How Mobal Makes a Difference – A Brand New College in Malawi!

Every Mobal customer makes a huge difference, whether they know it or not! That’s because Mobal guarantees that the majority of its profits go towards charity projects, meaning that every SIM, phone or WiFi device sold, and each time a user pays their monthly fee for their data plan, money is going straight to some amazing charity work. 

We’re incredibly proud to be able to give you an update on just one of the projects that Mobal has helped to make a reality.  

You may have already heard that our charity partner Krizevac Project has used funds donated by Mobal to build and run both an Elementary School and a High School in Chilomoni, Malawi, but you might not realize that a brand new College campus is also nearing completion! When it opens in October this year, the Mary Queen of Peace college will provide a university education to young people in what was once one of the most deprived areas on the planet.  

The thousands of young people who’ve already been impacted by Mobal-supported projects in the area will benefit from access to a world-class education, and have access to enterprise opportunities to make sure that they’re well set up for adult life when they graduate.  

Here’s what the new campus will look when completed: 

It’s no exaggeration to say that this simply wouldn’t have been possible without Mobal funds. When you use a Mobal service, you really are making the world a better place! To read a little more about how Mobal gives to charity, check out Our Vision. You can also support the work of Krizevac Project directly through their ‘Give a Brick’ scheme here – every donation will go towards their incredible building projects, making a lasting difference where it’s needed most. 

Thank you! 

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