Seibo: Aiming to Feed Hungry Children Around the World

Seibo is a non-profit organization that aims to feed hungry children around the world by providing hot meals at schools. They are one of the charities that Mobal supports to make the world a better place. With headquarters located in Japan, they coordinate with local communities in Malawi to promote not only health, nutrition, and food security, but also education, gender equality, and poverty aid.

History Of Seibo

The beginnings of Seibo can be traced back to almost a decade ago in a small town in southeast Africa.

In 2007, The Beehive Centre for Social Enterprise was founded in Malawi in Africa to help the community of the township of Chilomoni. They worked to make education more accessible and available, as well as open up more job opportunities.

Through the years, they grew to have 400 employees in their 9 businesses. Money generated from their various efforts are utilized to subsidize The Mother Teresa Children’s Centre, which is Beehive’s own childcare place that serves as a day care open to children from ages 6 months to 8 years. They welcome kids from all sorts of backgrounds, from those coming from poverty-stricken families to those who have been orphaned.

In 2015, an unfortunate situation struck Beehive. Managing Director, Peter Nkata, learned that children in their care had started manifesting symptoms of malnutrition. The problem was due to the exacerbating food crisis happening in Malawi, as per the United Nations World Food Programme reports at that time.

Fortunately, Nkata met Sawako Nevin, a Japanese national who was in Malawi for NGO work that time, doing school feeding programs in the northern regions of Malawi, and delivering rice flour and other food supplies imported from Japan. They setup a meeting with other volunteers in Malawi to brainstorm about what actions to take.

To combat the worsening hunger situation among the school children in Malawi, Seibo was established. It was the name of the high school Nevin attended in Osaka in Japan, and is represented by Japanese characters that exemplify a mother who has unconditional love for her child and for the benefits a good education can bring to her child.

On February 11, 2016, the newly founded charity started their feeding program, and, in less than a year, was able to provide sustenance to more than 14,000 kids in 12 primary schools and 40 nurseries in the country.

Vision And Mission Statement

Seibo believes that it is important to extend a hand of support to every hungry child for him or her to realize his or her full potential. These young ones were born into poverty, and they need all the aid and assistance they can get from those that are in a better position in life to survive and fulfill their dreams.

By providing hot meals at schools, Seibo fills the empty bellies of these hungry school children, and supplies the sustenance necessary to effectively learn and absorb tons of useful information that can help them face the challenges of life and become valuable members of the society.

Seibo continues to search for groups and organizations to partner with to expand their mission. They want more people from all parts of the world to become aware of what they do to attract more donors, volunteers, and supporters, and help more hungry school kids.

Different Ways You Can Help

Attending Charity And Fundraising Events

Every year, Seibo holds events to raise funds to feed hungry children in schools in Malawi. Since their founding, they have already organized numerous charity concerts, outdoor markets, and more.

You can click on some of their past fundraising activities below and learn about them:




If you want more information on Seibo’s charity and fundraising events, or are interested in going to one in the future, make sure to visit Seibo’s Event Info page.

Making A Donation

For Seibo, no donation is too small. For a small amount of 15 yen, you can ensure that one child in Malawi enjoys one meal for one day. And, for 3,000 yen, you can help feed that child for an entire year.

Every yen counts and is valuable in keeping these kids fed and nourished to be able to actively and satisfactorily perform in school. Your generosity can make a big difference, so do not be hesitant to give whatever amount you can.

Make a one-time donation or a monthly donation via credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or bank transfer/cash payment now by clicking here to go to Seibo’s donation page.

Purchasing A Mobal Phone

In addition to making travelling easier and more convenient for adventurers and explorers from all parts of the globe with their top quality communication solutions products and services, Mobal also want to be a part of something special that helps build communities and values honesty and integrity.

As Mobal’s core values intersect with that of Seibo’s, teaming up with Seibo was a no-brainer. For years now, Mobal has been involved in many different activities and fundraising events for Seibo.

You can help Mobal help Seibo by purchasing a Mobal phone. With every call you make using a Mobal phone, you are contributing to ensuring that as many hungry children in Malawi as possible are fed.

Click here to know how you can get your own Mobal phone to start making international calls and helping the needy at the same time.

Partnering With Seibo

If your company is interested in feeding hungry kids, get in touch with Seibo to learn how you can start working together.

You and Seibo can plan and create a campaign or project that can benefit unfortunate children of Malawi, and, at the same time, get your business and product out there.

Click here for more information on how to become a corporate partner.

Contact Seibo Japan

Seibo Japan

  • Address: Room B Floor 4 Miyata Building 2-23-7 Kouraku

Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 112-0004

Click here to fill out the inquiry form.

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