November’s Mobal Members’ Travel Tips

1. A small key ring will thwart prying fingers

A padlock zipper tells thieves there’s something in your bag worth stealing, but a key ring is much less obvious. Best of all, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your combination.

Cynthia Rainer, Cape Coral, Fla.

2. The ideal toiletry bag is a lunch box

After years of looking for years for the perfect toiletries bag and being frustrated by many that were less than ideal, I’ve finally discovered one that is just right: a soft-sided lunch box I bought at the supermarket. It has an outer-zipped pocket with small compartments and lots perfect for often-used items like toothbrush and toothpaste. There’s a small removable zipper pouch inside for those smaller hard-to-find items like nail files and pill bottles. The remaining space inside is just the right size for larger items like shampoo and hand lotion. Other helpful features include both a small handle and shoulder strap, and a waterproof, easy-to-clean interior. This lunch box was designed for children, so I know it’s going to last.

Cynda Ramos, Brooklyn Park, Minn.

3. Enjoy your coffee anywhere on the cruise ship

Bring a travel mug for early-morning coffee fill-ups at the buffet. Your coffee stays warm, and travels well around the ship—the mug specifically designed to stop spillage—and you don’t have to linger in the restaurant after you’ve finished eating breakfast. When you return to your room or your favourite deck chair, you’ll have a fresh cup.

Chris Reed, Union City, N.J.

4. You can suspend more than your newspaper when you’re away

On several occasions, DirecTV has agreed to pit my account on hold while I was away traveling, without penalty, additional fees reconnection charges or the like. So, instead of having a monthly bill of $65, I have mine protracted, without fail.

Cheryl Rounsefell, Chicago, Ill.

5. Use baby wipe to remove stains

As well as being good at killing germs, you can also try using baby wipes on your clothing if you spill food down yourself.

Charles Rybczyk, Richmond, Va

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4 thoughts on “November’s Mobal Members’ Travel Tips

  1. Heather Duggan

    We just arrived back from a river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest and the Mobal phone worked fine–more reliable and better quality than Skype phone or e-mail access.

  2. Sharon Clay

    Rather than a travel lock we use small locking zip ties. Then we carry a small nail clipper in the outside pocket of our checked baggage. When we get to our hotel/cruise ship/etc. if the tie is gone or broken we know TSA or someone else has gotten into the luggage, but usually it is intact. All we have to do is clip the tie and get into the luggage.


    Will my phone be useable in Hungary, Slovakia, Czeck Republic and Austria all along the Danube? We’ll need to get news of new BABY!

    1. Tren

      Pat, thanks for your comment. Your phone will work in those areas. Here’s hoping to good news while you’re away…

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