Mother Teresa Centre Outreach

They come in three’s in Malawi

A Malawian mother, gave birth to triplets Trinity, Triphonia and Treeza in Chilimoni in November 2013. The mother already has three children and had no income to support her family due to sever financial difficulties. The Mother Teresa Children’s Centre which is funded by Mobal were asked to help out the family.

The Mother Teresa Children’s Centre were able to provide clothes, beds, bedding, a three-seat pushchair and help to provide childcare for the family.

Mother Teresa Centre Outreach
Jane (left) an outreach worker from Mother Teresa Children’s Centre on her visit to see the triplets.

Jane from The Mother Teresa Children’s Centre outreach team checks on their progress regularly giving her the chance for a cuddle with them too.

This is another great example of the things we are able to do in Malawi with the money raised by Mobal customers using their phones when traveling. Thank you for your continued business and helping us to achieve wonderful things.


Mobal gives over 90% of profits to Malawi
Mobal supports the neediest in Africa, Every call from a Mobal phone helps improve the lives of the neediest people in Malawi.  Uniquely, over 90% of Mobal’s profits support the Krizevac Project, the charity created by Mobal expressly to support communities in Malawi.



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