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4 Reasons You Should Travel Solo

So, why should you travel solo?

Traveling with friends and family can be great, but have you ever considered to travel solo? When traveling with friends and family you know you’ve got people you can talk to and get along with (most of the time), and you know that if things go wrong or you’re feeling a little down there are always people there you can talk to.

However, if you’ve never tried traveling solo, or not in a long time, it could be time to try it. Sure, when you travel solo you’ve got to rely on yourself to get you through, but it’s really not that difficult and you will experience some great opportunities you may never have done if you were with a group. And if you do get lonely sometimes, you can always call you friends on your international cell phone from Mobal.

Here are 4 reasons why you should travel solo:

1. Interact better with your location

Travel as part of a group then you’re going to stand out. At best you will be walking along wide-eyed, stopping in the middle of the pavement and generally getting in the way of the locals as you tour about, and at worse you will all be chattering and missing everything of interest. However, when you’re alone you stand out less. You’re able to slip by without the usual tourist stigma and see the place on a level that you never could as the member of a group.

2. Easier to meet other people

When you travel with other people it can be harder to meet new people for two main reasons. Number one is that you can be intimidating to others so they’re less likely to come up and join in. It can be hard to approach a group who clearly all know each other and don’t pay attention to those around them. Number two is that when you have friends around you it’s easy to think you don’t need to meet other people, or it’s safer just to stick with your friends so you don’t make the effort. When you’re traveling alone this changes and if you want to talk, you have to force yourself to be sociable, plus, others will come talk to you too.

3. No need to compromise

Traveling with a group is really just a series of compromises. It’s rare that everyone is in agreement all the time. This means that at certain times of your trip you will find yourself doing things that you don’t want to do. And when you do get your way, you may have to deal with some sulking travel companions. And nothing casts a could over a trip or friendship like a petty argument. When traveling alone you don’t get any of this. You can literally do what you want when you want. This can give you a much greater feeling of freedom on your trip.

4. Improve your confidence

The thought of solo travel can be daunting, even when you’re used to it. With friends or family you always have a support group to fall back on, or at least go through problems together. When you’re alone a problem can seem like a much bigger deal. However, what you will also find is that you’re far more resilient than you thought. You’re far more capable of dealing with things and you will come out the other side realising that when you push yourself, you can achieve a lot.

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Author: Emma

Emma is a Online Marketing Specialist at Mobal. She is responsible for our outbound marketing efforts including planning and executing email campaigns, social media and blog posts. She also works with the Web Designers at Mobal to update the website and to help to create a better experience for the user.

One thought on "4 Reasons You Should Travel Solo"

  • Traveljunkie says:

    I could not agree more with the content of this post. Some of my most amazing trips have been solo. I have met some of the most amazing people whilst travelling alone many of whom I am still in touch with. When I travel with my husband we don’t make as much effort to meet others and that is one of the best things about travel in my experience. Go for it if you are thinking about it. I even went skiing on my own once which was a bit weird but it was better than staying at home on my own!!

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