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Being the frequent travelers that we are, buying local sims in different countries isn’t an option. I mean, really, we can barely keep track of where we are sometimes. When we were traveling Europe, we even visited 5 countries in one day.

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Before I get ahead of myself, I want to backtrack. No we are not spies nor do we live the luxurious life of the rich and the famous. We are travel bloggers on a site called Adventure in You. Together with my partner, we have been lucky enough to create a life doing something that we love – traveling.

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Now, going back to topic, if buying local sims in order to get free data on our phones is off the table, we are left with trying to find decent WIFI wherever we go. Now most of the time it isn’t a problem. However, when we are traveling, we realize how reliant we have become to staying connected. Technology along with the internet has changed the way people travel. With the help of apps like google maps, uber, and skyscanner, staying connected to the internet just makes life easier. In fact, we have recently decided to take a break from our nomadic life as we base ourselves in Chiang Mai Thailand as we develop an adventure app ourselves. Pretty exciting times!

Mobal SIMs

So when we first heard of Mobal sims, we were slightly sceptical. It sounded too good to be true. To use just one sim without having to worry about changing numbers, picking up a new sim card, or topping up your phone credit? Their International SIM card works in over 190 different countries, without tying you down to a monthly contract. Naturally, as soon as we heard of them, despite our scepticism, we knew we had to try their services out.

Our Mobal SIM Experience

During the time of our service, we visited around 5 countries and lo and behold, each time we moved on to the next location, the SIM just automatically changed to a local network service. It was that easy! Another perk which we enjoyed was the fact that we had a US number to permanently give out to people. We used our Mobal SIMs from Europe, to Ecuador, North America, all the way to Asia.

As mentioned, we have had our fair share of travel mishaps due to the times where we had no internet connection. Like that time we wandered around Venice getting completely and utterly lost around their maze like canals as we carried our heavy backpacks. Or the time we took a wrong turn trying to find our hostel with no one around able to speak English. You know, those times. Even something as simple as being able to use google translate becomes so invaluable when you’re traveling.

Any calls that you make are just billed to you at the end of the month, just like any other cellular provider. Every time you reach a new destination, they inform you of the local cellular provider’s rates so you don’t get any unwanted charges at the end of the month.

For its convenience and value provided, we cannot recommend Mobal Sims enough. They have made traveling so much easier for us by giving us the option to always stay connected whenever we need to!

A big thank you to Adventure in You for sending us this blog post.

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