November’s Must Know Travel Tips

Mobal Member, Marjorie sent me these 3 tips:

1. The Safest Place To Carry Copies Of Your Travel Documents

Make copies of not only your passport, but also your credit cards and other documents. Put them UNDERNEATH the lining of your carry-on.

2. How To Stay Hygienic In Public Rest Rooms

Take disposable toilet seat covers – I found some at Target.

3. The Best Way To Learn About The Local Customs And People

Eat, drink, partake in as many local and regional foods, fairs, activities as possible. Spend a day or two people watching in a cafe on a busy street. You might learn something!

Mobal Member, Rosemary Chiaverini sent me this tip:

4. How To Speed Up The Postcard Writing Process

I print out small Avery labels ahead of time for the people to whom I’ll be sending postcards. Then I just take the sheets with me. I sit in cafes, write the cards and stick on a label and voila! They are in the post. Eliminates the need to take my entire address book. (You can update the labels easily too year after year — plus you can use them for your 2008 address/appointment bookl!)

Mobal Member, Sandra Toms sent me this tip:

5. How To Totally Avoid Having To Carry Copies Of Your Travel Documents

Rather than carrying paper copies of credit card numbers and your passport (in case of theft or loss) in your suitcase or on your person, scan your documents and send them in an e-mail to yourself. You can always go to an internet cafe to look up your info, or use your laptop.

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