How to Spend Time During Vacation: How Mobal Members Like to Vacation

How to spend time during vacation – what do you do?

Whether you like to rush around and see everything possible in the time you have, or whether you like to kick back and simply recharge your batteries doing as little as possible.

Well it seems like there was a split amongst your fellow Mobal International Cell Phone Members. Here are their arguments for either relaxing or seeing everything. See which camp you agree with…

Votes for site-seeing:

Richard Thomas says:

We use vacations to do and see as much new to us as we can. Local culture, food, history and ambiance are the focus of the trips.
We can sit around and read at home.

davidn says:

if we were younger maybe we would be more of an active tourer, but as we age, we still go to as many places as we can because we have spent so much to get there from an island, and will probably never go back. we can rest at home

Pat says:

When I go to another country, I want to explore as much of it as time allows. I frequently go to Ireland and I love exploring the countryside absorbing new sights and sound, getting to know the people (who are wonderful), going into pubs for music and fun,and just taking in the absolutely breathtaking scenery. I want to see all I can. I will read at night in bed.

Lisa says:

I want to see & do as much as possible. I can sit in front of the tv any night at home to do as little as possible. Vacatious are for getting away from the day-to-day and exploring new sights and activities!

Anne says:

We like to see as much as we can when we travel–figure we’ll rest when we get back home. Each day we usually do something cultural, enjoy some of the local cuisine, then throw in a little “retail” experience. Seems to work for us.

C.S. Johnson says:

Looking forward to my first visit to Europe next week…London and Paris, here we come! A lot of formal tours don’t really interest me. As long as I’m able to walk, sight-see and take loads of pictures, I’ll be thrilled. Meeting new people, speaking beginner’s French, seeing what I’ve only seen in magazines, newspapers and movies….can’t wait!

Votes for relaxing:

Patrick Milligan says:

I prefer to relax when I go on a vacation. I don’t want to scramble from pillar to post. I want to visit main sites, but I want it to be my option whether or not to visit. I don’t want to repack every night for travel next morning. And yet I want to travel with a tour group, not on my own.

Roxanna Edwards says:

I agree with Patick Milligan. I,too, prefer to relax on vacation. But I want to see as much as I can of the sites. I prefer cruising or staying at a resort and taking day trips as opposed to packing and repacking daily. I also prefer traveling with a tour group because it seems safer than traveling alone.

Jean says:

We love hanging out in local haunts, Picking up the vibe of the area and keeping sightseeing limited to the things of interest. It’s not much fun waiting in endless lines just to say, “Yup, there it is.”

Votes for a bit of both:

Luis R says:

I use vacations to do as much as possible but also plan activities so that at least one day is left to do as little as possible or nothing at all. Similar to a sea day on a cruise.

Kenneth Zamzow says:

We use our hotel/B&B as a base and go to a new place every day, either by public transport or our own car or rental car. The trick is not trying to do too much in one day, and wearing yourself out. We enjoy “living like the locals” as much as we can.

Julie says:

I travel to do as much as possible; do a lot of research and pack it all in.
But, as my life and career grows in responsiblity and stress – I’m trying to convince myself that do as little as possible is OK too.

Agree or disagree with these styles of travel? Leave your thoughts as a comment below…

2 thoughts on “How to Spend Time During Vacation: How Mobal Members Like to Vacation

  1. Marc Willis

    We enjoy a combination. Try to see as many places as possible, but stay a day or two at each one to pick up the local flavor, and a sense of what life is like there. It makes for a much richer travel experience, and we have met some very “interesting” people, to say the least. Our preference is to get off the beaten path, and make our own way, rather than rely on a tour group.

  2. Leigh Shepherd

    I’ll sleep enough when I’m dead. I want to learn all I can, see all I can, meet people and eat new stuff. In Germany last month I would say “Danke schoen” and they would say “you’re welcome”. Obviously they knew I wasn’t from around there but….

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