August’s Mobal Member Travel Tips

1. Take photos of what you pack

In order to provide any reimbursement for a lost suitcase, most airlines and insurance companies require an itemized list of exactly what was inside it.  Unfortunately, remembering everything you packed after the fact is virtually impossible.  To avoid the headache, take pictures of the items you’re going to put in your suitcase with your digital camera or cell phone.  The photos will make creating the lost a breeze, and in the event of a dispute with the airline or insurance agent, you will have some visual evidence of the ownership.

Jennifer Matchett, Dunnellon, Fla

2. Accidentally reformat your camera’s memory card?

As long as you don’t overwrite the disk by taking more photos, those original pictures are still there.  Buy another card to use in the meantime, and then, when you get home, either purchase a file-recovery software program (about $35) or take the card to a camera shop.

Isabel McCarthy, Mesa, Ariz.

3. Keep travel numbers handy

I have the words hotel and taxi on my cell phone speed dial.  On a trip, I change the numbers, but leave the pre-programmed titles the same—instant access and no more little slips of paper everywhere.

Hugo McCulloch, Pleasant Hill, Calif.

4. Carry a small calculator

If you plan to do a lot of shopping in a foreign country, it helps to have a calculator.  When you find something you like, hand the seller the calculator and ask him to enter his best price.  It’s easy to convert the response into dollars so you know what you’re spending.  If needed, the calculator can be used to haggle, especially if you don’t speak the language.

Heather Meyer, Bedford, Mass.

5. Make your stroller stand out

When traveling to a theme park, tie a bright colored scarf to the handle of your stroller before you enter a ride.  When you return, you’ll quickly pick out your stroller from a sea of look- alikes.

France Minton, Satellite Beach, Fla.

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5 thoughts on “August’s Mobal Member Travel Tips

  1. Bert Tomon

    Mobal is there for me; also daughter. From India, Ghana, Senegal, Australia, and the nearby Caribbean.
    Only problem are those charger adapters; though Mobal gives you a bunch, My duaghter found this week, none would work in Brisbane, Australia. she had to run to an airport for a converter.

  2. Stephen Kosciesza

    Sandy Banks advises carrying the heaviest items in your carry-on. Good advice up to a point, but be careful. In Frankfurt am Main (probably the most common entry and exit for Germany), at least at the Lufthansa counter, they’re very particular about an 8 kilogram limit for carry-on. I had to find an out-of-the-way bit of floor space to repack carry-on and checked luggage.

  3. Stephen Kosciesza

    I don’t think that file recovery software will work for a reformatted memory card; one that’s been deleted, yes. I’ve used it for a memory card that was maliciously deleted, and I got everything back. But a friend who inadvertently took some pictures of a secure site was ordered by the police to reformat the card, not just delete it. The pictures were gone.

  4. Sarah Silver

    I keep all my travel documents in a plastic,, water-resistant 8.5X 11 envelope (I bought a bunch of them at an office supply store.) Most records are online, but especially for international travel, this keeps everything in one spot. Also, don’t forget to renew your expiring passport at least 6 months prior to international travel; I have seen people denied boarding on planes with passports expiring within 6 months.

  5. Sandy Banks

    Cost of luggage today is increasing, but you can make your trip in the U.S. easier – and less expensive – by sending your bags on ahead of you by ground carrier like UPS. Alert the hotel to your plans before sending to find the best address. For international travel, carry the heaviest items in your carry-on, or wear it. You can use a lot of layering to be warm instead of heavy sweaters or coats.

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