,knowledge,etc

  63. Chris frouth

    I think Indonesian is the most polite peoples in the world.
    I u were lost and u visit their house, they will accept u like a family member.

  64. Mia

    I am a U,S, citizen living in Austria for several years now. I do think that it can be a mixed bag in terms of friendliness. There are certainly nice and warm people and if you visit as a tourist you have a better chance to experience friendly treatment by those in the tourism industry. They don’t usually want to alienate customers. Living here though I find there is some truth to the cold, standoffish, and arrogant stereotypes you hear. These sorts of people exist in I guess every culture and country but it stands out to me here. Austrians tend to find faults in others and enjoy pointing these out. They love to express their opinions on what you do wrong and what is wrong with you and tell you their ‘better’ way regardless of whether you asked. I once gave a neighbor flowers and a card to say thanks for a favor. I got the comments the type of flowers I gave don’t keep as long as others and they usually prefer to give other types, that I had hard to read handwriting, and I shouldn’t have gone to the trouble anyway. It was a minor thing but totally indicative of the typical behavior I have encountered. They are also quite sticklers about punctuality. I have had some be very annoyed about being five minutes late. I receive a gift of a block of ten lessons with a trainer for a hobby I have. I was once time delayed by 10 minutes due to an accident on the highway. The instructor was adamant that I had forfeited the lesson but it would counted as used. The same person though was ten minutes a few times and once 20, that was ok though. But you run into these things many places. Austria is beautiful. Beautiful countrysides and mountains.

    1. Alex

      The flower part – hilarious – and so true…

  65. Alyssa

    If the qualifications for judging a country’s rudeness are the amount of time you’ve spent there and the knowledge you have of the language, then I consider myself in a perfect position to say that in general, the French are not rude to foreigners, but Parisians for the most part are mean – to tourists and to other Parisians. That isn’t to say that you can’t find nice people in Paris…but don’t be surprised if you have to search them out.

    If there’s a reason that France also tops the friendly list, it would be because it’s the country most frequented by tourism in the world.

  66. shasha

    Australians are RUDE

  67. timebandit

    I was on holidays in Hua Hin Thailand and I saw this German woman on the beach talking to a beach seller. She was really rude to him shouting and being horrible just because she was not interested in what he was selling. Simply a no thank you would have been sufficient. I did this and the sellers would go away. No need to shout. Also in Sydney Australia in the city centre on a street that had a narrow footpath they were four women in their 50s walking abreast. I had to basically stop on my tracks for one of them to move aside. I looked back and she gave me one filthy look like if I was the one that did the wrong thing. I was pushed by women in Sydney quite a few times with no apology whatsover. No idea at all why some women in Sydney are so rude.

  68. Bill

    I’ve hitchhiked throughout America, Canada, many places in Europe …and found the friendliness of Australians to be beyond compare. In the Sydney airport I asked an older fellow for directions to the train station; he and his wife invited me to stay with them for three days until my transcontinental train departed, gave me guided tours of the city, and treated me like a long-lost son. Friendliness was pervasive throughout Australia. I was often invited to stay at people’s homes. I had similar experiences in New Zealand; the people are absolute gems, both in the city and country.

  69. Initial

    Nobody thinks indonesia?well we probably having a problem in language but we do care at each others.try visiting won’t regret it! 🙂

    1. Pinky

      I have been told that the people of indoneisa are not dog friendly. E

  70. C

    i have to state that the French are by far the rudest nation! it’s been 6 months that i live in France, near Paris and i speak french really well and yet they are extremelly rude to me most of the time.

  71. Marcelle

    I have to disagree with Greece being a rude country, my husband and I have ben there several times and the people were wonderful and very talkative.

  72. Lucius

    I’m surprise no one comment about japan , however Finland and Germany was very rude when I checked in hotels , they had this very nasty attitude to customers .

  73. mrekl

    I only liked the negative parts lol. 11 rudest countries. Yes, I’m American and New Yorkers are full of ugly ratass ugly butt-looking people.

    1. Dick

      Hahahaha! Yes. But you should try Baltimore. Whew! The people are mean and the women are not at all attractive.

      1. Tom

        I agree with you Dick about Baltimore.

  74. Lai

    FRANCE …. sorry, but they are so slow and rude people !! this guy was eager to paint us in his stupid canvas and we rejected him then he started shouting at us in french. -.-

  75. Luka

    I totaly agree with you about Slovenians! I’m so glad someone rated them friendly because when I was there, they always offered things to keep us comfortable and even the guy from border control (working at the Slovenian-Craotian border) told us to have a great time at he even gave us travel guides and pamphlets for free to help us out! Slovenians are great! 🙂

    Although, I find the Greek and the Austrians very friendly! I guess we both have different experiences and we met different people so it’s hard to say which is right. 🙂

  76. avital saddi

    I must say that Lebanon and Israel beat all the others in joie de vivre e savoir faire.

  77. Adrock

    Yeah, the airport US Customs officers are the worst. I feel so bad for foreign tourists who are
    anxious to begin their trip and then are treated like criminals by these thugs in uniform.
    Most are just burned-out. They hate their jobs and take it out on people they think they
    can bully. They can’t do anything else in life and take out their misery on people who are
    more successful then they are.

    I was reading that some tourists will go elsewhere on holiday rather than going to the US
    and being mistreated by airport US Customs.

    I dread going overseas because I have to deal with these losers when I return.

    After my month-long trip to Australia I had to go through this with US Customs:

    Them: You mean to tell me that you just spent a month in Australia and all you took
    was that little bag?
    Me: I learned in the Marines to travel light.
    Them: Yeah, well how yould you like me to search that bag?
    Me: Go ahead. There’s nothing in there but a bunch of dirty underwear.

    The idiot “let me go.”

    So, when you arrive in the US take a deep breath. Expect to be treated like a dog.
    Take another deep breath when they allow you to leave and try to enjoy your trip.

    Sorry for all of this. Most Americans are friendly toward tourists. We value all of you.

    1. Naty

      Must have been a really bad luck. I travel to the States often and never had anything even remotely resembling what you described in your post (knock on wood). Quite the contrary, they way they treat you has improved significantly over the past two years.

    2. Rh

      Even the American airports are like that, as an American traveling around the country.

  78. richard

    I visited amsterdam a few years ago i had no problems with the hotel the service was great . The coffee shops depending where you went if your american the service varies. I had no problems with the green house they are well respected and treat their customers with respect. The drunks walking around can be pretty annoying when they find out your a tourist but nothing aggitated me more then when people asked me where i was from and when i said new york their attitudes changed. I guess new yorkers arent liked much in other countries no matter how nice an respectful you are. I got into an argument with people across the street from my hotel window when a girl was asking us questions a male friend of hers heard we were new yorkers didnt believe us till showing a ny yankee hat and almost immediately the guy pulled the girl from the window, she later returned drunk shouting from the window to get our attention. The guy comes back over and rudely demanded us to stop talking to the girl. Maybe it was she was drunk but his attitude towards us shouldve been directed at the girl. Not my fault you let her drink and she wants to flirt with other guys then him. Oh well i still had fun visiting an want to go again.

  79. david

    I have been living in Brazil for 5 months now, and it has been the worst experience of my life. The people are rude, almost behond comprehension. I read that they are friendly, not true, only false. I recomend not visiting there, I hope to return to the UK ASAP!!!

  80. Brian Chanda

    I have also travelled quite a bit in different parts of the world.
    I am not being biased to my country but Zambians are the friendliest people on this planet. Mainly due to their belief in Jesus Christ the Kindest man to have lived on the Planet.
    I know their can be many kind nations out there and you all may have varyng opinions about any nation i point due to historical reasons but in my own estimation i found the brits in the UK to be about the best people you can find, they are frank yes and direct yes and thats a good thing as honesty is crucial and they also mind their own business generally unless it borders on certain fundamental principles.
    However and to their credit they value humans better than most of us do and respect peoples rights more than the rest of us. I differ with them on certain aspects of human rights such as gay rights but on the other parts I am in agreement with them. And they have championed difficult causes for the good of poor people across the world. Congrats Britain and England in particular.

  81. Andrew

    Australia! By far the most arrogant, agressive, abusive, rude and soul-less people in the world. From the moment you hop off the plane, you will experience their total lack of care for their fellow human beings. I have lived here for 36 years and travelled to 20 different countries. Try driving in a major australian city. The horn is only used in aggression after the event. The amount of times I have been threatened with violence and sometimes even assulted just minding my own business. Australia has the higest per capita drug uses in the world, so I guess that doesn’t help things. Also for more than 200 years australia has been used as a dumping ground for the world’s criminals. My god people, wake up ,….Australia is NOT a paradise!!!!

    1. Donna

      I have to agree with you. Australia is the worst. Never have I met people like that anywhere else I have gone. Italy is by far the best. Everyone treats you like you’re part of their family.

      1. Victor

        I don’t agree with you. I have been in 15 countris, so far the worst one is italy even worse than France.

  82. Anonymous

    See, I’ve always felt the same way about Canadian immigration post 9/11. Truly rude and sooo suspicious. Once I was asked why I was wearing a coat when it wasn’t cold. It was 60 degrees outside. I said, “I’m cold! I’m from California!” He acted as though I was a drug mule or something.

  83. Tirshatha Edelman

    CHINA has the rudest people by far!!! MAYBE travelers don’t notice it but leave the nice hotel, let the polite translator have a day off or learn Manderine & you will find that they are really truly the rudest, most blunt, coarse, crude, uneducated(morally), impolite people you will have met yet. They will completely ignore your presence & start a conversation with the person your talking to. They are dis-honest, They rudely push their way threw a crowd to the front of a line. They never say please or thank you & REALLY mean it. They will quite frankly ask you why you are not rich, so fat, ugly, stinky, or poorly dressed. They will TELL you, not ask you to do something such as “turn your cell phone to silent!” or “call the other government office number!” or “go to our website!” etc…….. .I have heard that the Vietnamese are not too much different when it comes to coarse, crude, blunt, & impolite but all I know is that they (Vietnamese) are REALLY noisy, love money & wear questionable attire as in if you saw them on the street you’d think they were looking for a night partner(we have many friends that have Vietnamese wives). China is my number 1 when it comes to “MOST RUDE COUNTRY” ( I am American living in Taiwan for over 20 year).

  84. PepeLePur

    You should not judge a peoples’ friendliness solely by the way they treat tourists. Tourists are generally well treated wherever they go. Another friendliness measure is how people in that country treat each other on a day to day basis. In my travels I’ve found some interesting contrasts, like the French which sometimes treat tourists like crap but on the other hand are friendly with each other, or the Portuguese which are extremely friendly with tourists but often are extremely uncivil with each other.

    1. Sara

      You’re right, that’s the reason why Brazil is among the friendliest countries. Brazilians are only kind to the tourists, especially if they are American or European. But in our daily life… I’m a victim of my fellows’ rudeness almost every day.

    2. Norman Macdonald

      Mexicans also.They are friendly amoungst themselves only.

      1. Peter deMatteo

        oh, yes. I used to live and work in mexico city. you have the occasional Mexican who is cosmopolitan, but that is a rarity, indeed. most are xenophobic and provincial, even the wealthy, non-indigenous folks. whilst most are friendly to your face, it’s so obvious that they are filled with resentment. it’s as if everyone is staring at a foreigner or an affluent Mexican out of the corner of their eyes constantly. working with them resulted in a few being remotely sociable, others being standoffish at best, and finally, those who were downright unfriendly. those from mexico city are often despised by those from other states. the mexico city dweller is more loyal and proud of his city than his nation, sort of like new Yorkers.

      2. Hello it's me

        I’m Mexican so my opinion won’t matter that much but I’ve traveled to lots of parts in Mexico and the people I’ve seen are kind to the tourists or visitors. Maybe it’s because somempeople are really racist and that’s why they get treated like that, but I would never be rude to anyone unless they’re being really rude to me. Also, Mexicans are NOT friendly amongst eachother, it’s like we are our own enemy.

  85. cemma

    Hands down US immigration is the worst. Especially so are the immigration officers that are Hispanic. US Immigration are better and usually much more polite at the Canadian border and at Toronto airport. I’m a CANADIAN with a US green card and everytime my pont of entry is at an airport in the USA I leave upset after the experience.

  86. Rafi last one

    The friendliest country and people’s are in Costa Rica., Brazil, Holland and Israel. On the next level, there is Peru, Denmark, Norway and South Africa. I also want to include Morocco, USA, Canada and Italy. Countries with lots of music in the street are bound to be friendlier and in better dispositions.

  87. Monty

    Recently, I found a survey of the rudest countries, with most of the participants being British, that said that the some of rudest countries were France, Russia, United Kingdom, China and the United States, and that the least rude countries are Brazil, The Philippines, Japan, etc. I essentially agree with Russia, china, Japan, USA, and maybe France. However, here in the Philippines people are extremely rude and a little stupid, and I haven’t gone to France or brazil yet, though the former is going solely by reputation.

    1. Batang Hamog

      I agree.

    2. Elizabeth ????????

      Well for france everyone thinks they are rude, but they just can get annoyed when people aproach them talking in another language without even saying hello, but if you talk to them in French, or at least try they can be very friendly from my experience.

  88. Rossa P.

    A most interesting topic, but none of these countries top the list of the rudest country or group of people in the world.

    I work for a company run by Indian entrepreneurs based out of the U.S. and have travelled to India extensively.

    I can confirm that India is the rudest and ugliest culture in the world. Pakistan not far behind. Most people I know and have met, are indeed not big fans of Indian people, but why is that? Is it their color? Their food? Their mannerisms? Nope, none of that. Here’s the truth that a lot of Americans do not know about.

    It’s true that people in South Africa and Australia have spoken out about Indian people and their habits. They are generally hated in those countries. People’s dislike for Indians isn’t so much the colour of their skin like I said, it’s mostly about the attitudes and behaviour of Indians. The common complaints are that Indians are arrogant, overtly self-serving and self-promoting, overly talkative (not allowing others to get a word in edgewise), greedy and unreliable (in terms of putting their interest above all else, despite any assurances to the contrary). Based on working with them for 6 years now, I have to say all of the above is true. I have spent a lot of time in Hyperabad and Bangalore. I have to say that I personally find Indians generally too competitive and self-promoting; based on my encounters at the workplace, travels and those I deal with daily, and even in social settings.

    Even if I acknowledge that meeting a few unpleasant Indians does not an entire unpleasant race make, I am personally aware that I appear to be racist. The thing is, I started out being neutral towards Indians, based on having overseas-born Indians as friends and generally finding overseas-born Indians quite normal, decent, folk. I was, in fact, quite surprised by the behavior of the Indians I met, and was reluctant to see a trend (as I fancied myself a non-racist). And while this could purely be anecdotal, many people I’ve met in the service industry (cafe or restaurant waitresses, airline hostesses, hotel staff etc) tell me that the customers who’re from India tend to be the most demanding, rude and unappreciative customers. They said that this got worse with the more high-powered Indians, like bankers and business people. Most Americans and Europeans from our company who deal with our Indian counterparts in the U.S. and in India find the same trends I do. We are frankly tired of dealing with Indians and their ways.

    But when the second Indian turned out very similar to the first, and then the third, and then the fourth, it’s hard not to form a sort of view. Strangely, my acquaintances and friends who dislike Indians share this experience; they hate to admit that they dislike Indians (some of them make sure to qualify that they don’t dislike Indians in general, but simply have been unlucky to meet unpleasant Indians)……..but they mostly find that they have not been impressed by the Indians they’ve met, and that they were surprised by how unpleasant they were. Even the overseas-born Indian friends I have dislike Indians from India, and not because of the caste system. I then realised that this was down to the huge cultural gap between Indians from India, and the rest of the world. That such behaviour on the part of Indians from India must not be construed as negative in India, and that people from elsewhere see it as negative, when because of the circumstances in India, it is considered normal.

    And most of us were quite embarrassed and surprised by our admission, when we talked about it. Many of us appreciate Indian history, culture, films, food and its vital contributions to the world, but we are often at a loss for words when we meet so many Indians from India who seem to only be interested in boasting or dominating a conversation, or who think nothing of fawning at the workplace. As I mentioned above, I strongly believe that skin colour or poverty has anything to do with the matter. My own view on the matter is that the caste system has led to a very strong sense of persecution for many Indians, who freed from that sort of oppression overseas, tend to overcompensate. As I don’t understand Indian culture enough, I was hoping you could help me understand the cultural differences, or basis for the behaviour of Indians. Perhaps, I’m really racist (just in self-denial), but I really hope I’m not one!

    1. Peter deMatteo

      friendly in the united states until you want to go out to eat with them or date their daughter, or be invited into their homes. we Caucasians are considered dangerous inferiors, the clannishness of these folks is unreal.

      1. Pinky

        That makes no sense. The majority of people in the US are white.

        1. Florence

          I couldn’t agree more. Kiwi’s are the worst people on the planet, rude, hostile, arrogant, small minded and extremely misogynist and racist. I’ve lived all over the world and it’s the only country I’ve hated with a burning passion. The Irish are the best and the Maltese and Greeks (Chinese and Thai are nice generally too).

          1. Maria T

            You’re the odd one out Flo! I am from Spain and live in 8 different countries over 6 years I live in NZ for 3 years and Aus for 1 and kiwi people were kindest, nicest most genuine people I ever meet. They generally don’t like insincere, arrogant, pushy big mouths so maybe that is why you have bad time ????! Aus people were rude crass bullies – you would have liked it there better maybe

    2. Kiara

      ???? Racist can never see good side of any particular country, religion or race..

    3. Alex

      There is nothing racist in your comment. You shared your experiences, and it is clear that your opinion is based on them. Just like if you continuously hit your head against the wall, at some point (probably after concussion) you realize that walls are hard. Are all walls hard – hard to say; but definitely a lot.

    4. Abhijay Tyagi

      hey..i am an Indian and I agree with what you said..Indian people are really rude..and not just to tourists .. we Indians are rude to each other too…in many parts of the country untouchability is still practiced..its just our nature..however i try to be as friendlier as I can ,to tourists..i am not saying that all the indians are rude but many are.

    5. AJ5555

      You seem to say that Indians are : arrogant, overtly self-serving and self-promoting, overly talkative, greedy and unreliable. These are traits but doesn’t reflect inherent character. Do you have any examples ?

    6. FreA

      Gosh, you absolutely true there. While I admire Indian ancient cultures, movies, music’s and all that. I pretty much have similar experience with you. You detailed it perfectly.

    7. PARTHA

      As an Indian, I support what you say. Part of the reason is poverty, overpopulation and corruption prevalent in India. Indian People are always unhappy and stressed out and frustrated. They even hate other Indians. Educated Indians are even worse as they are always in a competion mode to earn more money,fame etc that their neighbour, peers etc. They also have a superiority attitude about their own traditions and cultures and food. I do agree Indian culture, tradition and food is great but they need to be more toleratnt and understanding about other cultures , beliefs and food. Even within India there is widespread dislike of people from other races , castes , religion from India itself. For example , people from the south son’t like people from the North (majority not all) and vice versa. Similarly Hindus and Muslims hate each other (many not all)..
      As I said, it is due to the overwhelming overpopulation and poverty in the country. Everyone is struggling for survival, so nastiness becomes a national trait. You have to shout and yell to get basic things done (like get a telephone connection, fix your plumbing, get into a train/bus etc). But there are parts of India ,away from the cities , where people are very nice. Go to the North east or Goa , for example.

  89. Traveljunkie

    Friendliest – New Zealand and USA
    Rudest – possibly Morocco! Sorry

    1. Maria T

      I agree and maybe India (rudest)

  90. lucas

    Surely the Brazil. You will always welcome it, will always have someone inviting you to leave, to take a swim, sleeping in his house, to shake his hand and hug you and not even know you well.
    just be careful with the bandits, there is much violence in Brazil (and worldwide).

  91. Jared

    I have to agree with zam, took a trip to Prague studied the basics of their language before I went tried to use it during my stay but to no avail. Most of the Czechs were either indifferent to me or rude, stopped and asked a young czech couple for directions the guy was helpful and friendly but his girlfriend put her hand up to my face.Oh and beware of the little pub/cafes in the city center, they charged me $70 for a glass of beer and a soup. On the bright side the sites were breathtaking and I did manage to meet a friendly czech couple who helped me navigate the metro system. My advice spend more of your time in Krakow,Poland where the locals want to speak english and have a much warmer vibe.

  92. zam

    Czechs are easily the most rude in Europe. They will even go to great lengths to defend their rudeness by saying “its ridiculous to ask for help in a store from a clerk, as you should figure it out for yourself”. Unlike Berlin where everybody bikes on the streets, in Prague very few do. Why? The young Czech male drivers will literally run you over and drive on! I am not exaggerating. Crazy, aggressive drivers who think thinks the roads are ONLY for cars. They are also known for very rude service in restaurants and stores. “Don’t like the food? Then get out!” is the implicit motto in a Czech restaurant. If you stop and aks a stranger for directions there is a very good chance they will look at you strangely and just walk away from you! This has happened to me here many times. Contrast this callous indifference to Berlin: I visited there last Fall and pulled out a map to figure out where I was…didn’t ask anybody for any help—and 2 Germans immediately came up to me and asked “can I help you find where you are going?” I immediately knew I wasn’t in Czech Republic LOL. So why am I living in Prague then, you may wonder. The good qualities to living in CZ include: EXCELLENT beer at the lowest prices (cheaper than a coke!), affordable, and Prague is a very beautiful city—-wasn’t levelled during WWII like the rest of Europe was.

    1. VeronikaStolarik

      I am Czech and proud of it,Most of us is not rude,but Prague is like od island in our country,they are rude tu us from czech countryside as well.

  93. Diane Gordon

    Nobody has mentioned Moroccans? They are not only friendly, they are extremely generous. Learn a little Moroccan Arabic, and they will love you. Even Americans.
    I’ve been here two months, and don’t want to go back to the US. One thing that is creepy about meeting Americans
    is that they size you up before giving you the time of day.

  94. Wilber Hollett

    Don’t simply retire from something; have something to retire to.
    Simply a monopolist could study a company and ruin it by giving away products.

  95. tri tran

    australia is the friendliest country

  96. tri tran

    usa is the rudest country in term of driving on freways

  97. ? You Will Never Know

    My family says French are serious jerks. I am nt saying my family is. I agree a lot of people in the US are the New Yorkers. Peace out.

  98. Visa

    Lmao!New Zealand on friendly list?The rudest country is New Zealand .And they r ugly.

  99. Shannon McIntyre

    New Zealand people are by far the rudest.

  100. edna million

    A friend and I spent two weeks in England last year- a week in London and one in the countryside, around Nottingham and also in Wiltshire – and we were just amazed at how friendly everyone we met was. I was especially astonished in London, since I’d heard Londoners tend to be on the rude side. If we were looking at a map, someone would ALWAYS stop and see if they could help us. My friend had a horrible outsized monster suitcase (learned “pack lightly” the hard way!) and I can’t tell you how many people on the tube helped her cart that thing up staircases. We’re in our late 40s, too, not cute little teenagers!

    When we landed at JFK on our return home, it was obvious we were back in America. Everyone we encountered was horrifically rude.

    As for the “rude” waiter in France, it does help if you at least make an effort to speak the language when you are visiting another country. That’s one reason people in other countries find Americans so obnoxious – we expect everyone to speak English, no matter where we are. Very arrogant.

  101. Jenna


    Well, I am biased about this one because I lived there for two and a half months, but I can tell you that the people are very friendly and very helpful. I lived in a small town and was always greeted with smiles. Beautiful country and beautiful people!

  102. Megha

    Why isn’t India (my country!) included on the kindest people list?

    1. Paulette

      I agree. Very friendly people in India .

  103. Dee

    Reading all these comments reminds that you can come across good and bad in every country. However, I thinks it’s important to realise there are also regional differences within countries.For example I generally love in Italy, but rcently went to Salentino area (the heel of Italy)and with some exceptions found the people indifferent and unhelpful at best and arrogant and unfriendly at worst. This I’ve never encountered before not even in other parts of the South. This may also be because there is relatively less wealth than in the North.
    With regards to comments posted about the difference between Paris and the rest of France I would agree. People are friendlier outside of Paris but even there one can generalise too much. I found Besancon in the east of the country to be one of the least friendly places in the country.

  104. Zack

    Germany is the RUDEST country! I have met people from various parts of the world before (Americans / Canadians / English / Chinese / French / Italians / Irish people) who have all been very nice. However, on several occasions, I have also met German people and I would have to say that I have received the WORST treatment by these people. They are considerably very rude and selfish, and do not seem to tolerate anyone who is different from themselves. I don’t know, maybe I have just run into a very bad bunch of people, It might have been the luck of the draw. However, after the treatment I got from these people, they are my #1 for the rudest people.

  105. T.

    The Greeks are rude? I found the Greeks to be very friendly, not to mention good looking!:-) I’m from the United States and believe It really depends on the way you treat people and your attitude, or state of mind upon visiting a particular country.

  106. BDB

    I Have traveled quite a bit and I live in the USA. I actually think that we here in the USA are the rudest people. We complain about everything and about everybody else, for any little thing people call the police, we have allot of people that do not know how to behave in public and that is why we have all these laws that we cannot drink in public, like a beach because people do not know how to behave and then make a mess or start fights with other people. People from the south call the North Yankees and the north call southerners red necks, people in Florida call the people who live there seasonal snow birds, yes I think the USA ranks very high in being rude, and uncivilized.
    I think people with other countries like European countries are actually more friendlier, I find that people in Holland, Austria, Germany, Spain and Portugal to be pretty friendly and also people form the Caribbean islands and S.America like Brazil to also be very friendly.
    That is my take. Resume

  107. Alicia

    Italians are by far one of the rudest nations on the planet. Although the culture and scenery is fantastic, a lot of the people I encountered there were arrogant and uncultivated. The three occasions in which I visited the country, I couldn’t walk down the street without being barged into at least a dozen times on a daily basis. They also seem to have no concept of queueing- proven by the fact they’ll casually and unashamedly push in front of you in any given queue. Also a word of warning to young women-there is no end to male chauvanism in Italy. You can’t walk down the street without being heckled or beeped at by piggish motorists, or having random men on the sreet yelling patronising remarks at you in English.

  108. Kay Carswell

    We just returned from a month in Sicily and Greece, including Crete, Santorini, and mainland Greece. Contrary to other opinions here, we found the Greeks to be quite friendly, even in Athens — not only the hotel personnel but the taxi drivers, store clerks, and men-on-the-street were considerate and friendly. On the other hand, we found Sicilians to be among the rudest people we’ve ever encountered in our 30 years of international travel. And it wasn’t our attitude that caused the rudeness — they are rude to each other, shouting, pushing, etc. (There were, of course, exceptions, and we found exactly 3 Sicilians who were friendly, helpful and dignified.) The driving is insane, drivers showing absolutely no regard for the other driver nor for traffic laws. “Wait your turn” doesn’t compute whether on the highway or the sidewalk. Waiters are at best disinterested and at worst hostile.

    It would be hard to say which country is the friendliest, but we have had good experiences in France, England, Ireland, and Croatia. I think Croatia surprised us the most with their enthusiasm toward visitors.

  109. Sandra Bravo

    We (family) have travelled around the world, and agree that definetely French from PARIS area are the worst, but not so for the rest, even if one or them do not speak the language (English, Spanish or French).

    Puerto Rico is my home country, yet our people 99% of the time go all out for newcomers, yet I recognize that service in restaurants is an area we are lagging behind. SOrry on behalf of PR people who do care.

  110. Alicia Hooben

    Austrailia hands down is the friendliest place. Not only are the Austrailians friendly and helpful but they are so earth friendly as well. Sydney was such a clean clean city. Cairns also was so welcoming from our taxi driver to our hotel staff everyone was wonderful. Now after Austrailia we stopped in Tahiti for a few days. There we found very rude hotel staff. Very slow, no attention to detail service. The beauty of the place does make up for all of it!

    1. jo smith

      Give me a break Australia is not a race – so you can not call a artificial country with immigrants trying to make a life in a mechanical life style of Sydney as friendly place)- yes is fairly clean – a large budget is spent on waste management. Hotels are over price for non tourist place.

  111. Tom Pappas

    Many Americans misinterpret the aloofness of French (Parisian) waiters as rudeness. Unlike the US, where restaurant workers are often temporary workers earning minimum wage, in France service personnel are professionals, and they expect their clients to treat them with the respect their station deserves. If customers don’t, they are treated with disdain.

  112. Art

    Without hesitation, my response for the most friendly people would be Jamaica. That is why so many of the all-inclusive resorts are based there. “No problem mon” is not just a saying; it is a way of life. IRIE means “good feelings” in Jamaican and that is what you will have if you go there.

  113. Doug

    I have to defend the French. We spent two weeks there a couple of years ago and everyone was universally friendly and helpful. Several times in the Paris Metro, when we looked confused, a local would offer advice, in English without our even having to ask. We also witnessed a young woman trying to pull a huge rolling suitcase up the steps in the Metro and a young man, unasked, grabbed another handle and lifted it up the steps for her. We don’t speak fluent French, but we practice out phrasing and our attempt to speak the local language is appreciated and usually reciprocated by the French switching to English.

    A country that also has lovely, warm local folks is Costa Rica. Ticos just naturally smile when greeted with an Hola!

    The Irish are wonderful friends of the “Yanks” and the way they speak the language is poetic.

    We’ve traveled to many other countries including Chile, Agentina, England, Scotland, and all over the Caribbean and have found that if one is friendly towards the locals, they treat you likewise.

    1. Gabriel

      I am from Goa in India and was surprised that the people in paris were friendly and helpful. The rudest people are the Americans and as i am doing all the 7 wonders in next 4 years USA will be the last on the list .

  114. Christine

    We have traveled in many of the countries listed. By far the friendliest was Australia. The people were always striking up a conversation with us. They really wanted to know what we thought of their country and were interested in the USA. Perhaps it is because there were no language barriers. I have visited New York City many times and have always found New Yorkers to be helpful, not rude at all!
    I think the rudest treatment we have received has been in Germany. Our heritage is German. In fact I am often mistaken for German when we travel. I understand, though, that once the Germans get to know you they are very kind.

  115. Virginia Kamke

    France can go either way. The positives outdo the negatives, even though many believe the French are rude.

    Argentines are friendly. The residents of Buenos Aires are known to think they are superior , but the rest of the Argentines are very friendly. In fact, in BA, they were very friendly to Americans (at least to us!!!)

  116. Charles Rogers

    I was sorry to hear Barbara had such a bad time in Budapest,My wife and I spent almost a week there last year,We found the people very helpful and friendly.
    The subways were very clean,the restaurants and servers very polite, and the food was excelent.
    We look forward to going back very soon.

  117. Karen Sandness

    I’ve found that people all over the world reflect YOUR attitude toward them. Years ago, when I was a teenager, my family took a trip to Europe. At the time, there were a lot of artiles in the U.S. press about how unfriendly the French were. However, both my father and I spoke some French, and we found people largely helpful and friendly, with the exception of one souvenir seller near the Eiffel Tower, who was probably just having a bad day. The rest of the family, who didn’t speak a word of French, had neutral or bad experiences.

    I find it incredible that people sometimes take off for a foreign country without reading up on it or learning any of the language. Buying a $25 guidebook and reading it thoroughly helps you understand some of the cultural differences and avoid misunderstandings and unintentional rudeness.

    In addition, learning a few words of your host country’s language shows respect for its residents. Even in countries where “everybody speaks English,” I always learn how to say, “Do you speak English?” in the local language. These days, it’s easy to find audio familiarization courses and podcasts for the world’s major languages, and you can buy recorded materials for just about any language in the world online, so if you can afford to go overseas, there’s no excuse for not spending an extra $30 or so to learn a few phrases.

    Quite often the people who claim that “everyone” in a foreign country was rude are people who go over with a superior attitude or a chip on their shoulder. I’ve met friendly and rude people all over the world and all over the U.S.

    1. Elizabeth ????????

      I completely agree! I think that the French people are extremely kind when you speak the language or try, I find it strange that a lot of people are saying how rude they are, when in fact they are very helpful to others.

  118. Karen

    I think one of the most important things to do when traveling is to learn a little of the language before you go. If an American even attempts to speak the local language, I believe they realize what a huge effort it is for us monoglots, and almost all people respond happily….even if they don’t speak English, they will make a greater attempt to communicate with gestures,etc…and suddenly everyone becomes friendly. I truly believe to travel comfortably you must understand the culture before you go….if you expect everyone to behave as Americans you will be disappointed, and possibly act rudely yourself in your host country thereby causing some rudeness in return… is about experienceing places different than ours.

  119. Robert Tyabji

    My wife and I have traveled widely and lived and worked in many countries. We have realized that the majority of people everywhere are good, honest and well meaning human beings who will be helpful, generous and hospitable when one is polite or shows respect for them and their culture, and when there’s a genuine need. However, people can appear to be rude because of communication issues. For example, in some cultures, a laugh does not necessarily indicate mirth or derision, but nervousness or uncertainty. Head movements in greeting or acknowledging agreement can be construed by foreigners as being aggressive or contrary. So let’s reserve judgement and learn more about the people we’re visiting.

  120. Jan Zimmerman

    As one can see from the replies, many have had bad and good experiences in the same place. My most embarrassing moment was in Avignon, France. We were dining on a terrace. A couple from New York was seated several tables away and had told us they had stayed in Avignon during the Summer for the last 4 years. When the waiter came to take their order, they handed him printed index cards with French phrases to communicate with him. In 4 years they had not made the effort to learn any French. We could see the waiter, who was so respectful to us, cringe. Talk about an ugly American. I speak, read and write respectable French (minored in College over 40 years ago) and am so glad that I can communicate in their native language. I also speak extensive Italian (mostly self-taught) because we travel there frequently. When on a recent African safari, I took the time to learn around a dozen phrases. The citizens love it when you talk to them in their language and have been quite complimentary of us.

  121. Phil Dolberg

    We just came back from two weeks in Sweden and found them very friendly and helpful. I would go back in a minute, or just as soon as the dollar regains strength.

  122. Dale Simmons

    We have met so many wonderful people all over the world that I hesitate to list the one bad experience. I believe the secret to the wonderful way people have treated us has been the fact that we always try to speak a few words in the native language. Even our one bad experience in France was probably because we could not communicate in their language and did not understand their custom. Late one evening we wanted just a small snack and three of us ordered one large pizza. We were refused service unless we each ordered a pizza. Finally they did allow us to order one pizza provided we took it outside to eat it. We were appropriately dressed, polite and are good tippers. Counter that with the many wonderful experiences we have had traveling in France, eating at other restaurants, riding trains, etc. I think that we have learned from our travels, and we have traveled in all the countries you mention except two, that we should attempt to communicate with visitors to our country (USA), try to be friendly, helpful and thank them for the wonderful experiences we have had while viaiting their country.

  123. Howard

    I think you are right. France wins both “good” and “bad”. People in Paris are the rudest is have met…. but get 20 miles outside Paris and people are very friendly. I have been to Paris 8 or 9 times and am not going back…but we vacationed in other parts of France last year and had a great time.

    I also have had several rude experiences in Japan. Many smaller restuarants refuse to serve “Americans”.

  124. Barbara

    My first six hours (out of 24 hours) in Budapest, Hungary, in March, 2008, were my worst travel experience in my lifetime of 67 years. It was such a nightmare that I will never set foot in that city or country again, will never spend another filthy florin in that despicable place and will never travel through the place if there’s any way to avoid it. They have permanently lost my tourist business. It was worse than my 72 hours in Italy in 1979. That was almost 30 years ago, and I’ve never been back.

    Thanks to the indifference, incompetence, abuse and outright extortion of the people we encountered in “service” roles, it took us 5-1/2 hours to get to a hotel that was a 15 minute bus ride from the airport; and traveling to that hotel cost us close to $100.00 — a trip that should have cost about $5.00 (total for two people) round-trip.

    For a country that supposedly gave up communism a couple of decades ago or so, culturally and bureaucratically, it still operates as if it were a communist country. I pity the poor, long-suffering, Hungarian people. The ordinary people in the street that we encountered were wonderfully kind, thoughtful, and tried to help. But the others ruin it for them, and I’ll never set foot there again.

    On top of everything else, the subway system was a sewer, and a really scary place overall. I’m totally and permanently disgusted.

  125. Bill Ortwein

    I agree with Slovak Republic as the friendliest country. During our trip to the Slovak Republic, everyone in that country seemed to be interested in making our trip an excellent experience. Any question or issue was addressed immediately. Meals were delicious; prices were very reasonable and service was great.

  126. Little Rachel

    I sing with a band. I travel in Europe often, and have never really encountered much rudeness in any European country. I will say that Finland tops my list as friendliest. Fins are always extremely accomodating and treat me like family when I am visiting. Scandinavia, in general is friendly. I have also had particularly good experiences in Germany and France. Although I find the Dutch to be a little crazy, the Netherlands is a very friendly country as well. The rudest people, by far, in my experience, are Americans.

  127. Linda

    I have traveled throughout North and Central America, Europe, and Africa. I have found that even in the places most noted for the rudeness of their inhabitants, a big friendly smile, an attempt to speak a few words in the native language, and the ability to laugh at yourself go A LONG WAY towards eliciting kindness from anyone anywhere. Paris, NYC, and London are often cited as filled with rude, uncaring people. NOT the case!! The inhabitants of these cities are among the kindest I’ve ever encountered. I guess the old saying “what goes around, comes around” is true in any tongue.

  128. Bruce Stenman

    I differentiate between the people one meets on the street and the people providing service in hotels and restaurants, and people driving in cars. Overall I have had the most problems dealing with hotels and restaurant personnel in France, especially in Paris and the fewest problems in Germany by way of contrast.

    Friendliest people as a whole I have encountered in Cambodia. Even toward people from the USA, a country that dropped more bombs on their country then we did on Japan during WW II, not to mention leaving behind millions of land mines to maim and kill future generations of Cambodians. Their culture’s Buddhist base really comes through in many ways.

    In terms of drivers the least friendly and most aggressive are in my native state of California. No country in Europe or Asia begins to compare with the poor driving manners of Americans – we are really in a “class” of our own in this regard.

    1. Chris

      Hey Buddy! Driving in the USA is safer than in those so called motorways in Europe where lanes are so narrow. Furthermore your knowledge of Khmer history is rather sketchy most likely your sources of information s came from Noam Chomsky…. My family was decimated by the Khmer rouge not by Americans bombs….

  129. Patricia

    I’ve been to Italy 3 times. The fid=rst 2 visits were tours. The last time we went, we rented villas through Parker Villas. We met the most generous people. Our first villa was outside Verona. The owner, an older man (and his younger wife), was always ready to pour a glass of wine or direct us to a restaurant or other destination. A relative of a friend drove 2 hours to pick us up, show us the Amalfi coast, took us to his home for a 5 course meal, then drove us back! What a warm, beautiful country with people to match!

  130. Leigh Lingard

    I’ve been to most of the countries mentioned in both lists & Sth. Korea, Japan & Hong Kong. All were very welcoming (esp. the Japanese), the only ones I would put on the Rude list would be the local pedestrians in Hong Kong

  131. Joe Favaro

    Australia and New Zealand were terrific. The people there made me feel like a long lost relative who had come home.

  132. Catherine Speth

    I did not see Portugal on the list of friendliest. I traveled in Lisbon knowing no Portugese and still felt welcome and treated with great hospitality.

  133. Roger Cullen

    We’ve been all over France several times and we’ve been treated very well over many years. The one exception was the American Airlines ticket counter person a couple of years ago in Paris-Aeroport Roissy, who was haughty. It is our favorite country. I got a laugh from the comment about the waiter from “Orleon.” Not only did he not understand that French people often speak French; he couldn’t even spell the name of the place in which he was treated so “rudely.”

  134. SLH

    The Dutch in Amsterdam are the nicest people in Europe! I’ve wandered the streets alone at 2:00 in the morning and it’s such a clean and safe place. I love the Dutch!

  135. Suzie Frew-Harris

    We just got back from our second trip to England and Scotland and last year we also went to Paris. We encountered very helpful and delightful people in all places. Never any rudeness. And in Scotland I wanted a photo of men in kilts and four of them obliged to pose for me as they are extremely proud of their heritage and always willing do to something to put a smile on an American’s face. In Tiverton, England we were arriving at our B&B where some people were outside enjoying themselves having a beer and they even helped us with our baggage and asked us to join their party and they didn’t even work there! Next year we are going back to Paris, and visiting Barcelona and Italy for the first time. We feel confident we will encounter wonderful people.


  136. Carol M Rose

    In my travels I have found that people reflect your attitude. If you expect rudness, that is what you get. If you project frendliness and interest in their country, that is what is returned. Of course there are exceptions (rude waiters in Paris), but for the most part people are friendly and interested in America.

  137. C Dunnett

    I went to Ecuador for the first time in 2006 – it was an absolute joy. The people I met were kind and wonderful, even to a tourist fumbling with barely rudimentary Spanish. I fell in love with this beautiful country.

    1. JA

      I completely agree with you, had the same experience when I travelled there 😀

  138. Clare Atkinson

    My granddaughter and I travelled to Egypt in 2006 and we had a great experience.
    We found the people to be very friendly and polite. The people we met always seemed to want go out of their way to be helpful and friendly. Yes, there were a lot of people wanting or expecting tips but if you think about it that’s how they earn a living. I think it all goes back to if you treat people with respect and dignity it will come back to you.

  139. Fred Adriance

    I was in the Air Force for 27 years and traveled extensively in Asia, Europe, Africa, The Middle East, and the US. As a ski club president, I’ve led tours in the US, Canada, and Europe. No matter what country I am in, I always approach someone with a hello in the local language and a smile. This even works in New York City. The problem is not rude nationals, it’s rude visitors. I’ve enjoyed every country I’ve visited and there isn’t a place I wouldn’t go back to. All nationalities are friendly given the chance. By the way, I’ve also worked in law enforcement and have no illusions about sensible areas to visit. Try flashing money, acting lost, and wearing expensive jewelery and you’ll probably get mugged in you own home town. Bon Voyage!

    1. harlanrose

      the Middle East, Israel especially is the most welcoming, warm, kind, selfless people ever. I am Jewish and Israeli and my dad was in the army so we go there almost every summer if we’re not going elsewhere in Asia or Europe or South America

  140. Barry W. Herman

    Just back from two weeks in Italy – mostly in Tuscany. We visited many remote spots (all in our rented car) and many of them were accessed only by secondary roads. In Montepulciano, two apparently unoccupied carabinieri escorted us for five miles to a farmhouse we simply could not find – and we had a terrific time with them in fractured Italian and hand signs. Although never really lost at any time (except in Rome), we had to stop frequently for directions and were always met by persons who seemed genuinely interested in helping and who seemed to be be pleased in being able to do so. Started and finished our travels in Rome – our experiences there were somewhat different. My wife and I are native New Yorkers and I can tell you that two things are completely unnecessary in the Big Apple. One is a car and the second is good manners. But I suspect that is true of most large cities.

  141. Curt Griggs

    To me France is the rudest- I love Holland and Germany- also I was in Greece during December 2007 and I found the people to be very nice and helpful- I was doing disaster relief work back in the mountains and the people were very nice and friendly- I also stayed in Athens and again the people were nice-I plan on going back to Greece for an extended vacation. I also spend some time in China and the people are nice except when in line to buy something or see something-they will step in front of you and give you dirty looks if you say anything-

    1. Ross

      Have you even been to France? I found people extremely polite and warm in Paris. Nothing like the media stereotype where theyre all characterised as rude and obstreperous.

  142. Karen Nuckols

    I agree that if you are pleasant, people will be pleasant to you in return. I can’t say that we have found a country where even a small percentage of people were rude, and we have done a fair amount of traveling. In traveling, as with any other experience, you can always encounter one or two rude people, but to stereotype a whole country as rude based on the actions of a few would be unfair.

    With regard to Egypt being on the rude list, we found everyone there (in our nearly two weeks in a variety of areas a year ago) very friendly and helpful. Perhaps the need to tip at every turn in the road was interpreted as rudeness, but that is their way.

  143. Chrisso Boulis

    Greek tour directors (licensing / union / what-not are comprable to Greek civil servants. All Greek civil servants are rude, even to other Greeks!

  144. Amy

    Did not see Scotland on the list. Definitely tops my list. I got a flat tire in Stirling and the guys delivering beer came over and offered to fix it. They were like a pit crew at the race track – it was done in about 10 minutes and they would not take any money. Everywhere I went people were so pleasant and hospitable. Also discovered that the older the men were, the more they would flirt – harmless but very fun. I also agree with the overall comment that if you are open to a culture, people and country, you will have good experiences. I’ve been to lots of countries and have never had a bad experience.

    1. Aaron Wood

      Hi, I’m from Scotland and do not like classed as British sometimes because of the hate British people get, which is mostly the English that give us the bad reputation! Scotland is a beautiful country compared to England, Less traffic, the cairn gorms and the great Atmosphere in Glasgow + Edinburgh, I live in Aberdeenshire and most of the towns are modern. Unfortunately the weather is very dull and some people get lack of Vitamin D. Scotland also has a population of just over 5million so there is less traffic! If your American, Scottish people will love you due to your accent!

      1. lee shaw

        England is a beautiful country as is Scotland and am proud to be English/British even if you have a biased prejudiced view of England and being classed as british

      2. Kezia

        Scottish people complain about being lumped in with ‘British’ people but do the exact same thing to English people by lumping them in with Londoners. Some white Scottish people think they are a racial minority and they are not, they have a very weird inferiority complex and compare themselves always to England, they’re obsessed. I think both Scotland and England are generally friendly (a bit racist like all of Europe) but I have got the worst racial abuse in my life from this one drunk guy in Glasgow. So no it is not perfect.

  145. Dan

    Re: France, I know many people have had difficult experiences. But even the guy who complained was upset that the waiter didn’t speak English, when he/she herself didn’t speak French. I’ve never been to Paris, but in Alsace the people I met were very nice. I would put Italy and Ireland at the top of the list. I used to hitch hike a lot in Italy for long rides. Without excpetion, whenever soemone stopped for gas or a coffee, they would ask me in and pay for my coffee and or pastry. It never worked to offer ot pay my own or theirs. Even as a guest in their car, they treat you like a guest in their home.

  146. Alexander Alenitsch

    My consultant job requires me to travel extensively throughout the Caribbean from the lesser to the greater Antillies. I’ve been from Guyana to Dominican Republic. The rudest island people I’ve encountered are from the British Virgin Islands. From the moment you get off the airplane at Beef Island you’re met by a rude Customs and Immigration Officers. One does not feel warm entering BVI. From there, it only gets worse. Service and service personnel are bad and rude respectively. The only somewhat friendly locals I’ve met are the taxi drivers but then again, they have a motive fare plus tip.

    The friendlist island is Barbados. Wonderful people and island. Every trip is enjoyable.


    1. Peter deMatteo

      have you been to Haiti? they are the friendliest.

  147. Carole Scutt

    The Kenyan people are the most hospitable and caring of any people I have come across and I have traveled to 66 countries and have 16 trips to Africa.

    1. San

      Entire world will behave friendly if you will behave friendly with them. you will get what you will give.


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