Jordan’s Story


Five years ago, Jordan was born in Malawi. Part of a family of six, both of Jordan’s parents work in unstable jobs, meaning that he began his life never truly being sure when the next meal was coming. In fact, most days, Jordan’s family is only able to eat one meal.



Thankfully, that’s not the end of the story. Due to the incredible work of Mobal’s charity partners, Jordan has recently been able to begin attending nursery school. There, he gets an all-important hot meal every day, paid for by the generosity of those charities’ donors. That means that he’s not only more nourished, but he’s also able to start his education, which we hope will one day lead him into a life of prosperity and self-sufficiency as he grows into a young man.


Children like Jordan need food and education. It’s the solid grounding that serves as a strong foundation for their future development. We believe that every child deserves to be given the opportunities that these basic essentials open up for them, so we’ve made a big business decision. We’re guaranteeing that we’ll give the majority of our profits to our growing network of charity partners, who are helping to bring this vision closer to become a reality – one child, one meal, one steady job, one family brought out of poverty, at a time. 


That means that you are a big part of Jordan’s story. Simply by being a Mobal customer, you’ve given Jordan, and thousands of kids like him, a chance to succeed in life that they simply wouldn’t have had without you. Whether you’re a long-term resident of Japan using our Japan Unlimited SIM, or you’re an occasional traveller who takes our World Phone with you, you’re making the world a better and brighter place for Jordan and his family.



Jordan still has a long way to go. He still needs more support to make the most of his education, and there will still be hurdles for him and his family to overcome as he grows up. But, with your help, we can lend a helping hand. No child should go hungry. No parent should have to choose between eating and education. We believe that change is possible, and we’re going to carry on making sure that the majority of our profits go straight to giving kids like Jordan the chance in life that they deserve.


Find out more about our vision, and how you can help, here.



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