Holiday Review from Mobal’s Georgia Thompson

holiday destination

1. Holiday destination

2. Type of holiday
Back-packing, traveling and beach holiday

3. How long did you go for?
1 month over Christmas and New Year.

4. Who did you go with?
My boyfriend

5. Your best holiday experience and why?
Swimming with sharks, no, the full moon party on Christmas Eve, no, watching the amazing sunsets….I can’t choose there’s too many.

6. Your worst holiday experience and why?
Mosquitoes – I got bitten 52 times in 3 days 🙁 but my boyfriend didn’t get bitten at all so you may be lucky!
worst holiday experience

7. Tips for traveling to this country
Take mosquito spray, but buy it when you get there so you know it will work. Haggle prices – everything is really cheap but if you can easily get ripped off if you accept the first price. Take a lightweight waterproof poncho – when it rains its ridiculously heavy!

8. Would you travel to this destination again?
Definitely, it’s beautiful. And even though we went for a month, there are still loads of places we didn’t get a chance to see.

9. Would you recommend this destination to others?
This is the perfect place for paradise. It can suit all budgets – from huts on the beach at $10 a night to high end hotels. There’s also plenty to do from lazing on the beach to adventure filled days.

recommend this destination

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