Travel Items that Will Make Travel Easier

Travelling is a time to relax, have new experiences, and get away from home. Whether your going on holiday to soak up the sun in the south of France or hitting the slopes in Switzerland, the last thing you want to think about is staying organised. These items will help you save space and time, so you can enjoy your trip that much more.

Document/Passport Holder

This little guy will save your life. Well, maybe not your life but it will keep you organised and that will save you on time and stress. Having all of your documents in one place keeps you from searching endlessly in your luggage or carry-on bag for you boarding pass or hotel confirmation. This holder also has room for your passport, so you know where every single important document is located.

Utility tool

I don’t know how many times I needed a set of scissors or wine bottle opener while travelling. A Swiss Army knife or similar utility tool can be your best friend when you’re camping, or in a place that does not have a general shop you could pop in to purchase what you need. Having a compact tool that can be utilised in many ways is a fantastic item to keep in your luggage wherever you go.

iPod/Music player

Have a long layover or train ride? Need some tunes for a party or being poolside? Having music and something to play it on, keeps downtime much easier to handle. Some people cannot read while in motion, so listening to music on a long flight, bus or train ride, can ease your boredom and keep you relaxed. Having an iPod or other music device can also be a fantastic addition to a house party or BBQ if you’re staying in for the night.


This is one of the best inventions of our lifetime. You can download music, take photos, get directions, review restaurants, and share your thoughts all in one device. Taking a smartphone with you will save you the stress of finding a payphone to call your hotel, or friend and is your guiding light when you are lost. Take a look at our range of Mobal Smartphones here.

Head Pillow

Head or even neck pillows are great for long distance travel. Flights in coach can be ridiculously uncomfortable and cramped, and getting to a spot where you can doze off is nearly impossible. Throw in a pillow and you’re instantly better. Not only does a pillow give you more support, they are usually made from the same products as bean bags, which are the ultimate comfort! There are a number of pillows that can be blown up, making them easy to pack in your carry-on or purse. Trust me, you won’t travel again without one.


GoPro cameras are incredibly popular these days, and for good reason. They are small, making them easy to travel with, and have a variety of uses, not just for taking photos. If you’re into taking photos and videos, a GoPro is a great option. With wide angles, a durable case, and fantastic resolution, this camera has been making waves in the travel industry as the best travel gear in the world.


This is where a smartphone comes in handy once again. This app includes restaurants, transportation, maps, currency exchange, photos, references, and tickets to name a few. No longer will you need to check four different apps to find the perfect place to visit, Triposo has you covered. You can download by city or by country from 30,000 different places.

Carry-on Kit

This one is mainly for the ladies, but men can make one too. A mini carry-on kit can make your flight go from uncomfortable to relaxing. Pack a travel toothbrush and toothpaste, face wipes, lotion, chapstick, eye mask, and even socks, just in case you get cold and are wearing sandals. These little amenities will make your trip better, keeping you feeling fresh and clean.

Cord Holder

Are you travelling with headphones, a computer, and chargers? It’s easy to misplace chords, and even more annoying, it’s easy to get them tangled. By using a cord holder, this takes away the mess of having your cords in multiple places and keeps them organised in one place. Not to mention, wrapping your headphones, phone, and computer chargers up takes up less space than having them strung everywhere.

Which items make your life easier while travelling? We’d love to see your recommendations in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “Travel Items that Will Make Travel Easier

  1. Barbara

    My IPad mini. It’s my camera, email, maps, currency converter, books, scrabble .

  2. Martha O'Brien

    I like to have some gentle wet wipes (like baby wipes, for instance) for quick clean-ups, substitute for a shower if stuck somewhere overnight, even instead of toilet paper if necessary. Powder to help freshen up if hot and sticky is also nice!

  3. Pam

    Those small packages of Kleenex for the hundreds of bathrooms w/o paper!

  4. Sally Franz

    My feather pillow. I have ended up in airports overnight, on beds so hard I had black and blue marks, on beds so lumpy I sank to the middle. I have even ended up sleeping on floors. But if I have my own feather pillow I can fall asleep anywhere. Oh, and a sleep mask, sleeping pill and fuzzy socks for an overseas red eye.

  5. Tom Becherer

    I cannot travel w/o a daily dose type of pill box so that I’m certain I’m taking my meds.

  6. B. West

    Unfortunately, the one thing I now know I must have in large quantity when traveling is currency. Sad that one’s credit cards cannot be relied upon no matter how good your payment history or how high your unused credit limit may be. Even after telling my card issuers I would be traveling, three major issuers (VISA, MasterCard and AMEX) ALL declined when I needed to purchase emergency airfare home for our family of four during a cruise last fall after being informed of my son’s sudden death back home. Expect compounded grief under such circumstances. Take lots of currency because that may be the only way you can get home.

  7. Lois

    I can’t travel without my quick-dry underwear. I’m a nut for clean underwear everyday. And I refuse to carry more than will fit into my book bag. Quickdry underwear means I only need a few pair for an infinitely long trip. In fact, all my clothes are quick-drying.

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