Customs and Traditions From Around the World

Depending on where you are these traditions from around the world may appear a little strange, but to others they are part of their history and heritage,

Here’s a list of the most unusual. You may already know some of them, but all of them are very fascinating and give you an insight in to other peoples cultures and traditions.

If you have any, or know of any other customs and traditions that aren’t mentioned in this list please feel free to add them within the comments section.

One of the Traditions From Around the World

Ivrea City, Italy.

The core celebration of carnival is based on a locally famous Battle of the Oranges.

Tooth Throwing.

In Greece, a child’s tooth is thrown onto the roof for good luck.

The ‘Evil’ Santa Claus.

Krampus Night. Celebrated in Austria on December 5th, Krampus is described as Santa Claus’ evil twin brother!

Pointing the Thumb.

In Indonesia, a person points with their thumb as it’s considered very rude to point with a forefinger.

Two of the Traditions From Around the World

Hold your Stomach, the Thunder is Coming.

Japanese children cover their tummy button when they hear thunder.

Happy Feet?

Foot Binding, a beauty ritual for women to keep their feet from growing too large, is a painful Chinese tradition that only stopped in the 1930s.

Coming of Age.

The Fulani Sharo Tradition. A coming of age ceremony celebrated in some parts of Africa

Wealthy Start.

In Brazil, New Year’s Day is celebrated with a bowl of lentil soup as the lentil is considered a symbol of wealth

Touching in Thailand.

It’s considered very rude to pointing the bottom of one’s foot at another person, as is touching the top of another person’s head.

Three of the Traditions From Around the World

361 Days a Year.

The Bahai People of Iran have their own calendar consisting of nineteen months each with nineteen days.

Tooth Fairy.

In many Western cultures, children leave teeth under their pillow for the tooth fairy to collect – usually in return for some money!

Silver Protection.

A Norwegian bride traditionally wears a silver crown with dangling charms to ward off evil spirits.

Five Parties. One Celebration.

Wedding celebrations can involve five parties in some parts of the Middle East, beginning with the engagement party and ending with the wedding shower, seven days after the marriage.

Don’t Muddy the Carpet.

Shoes must always be removed before entering a Japanese home. This also holds true for Indian households too.

Four of the Traditions From Around the World

New Christmas Menu.

A traditional Christmas Day meal in Latvia consists of cooked brown peas with pork sauce and cabbage.

Father Frost.

In Russia, Father Frost brings presents for the children on New Year’s Day.

Walking on Money.

Gold and silver coins are placed inside a brides wedding shoes in Sweden.

No Best Man.

At a Caribbean wedding ceremony, the groom never has a best-man.

Santa’s Helper.

Zwarte Piet. In the Netherlands, Santa has a helper named Zwarte Piet or Black Pete.

Five of the Traditions From Around the World

‘Morning Mr Magpie’.

Often said by people in the UK to counteract the bad luck brought by the sighting of a single magpie.

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17 thoughts on “Customs and Traditions From Around the World

  1. KM

    Iranian people take off their shoes too . it`s a custom in Iran i think.

  2. Luke Snorgrass

    I think that all of these traditions are cool. Does any one know of any in the US?

    1. Yellow Star


  3. kia frazier

    this is really interesting

  4. mia

    do you know how in mexico they do dia de los muertos witch means families morn there lost family member

  5. tashiana

    why the hell do they do that

  6. Cuerpo

    You forgot a tradition called the Three Wise Kings or El dia de los tres reyes. They give presents on January 6th

  7. S.k

    The japanese one is for us too and we r pakistani-british . Most aisian traditions r simmililar ☺

  8. Elmir

    did you know that in Russia father frost brings presents in NEW YEARS DAY

    1. Mila

      not father, grandfather and its just a Russian version of Santa

  9. umair khan

    did you know that chinese people can essentialy hold their breath for 9 minutes straight even the children?

    1. Hilda Jara

      Ha ha ha ….Sorry, that’s too funny!

  10. JeeSoo Kim

    Most asian households, not only Japanese and Indian, take off their shoes too, like Korea, for example.

    1. Canadian Mom

      Canadians do too. 🙂

    2. sahar

      Iranian people take off their shoes too . it`s a custom in Iran .

    3. Shea

      honey thats not an Asian thing its just called being clean and not getting mud on the floor.

  11. Julie

    you said ‘Japanese children cover their tummy button when they hear thunder.’ It’s not true.

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