Compatible Horoscopes - Travel for Aries

Travel Compatible Horoscopes

Yes, we’ve found travel compatible horoscopes. So, if you like to read your daily horoscope check out your travel compatible vacation, all based around your zodiac sign.


Compatible Horoscopes - Travel for AriesAries

Being the first of the zodiac signs, Aries are leaders. You lead the line in all that you do, and that can be reflected in getting the most out of any vacation. You’re full of life, and live for the moment, with a certain fire in your belly. Some countries may not stimulate your senses, but others do.

Mexico is ideal, and very compatible with your horoscopes. The country is rich in adventure, from scuba diving in the oceans to climbing the highest peaks, there’ll be a challenge waiting for you to conquer.


Compatible Horoscopes - Travel for TaurusTaurus

Appreciating the finer things in life, Bulls yearn to be emotionally and financially secure. Yet you do not expect it, you go out and get it for yourself. This attitude is rewarded to you by experiencing some of the best things the world has to offer. You’re a lover of art, beauty and luxury.

Your compatible horoscopes destination is Moscow, and it offers you all of the above. A city so rich it houses some of the World’s most precious artwork, as well as some the World’s most beautiful architecture.


Compatible Horoscopes - Travel for GeminiGemini

As a Gemini you love exploring, taking in every detail, meaning you stay one step ahead of the crowd. This knowledge makes you a great companion, and fantastic company at parties. Vacations need to be stimulating and varied for you to get the most out of them, so maybe a lazy beach trip isn’t for you.

London would be an amazing experience for anyone, but more so for a Gemini. The city is full of history, museums are plentiful and art galleries can be found everywhere.


Compatible Horoscopes - Travel for CancerCancer

Safety and security are your desires. These things make you happy, and you’re grateful of any reassurance given. The home plays a big part, so familiarity is important when choosing your next vacation. This doesn’t need to be somewhere local, but somewhere you feel at ease.

Rather than just having a destination that is compatible with your horoscopes, it’s about whom you go with that counts. Consider a nice break with family and friends somewhere relaxing.


Compatible Horoscopes - Travel for LeoLeo

Leading the way comes natural to a Leo as you crave attention and flourish on center stage. Your radiant energy rubs off on the people around you, as you aspire to be the star you were born to be. Having a vacation that fits your persona can be difficult to find. In truth, you don’t have to go far.

Your compatible horoscopes destination is Rio de Janeiro, one of the Worlds party capitals, where there is always something going on. Carnivals are held often and you can truly get lost in its ‘good-time’ atmosphere.


Compatible Horoscopes - Travel for VirgoVirgo

Pure and a perfectionist, Virgo’s are symbolized by ‘The Virgin’ and are compassionate and caring individuals. A desire to love, and be loved in return, yet Virgo’s can completely detach themselves from their emotions by being incredibly methodical and practical. Choosing a vacation that satisfies emotionally and practically is essential.

Retreating to somewhere like Zurich, Switzerland would be great. You’d get to enjoy spas, the scenic views and have access to some great activities like hiking and kayaking.


Compatible Horoscopes - Travel for LibraLibra

As a Libran you’re well balanced, fair and desire for an easy and uncomplicated life. You shy away from conflict, preferring diplomatic alternatives and civilised interactions with others. You’re assured and remain composed in any situation, regardless of where you are.

You don’t have to travel far to find a destination that’s compatible with your horoscope – staying in the US maybe your best bet here. New York or Los Angeles offers an easy getaway, uncomplicated with an array of different things to keep yourself busy… if you choose.


Compatible Horoscopes - Travel for ScorpioScorpio

Passionate, yet resilient, these are just a couple of traits that a Scorpio inherits, making you an enigmatic bunch. Living to survive, against all kinds of opposition, are of the highest priority. Seeking a vacation that stimulates the unknown quantities of your personality isn’t easy.

Seek destinations that still remain unknown and hold mystery. The Azores holds plenty to be discovered, from hiking to its water filled volcano craters to whale spotting of the coast.


Compatible Horoscopes - Travel for SagittariusSagittarius

Spiritual and philosophical, Sagittarian’s want to make a positive difference to the world they live in. You’re interested in all sorts of religious matters and discovering the meaning of life. You seek out experiences outside of your normal comfort zone in order to experience what the world can offer you.

India would be your compatible horoscopes destination, where you’ll feel right at home. Attuned spiritually, with plenty of experiences to take in, you can engage with local cultures and traditions.


Compatible Horoscopes - Travel for CapricornsCapricorn

Hard working, efficient and ambitious, Capricorns desire to be admired. The Goat is quite a fitting symbol, as goats often have to climb to the highest peaks to get their food. You have a resilient energy, one that is unrivalled within the other star signs, and choosing a vacation to match your life pursuit can be difficult.

Compatible horoscopes when it comes to a destination doesn’t exist. Instead you can go anywhere, that’s the challenge. Try a hike, climb or expedition. The world is your oyster, now go and conquer it.


Compatible Horoscopes - Travel for Aquarius Aquarius

As an Aquarian you like to be unique and original, but you also have a very humanitarian side to you. You’re a visionary, an idealist, and want to understand life’s mysteries in order to make the world a better place. A little eccentric at times, coupled with being inventive, makes picking out a vacation ideal for you a little difficult. What about no vacation at all?

You may want to consider doing some volunteer work. Making a positive difference to the lives of others around you. If volunteering is not for you, try Athens – home to some of the world’s best-known visionaries.


Compatible Horoscopes - Travel for PiscesPisces

You want to feel connected to others, both people you know and to the world as a whole. Your insecurities surface when you feel alone, but you strive to live your own dreams, turning them in to reality. Pisces are spiritual beings, much like Sagittarian’s yet you’re more than happy to live with your head in the clouds.

An exotic beach vacation is ideal, try somewhere remote like Bora Bora, French Polynesia, where you can feel connected to the people around you.


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