Holiday Review from Mobal’s Michael Furniss

1. Holiday destination
Nice, south of France
holiday destination
2. Type of holiday e.g. beach, travel, ski
Basically to relax and see some friends who live there for New Years Eve (and also to escape the miserable UK weather and get a little sunshine). Although the French Riviera is a beach destination, it’s not quite warm enough for sunbathing in winter, so most of the action takes place in the pavement bars and cafes. Winter is also a great time to see the sites and museums without the oppressive heat of summer.

3. How long did you go for?
I went from the 29th of December to the 8th of January

4. Who did you go with?
I went on my own. I have lots of friends who live there so it’s like a second home.

5. Your best holiday experience and why?
As I’ve been to Nice so many times now, I’ve seen most of the sites and know what to expect, so for me the best part of the holiday is always seeing friends again, but also meeting new people.
Because Nice is a holiday destination, and has a lot of people living there from all over the world, most people are happy to strike up a conversation in the bars and cafes if you’re sat at the next table. It means when I go for a night out I never know who I’m going to end up meeting or where the night will end up. It can keep things very interesting, even in a place I know well.
best holiday experience
6. Your worst holiday experience and why?
I guess if I had to pick something, visiting Nice in the off season means that many of the places are closed until summer, and many of the places that are open have enclosures around their outdoor terraces in the evening to keep the heat in. This means that you can lack some of the atmosphere as you walk around the streets at night compared to the summer where everyone is spilling out all over the streets.

7. Tips for traveling to this country
If you’re travelling to France I’d recommend you learn a few basic phrases. Even in a big tourist area like Nice (and Paris too) you won’t always find people can speak English. Also, most of the beaches on the French Riviera are pebbles and rocks and can be hard to walk on, so most people find a pair of shoes to walk to and from the sea a real help.

8. Would you travel to this destination again?
I own an apartment there so go I every year.
travel there again
9. Would you recommend this destination to others?
The French Riviera is the ultimate jet set destination — ever since the 19th century aristocrats, royalty, artists and movie stars have been flocking to this stretch of coastline. You have the glamour of St Tropez, Cannes and Monaco where everything is about yachts, villas and fast cars. But this image appeals to a lot of people, and so many find the reality is over development and overcrowding.

So, if you want to live a little bit of the high life with the rest of the crowds, then the Riviera is for you. If you want the quiet life then it might not be such a good destination.

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