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Finding Housing in Japan

Finding suitable accommodation in Japan can be a challenge. However it is possible to walk into a fully-furnished apartment for a stay as short as 1 month or much longer without having to pay upfront fees.

Most people considering staying a while in Japan will by now have read horror stories of exorbitant key/gift/agency money. That world still exists but your options are no longer limited. Thankfully you can find accommodation that includes the cost of monthly utilities such as water & electricity. Allowing you to pay a fixed monthly fee that covers all once a month.

Option 1: House Sharing
japan share house accommodation cheap
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Simply pack your bag and arrive in Japan. Furniture, appliances, a bed and running water will all be waiting for you should you choose this option. Options range from single rooms to shared rooms for 2, from dorms to compartments & even full-sized apartments. As foreigners make up more than 50% of the “shared room” population you’ll likely find some people in the same situation as you. It also leaves open the option to meet Japanese friends.

With shared kitchen space & living area shared housing offers a social environment that’s hard to replicate in traditional housing. One such company that specialises in shared accommodation is Oakhouse. Register as a member using this link will even reduce your rent by 10,000 yen!

Option 2: Social Residence
social residence japan accommodation
Image by FranckSeuret from Pixabay

The social residence phenomenon makes great apartments affordable. Very similar to shared housing these living spaces actively encourage co-residents to socialise- and share. Residences in Japan often come with theater rooms, music studios and even shared baths (!). If you want to work from home then an apartment with a co-joined co-working space is an affordable option. Reduce your work commute time to 0 mins!

Option 3: Apartments
apartment accommodation tokyo japan
At least it’s private! Image by jasonhthompson from Pixabay

An apartment must seem positively boring after reading the above. But you get your privacy this way 😉 Oakhouse provide fully-furnished apartments for a monthly fee inclusive of utility fees. You can stay as long as you want or as short as 1 month. The option even exists to pay for everything in advance of arrival in Japan.

To register your interest & get 10,000 yen off your rental fee click HERE! Happy House Hunting!

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